Hello! I am still in my “gray mode.”  As I told you last time, I spent awhile trying on some variations of black and gray to see if I could come up with any keepers.

In my usual spirit of “I don’t mind humiliating myself if it helps you,” I will let you see some of my try-ons.  Where should I start? Okay, how about this total fail? I knew it probably wouldn’t work, but for some reason, I just had to try it anyway. Please don’t try this at home 😉

And here’s another baddie:

It usually takes more than a couple of bad outfits to discourage me, so I soldiered on:

For some reason, I just kept going with this dress. Here is everything I tried:

DSC_0058 (221x640)
DSC_0057 (263x640)
DSC_0056 (237x640)
DSC_0055 (243x640)

Not really a keeper in the bunch. I finally came up with one I might actually wear, but then again, probably not. I am thinking this dress is maybe not the most flattering in the world.

Sooo….I then found another gray dress in the back of my closet. I have had it for several years, and have never worn it, so thought I would see what I could do.

You know that I am not going to leave it like this. 😉  So guess what I added????


Thanks for reading. I will be back next time with a few more shades of gray. 😉

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In my last post, I showed you my first attempt at making an outfit from my new red WalMart dress. Here are some more results of my dress-up day. I decided to try it out with white this time:

Fairly satisfied with these looks, but not sure I like the shoes with it. Will probably try something different. Again, I don’t try to analyze why…I just go with my instincts.

I felt somewhat successful using white, but decided to experiment with something a little bolder. HATED IT, but I will show you 😉

Kind of looks like some kind of costume.

And speaking of HATING IT, I tried something else, because one of my readers recently suggested wearing a shirt as a top piece. I replied that shirts usually are too boxy, but I did give it a try. DOUBLE HATED IT!

DSC_0001 (219x640)
DSC_0022 (230x640)
DSC_0018 (203x640)
DSC_0049 (238x640) - Copy

That’s all for today, but I am not done yet. 😉   I spent a lot of time on this little project. More next time.

Update on publishing schedule: I will still plan to post on Sundays, and will try to also post on Thursdays. I am discontinuing the TBT posts, and instead have created a new page with my favorite posts from days gone by.

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Today’s post is the first in a series of showing you how I go about making an outfit. I have done similar posts, such as the ones about Old Blue. The purpose of these types of posts is to inspire you to find some things in your closet and try on a lot of different things in order to see what you like, and what you don’t like, and to have some nice outfits already put together when you need them.

I recently spent the better part of an afternoon trying to make different looks with a red dress that I bought last month at WalMart for $7.97. 🙂  You will find, as I did, that some things work, some things don’t, and some things are okay, but you probably really won’t ever wear them. All of this is fine. If you find one outfit, you really love, GREAT! If you find two or three, EVEN BETTER. And if you make some you really hate, you will learn what NOT to do in the future.

Here is the dress I started with:


I would never wear this dress like this, but that did not stop me from bringing it home from WalMart. I knew that it had great potential.

Let me digress a moment and give a little lecture. When you go shopping, KEEP AN OPEN MIND. If you try on a dress, but don’t like it, ask yourself why. Just because it is sleeveless?  You can add sweater or jacket. Too shapeless? You can add a belt.  Too long? You can hem it up.  Hate the color? Put it back. HAHA If I had just tried on this dress and not thought about its possibilities, it would have gone home with some other WalMart shopper. And tomato red is my favorite color!

Here is the first thing I tried:

Not bad, but I really didn’t like the necklace for some reason. I have learned not to try to analyze why…if I don’t like it, I just try to find something else. For whatever reason, I liked this necklace better:

So there you have it…two problems solved. Sleeveless dress with no shape becomes a belted dress that gives me a waist.

DSC_0001 (219x640)
DSC_0006 (235x640)

I’ll be back next time with some more looks for this red dress. Go to your closets! Try things on! Take pictures!

If you would like to see pictures of most of the outfits I have put together, click on the page for the category you would like to see. On a mobile device, click menu to access the pages. You can also follow me on Instagram@over50under20.  

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I think autumn left without ever coming! Here is a photo of the maple trees in my front yard. They think it is still August. SIGH


Usually by November, they look like this:


I am so tired of the summer weather that I am breaking my rule of “If it’s brown, put it down” (but really, that was for my husband), and wearing an outfit that reminds me of brown leaves. 😉

Here is the basic dress:


And here is what I will be wearing:


Happy green fall! You have my permission to wear something brown. Just make sure you add a belt and a sweater.  HAHAHAHAHA

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Finally! Nothing makes me happier than the first cooler days after a long hot summer. It is so great to turn off the AC and sleep with the windows open. And of course, it puts me in the mood to wear cute fall clothes! You already know I wear sweaters all year long, but I am still so happy for Sweater Weather!

I spent part of the day working on making outfits from a cute top I got for $4.00 from    You know that I will be wearing sweaters! And I will be adding these outfits to my 100 Black Pants page for sure.

Here is what I started with:


I was excited to try it with my new cute boots from Target:


But when I saw the outfit, I changed into shoes.  The boots just did not look right with the pants.



Tried a couple of different color sweaters also:



Which one do you like best?  I’ll be back soon with more fall styles and sweaters! And I have to figure out a way to wear the boots.


People over a certain age remember the phrase “sweater girl”.  If you are young or don’t remember, here is a definition:

A young woman, esp a movie actress or a model, with a notably attractive body, which she features by wearing tight and short clothing 

 Well, I am a sweater girl, but definitely not that kind. I would be embarrassed to tell you how many sweaters I own. I think I have one for every shade of every color in the rainbow.  You will probably notice that a LOT of my outfits are styled with cardigans. There is a reason for that….actually several reasons.
Have you noticed that a lot of dresses are sleeveless? I won’t say I would never wear a sleeveless dress, but have you also noticed that a lot of women in the fifty-plus category would prefer not to wear sleeveless dresses? If I had Michele Obama arms, I would probably not have so many sweaters.  Oh, never mind—I probably would, because I also have what you might call a muffin top, or thick waist or belly fat, and I am vain enough to try to disguise it; hence the sweaters. My sweaters are my security blanket. But they do add color!

Here are some photos. I have posted them before, but I think when you see these you will realize why I am a sweater girl!

DSC_0048 DSC_0049

And here are some “sweater outfits”. You have seen most or all of them before, but not at the same time! And these are just a fraction of the colors that I have.  I have collected them from everywhere…The Loft, Old Navy, WalMart, Target,etc.  Whenever I see a color I don’t have, I buy it. Believe it or not, I still need a few more.  I actually do not have brown, but I am on the lookout for it! 😉

DSC_0011 (285x640)



K Mart shirt





Some of you, no doubt, are nice and trim and very well-proportioned. Maybe you don’t need to hide your middle or your arms.  Great!  But you still need COLOR and ACCESSORIES and CUTE SHOES. And you still need to wear clothes that fit and flatter, and are the correct length.

The rest of us need to figure out a look that flatters our figure. The purpose of all these posts is so that you will see that you do not have to have a perfect figure. You do need to figure out a look that flatters YOU. I promise you that if you work on it long enough, you will find ways to make your body look proportional. Hey, maybe you would look good in a belt and cardigan. 🙂

Try stuff on! Take pictures! Have a friend give honest opinions!

See you next time. Remember, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to look good.

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