Hello! Well, I have been busy today. It always stresses me a bit to pack–I have learned that I need to plan all my outfits ahead of time, rather than just throw some things in a suitcase and hope I can make them work.

My husband and I are going to a three-day conference at a resort in North Florida. We are going one day early and will have dinner with friends on Saturday.  He will be working most of the time, and my part in attending with him is to amuse myself during the day and attend receptions and dinners with him at night. 🙂   Fortunately, this conference is at a nice resort which offers some activities, so I am looking forward to it.

But first—-what am I going to wear?? Each day requires two outfits, plus travel clothes, bathing suit, and maybe some workout or walking clothes. So that is Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday that each need at least two outfits. Well, Wednesday, just needs traveling clothes, but that is still a lot of planning.

One good thing is that we are driving rather than flying, so I can take as much stuff as I want. I always love to be able to take extra shoes and a couple of extra outfits just in case I change my mind about something.

Most people at the conference are dressed in stylish, professional work wear, so I don’t want to look too casual when we go to the receptions and dinners. I also have learned that I need to wear comfortable shoes, because we stand a lot at the receptions, and we often walk to a restaurant for dinner.

SO—-I decided to allot two hours of this day to planning my outfits. Seems like a lot, but as you know, I have to try things on….even outfits that I have worn before, because I might decide to change something. I didn’t want to spend all day, and two hours seemed like a reasonable amount of time to focus.

I am proud of myself that I did not need the whole two hours. Once I started focusing, I was able to pull things together pretty quickly. Of course, I did have to set aside another block of time to take photos for you, but you are worth it!

Here are the results of my efforts. This is not everything I am taking, but you will get the idea. I am including some of the trial and error, because the whole purpose of my blog is to encourage you to try stuff on and make cute outfits! Truthfully, I tried on more stuff than what I am showing you, but I figure you can only take so much of me at one time. LOL

Here are a couple of daytime casual outfits:

DSC_0089 (224x640)
DSC_0090 (232x640)
DSC_0035 (223x640)
DSC_0011 (224x640)
DSC_0025 (208x640)
DSC_0027 (218x640)

Here is what I am wearing in the car:

My banquet outfit:

And a dinner outfit:

So, you have a sample of how I make my packing decisions. If I have to time to photograph a few more outfits before we go, I will. Thanks for reading, and thanks for your comments!

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Time to talk about vests again. Aren’t you glad?  This time I am going to show you some of the ideas that did not work, in addition to the looks I will actually wear. If you read this blog very often, you know that I am more than willing to share my mistakes with you. You’re welcome!

These ideas seemed good to me when I thought of them, and if I did not take pictures of most of my outfits before I wear them in public, I probably would have worn them. Some things are just better in your head. 😉

Here is one of the keepers:


Followed by “what was I thinking #1”:


Here’s a “maybe” …decided to work on it some more:


Definitely looks better this way, but still not exactly right:


Maybe it looks better without a vest:


Here is “what was I thinking #2”.  Hate the necklace and belt combo, hate the shoes. Navy dress with green vest sounds good in theory. May have to try again with this one.


Oops, here’s another one that just doesn’t work with the vest:


Much better this way:


So, there you have it. I’m sure you have seen enough of vests for awhile! But I hope this has inspired you to pull out that old vest in the back of your closet and try it on with some stuff.  Or go buy a new cute one!

Here is a montage of the good and the not-so-good from all 3 posts. I am showing you these so that you can see that putting outfits together is trial and error.

Please comment and tell me which is the best and which is the worst. I promise not to wear anything you hate. 🙂 I am voting for Number 15!

You will just have to imagine that the first outfit is number one and go from there. The collage maker I have will not let me add text without paying to upgrade to the premium version, and you all know I am cheap.


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Back soon with more inexpensive outfits for the older generation 😉


I am back today with some more vest outfits. Vests really are just perfect to wear in the fall. Here are the looks from the last post:



And here are a few more. As I said before, a vest goes really well with a casual dress or with jeans.




I’ll be back soon to show you a few more, plus some of my trial and error. I am happy for you to laugh at me as long as you are learning. 😉

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Today’s post is the first in a series of three to show you some ways I plan to wear the vests I have. I don’t have as many vests as I do sweaters, and I hope I never do. I will just have to make do with the ones I have.  LOL

Vests are great for hiding your midsection, and just perfect for cool weather. I really like the sporty look.


Because I am short and kind of thick, I have to be careful that the fit is right. If the vest is too long, it looks terrible.  It has to be just the right length.  And if it is too puffy, it makes me look puffy! 😉

If you want to wear a vest and are not sure what length is right for you, I encourage you to get to the mall and try on, try on, try on, until you find the cut and length that flatters you. DO NOT just order or buy a vest unless you know it is right for you.

There is no standard vest size.  I have them in every size from small to extra large. You really do need to make sure you get the right length and the right fit. Some people look really cute with the vest unzipped, so try that and see if it works for you.

There are many options of what to wear under the vest. Just make sure it is not too bulky. Turtlenecks or mock turtlenecks are perfect, but you can change it up with collared shirts or henleys also.


I like to wear my vests with jeans, but any casual pants would be fine. And they are perfect to wear over casual dresses.


And here is the cutest look of all….my sweet and fashionable two-year old granddaughter. Who need shoes when you look this cute?


I’ll be back soon with more vest looks.

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