This page will link you to the posts that I like the best, or that my readers had a lot of response to. Great place to start if you are a new reader.  I decided to do this, because whenever I find a new blogger, it can be overwhelming to browse through years of posts, but I do like to get an idea of what the person is like. I will limit this page to twenty links, and will change it periodically. They are not in any kind of order…..just posts that I think tell you a little more about who I am and maybe help you with some of your style challenges.

  1. Style Journey
  2. How Not to Look Frumpy
  3. Frumpy No More
  4. Makeover
  5. Old Blue
  6. Total Fashion Break
  7. My First Post
  8. Hair’s the Thing
  9. Packing for a Cruise
  10. Trial and Error
  11. How to Buy an Outfit for less than $50
  12. Why I Blog
  13. Nothing to Wear
  14. Sing for Joy
  15. Fashion House of Horrors
  16. If It’s Brown
  17. Purple Reigns
  18. The Process
  19. Big White Shoes
  20. Style Copy Fail