$150 Shopping Spree

I have been posting a lot about shopping lately! I guess it is because it is still not quite spring, and I am SO ready to wear some colorful spring clothes, so have been on the hunt.

The main reason I went on my last shopping spree was that I had a gift card for $150, which I have been saving since Christmas. It was to one of my favorite “cheap stores”– Beall’s Outlet. When my daughter was in town a few weeks ago, we spent the day looking for bargains, and we definitely found some! I can’t wait to show you all the cute things I bought.

Since it is still chilly here, I will start with the great little trench coat….perfect for spring temperatures. It was $13.99. Yes, that’s right– $13.99. I had just seen a really cute trench coat look on a blog, but really did not go out to look for one. Just happened upon it. It is actually the right length and the right weight. I feel like this will be one of my wardrobe staples for years to come.

Just so you know, here is what I got for my money:


3 pairs of shoes, 1 pair of boots, 1 coat, and 6 tops. Oh yeah. I am the QUEEN of cheap shopping. ūüėČ

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If you are a regular reader, you know that I love to shop, but I don’t like to spend a lot of money. You also know that I follow other fashion bloggers, and that I learn a lot from them. ¬†Today I am going to share (with her permission) some great tips from one of my favorite bloggers from When the Girls Rule¬†¬†Here is what Julia wrote (slightly edited for length); ¬†I have added a few thoughts of my own, which are in italics.

FIRST,¬†you’re going to have to make more time to shop for yourself and to try things on. No longer can you run into a store on the way to picking up the kids. You can’t wait for the day before a big event to shop. You can’t just shop on your lunch hour. I know it’s hard to find more time in the day, but you’re going to have to give yourself more time to try on lots of items and try out many stores and brands.¬†I would also strongly suggest that you NOT¬†take your husband or kids…maybe a close friend or relative who is willing to help you. Just make sure you take turns…one day for you, one day for her. Don’t try to shop for both people on the same trip. As you gain more experience and confidence, you will be better off going by yourself. (Fewer distractions)

SECOND,¬†expect to take lots of items into the dressing room and come out with one or none. Try them all on.¬†And try on things that you think ¬†probably won’t work, or are outside your comfort zone. If a certain style looks terrible, you will know not to try it again. But sometimes you will be surprised! ¬†Give yourself time to try everything on. Look at yourself with that item on and notice what you like and what you don’t.¬†Think color, fit, length, etc. I will easily take 30 items into a dressing room and come out with one or two. Just expect that outcome and adjust your expectations. Just think of yourself as a rare jewel and only rare items of clothing will be worthy to drape the jewel!

THIRD,¬†now take the item home and try it on with what you already have. Were you under a spell in the dressing room? Do you already have the shoes or accessories to go with it? If you don’t are you willing to purchase them?¬† If not, just take it back! Otherwise those purple pants will just stay in your closet for years. ūüėČ Is it comfortable? Are you tugging or adjusting it a lot?¬†Again, if so, take it back. ¬†You will not wear something that is uncomfortable more than once no matter how cute it is.¬† Try it on with lot of items you already own, because sometimes there are some unexpected, positive combinations already there.¬†And take pictures…even just with your cell phone in front of a mirror. If you find a great combination, it will help you to remember it; also helps you see if it really is flattering or NOT. Experiment with colors that you don’t normally put together…blue and brown, red and pink, yellow and black, whatever.You might make a really stunning outfit that way. Don’t try to match everything, unless you are going for a purely monochromatic look.

FOURTH,¬†until you become familiar with a brand and their sizing, don’t order online. When you figure out a brand and their sizing, then it will be fine, and you can shop all you want online.

FIFTH,¬†go to a store that has lots and lots of choices.¬†You will have much better odds of finding something. Think Macy’s, Belk, Ross, TJ Maxx, or any store where you have a huge selection and good prices.¬†

SIXTH, and most important, when you’re in the dressing room and you try on something that doesn’t work, repeat to yourself, “It’s not me. It’s the clothes.”

I would also like to add that you should ALWAYS save your receipts, and DON’T REMOVE THE TAGS, until you are 100% sure you are going to wear the item. I have returned some items months after purchase.

I know we would all like to thank Julia for these great tips!

If you would like to read her original blog post, it is here:

Four Tips for Successful Shopping for Apple Shapes!

Happy Shopping!