CRUISING ALONG with a buddy

As I have told you before, I really love to travel and have been fortunate enough to travel to many interesting places. I have also traveled with many “interesting” people. Have you ever been on a trip with that one person who somehow takes the joy out of everything? You know….the one who complains that the food is not “like what we have in America” (duh), or that the people dress funny, or that traveling in Italy in the summer is hot, or the worst one of all–“nobody speaks English.”  And this person usually has an annoying, whiny voice that carries all the way to the back of the bus.

One roommate I had was afraid of everything. She was afraid that she would get sick from the food, she was suspicious of the “foreigners,” she was afraid that the cab driver was driving too fast (actually he was!), she was afraid of the people on the train heading to the city on a Saturday night. She held on to her suitcase with a death grip, until I finally convinced her that young people on their way to a club had zero interest in her “old lady bag.”

I am pretty sure that none of my traveling companions for this trip are in any of those categories; in fact, I know so, because I have traveled with them before.  Lynne and I have been on two long trips together “on the half price plan” (without husbands) and she is the best traveling buddy ever. We have also traveled together as couples, so no worries about this trip.

Here is some free advice for you: Before you plan to go on a trip with anyone, do a dry run of a day or two. Sometimes your best friends are really great friends, but really poor traveling companions.  I cannot tell you how I know this, because some of my friends read these posts. Just trust me on this.

Having said all that, I can’t wait to show you some of the cute outfits that Lynne is taking. She was nice enough to come over and let me take pictures of her, even though I am not the world’s greatest photographer, to say the least. I really appreciate having such a good friend! Notice the cute flowy black pants, and what a great job she did of mixing and matching. I will post these on my 100 Black Pants page.

In the “under 20” department, this adorable orange and white top was purchased at a consignment shop for $5.00.

Black pants, orange sandals
Casual dinner outfit

I wish you could see how sparkly and beautiful this top is.

Dressy, black and gold
Dressy outfit for Captain’s Dinner
Black pants, flowy top, cruisewear
Another pretty dressy outfit
Same outfit without the top
Same outfit without the top
Lynne with purse
Headless photo with cute catfish purse. Bad photographer, great outfit.

dressy purse, evening purse, gold purse, metallic purse, catfish purse, fish purse

I couldn’t find one like this, but here is something kind of similar:

Fish purse

Purses for Women Luxury Rhinestone Crystal Fish Evening Clutch Bags Vintage Party (Gold)

This will be my last post until we return. But you can be sure I will have lots to share in a couple of weeks. I might even have to post some “what not to wear” shots!

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