In my last post, I showed you my first attempt at making an outfit from my new red WalMart dress. Here are some more results of my dress-up day. I decided to try it out with white this time:

Fairly satisfied with these looks, but not sure I like the shoes with it. Will probably try something different. Again, I don’t try to analyze why…I just go with my instincts.

I felt somewhat successful using white, but decided to experiment with something a little bolder. HATED IT, but I will show you 😉

Kind of looks like some kind of costume.

And speaking of HATING IT, I tried something else, because one of my readers recently suggested wearing a shirt as a top piece. I replied that shirts usually are too boxy, but I did give it a try. DOUBLE HATED IT!

DSC_0001 (219x640)
DSC_0022 (230x640)
DSC_0018 (203x640)
DSC_0049 (238x640) - Copy

That’s all for today, but I am not done yet. 😉   I spent a lot of time on this little project. More next time.

Update on publishing schedule: I will still plan to post on Sundays, and will try to also post on Thursdays. I am discontinuing the TBT posts, and instead have created a new page with my favorite posts from days gone by.

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We have all heard the saying that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Today I would like to share with you the outfit that was inspired by the awesome blogger who inspired me to start this blog. I guess I am imitating her in more ways than one! I hope she is flattered.

She is much more disciplined than I will ever be.  She posts an outfit EVERY DAY! I love the fact that she uses a lot of color, and that she always has cute shoes.  She recently had a post about shoes, so be sure to look for that. This link is for the outfit that I tried to steal.

Please notice where my cute top was purchased, as was by the way, the adorable REVERSIBLE bag, which was a whopping $16.00.

Floral top, WalMart,Print top


I have had the pants for awhile. Again, these are in the category of “foundational” (I am pretty sure that is not really a word). They are Peter Nygard slims, and I think they are about $60.  But any cute white pants or capris would be fine.


I would be very flattered if you tried to copy this look. If you do, please send an email to and include a photo.  I will post it on the Reader’s Outfits page.

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Look forward to seeing you soon!