CRUISING ALONG Cruise Clothes Part 2

Here are some outfits I plan to wear to dinner on the cruise:

Pink dress navy sweater.jpg (289x640)

white pants, green sweater, cruise wear

Black dress white sweater.jpg (372x640)

Cocktail dress, cruise wear, dressy

Dressy, cocktail dress, silver wrap

And along the lines of “under 20”, I paid $7.00 for the long black dress! I have had the silver wrap for a couple of years. It makes anything dressy.

Here it is on my last cruise, with the short black dress. This dress was from J Jill, and I wear it with all kinds of different things. I couldn’t find it online, so it is probably not available anymore. Here I have on the dress, black leggings, and a turtleneck, because it was chilly.

IMG_5287 (480x640)

The cocktail dress was free, thanks to my sweet daughter who recycled it to me, and the pink dress was $8.00, and it is reversible.  I am a big spender!

The sweaters are from The Loft Outlet, but I can’t find them online. They were more than $20, but well worth it. I paid about $26 each, depending on the sale on the day I bought them. And I don’t know if you can see the adorable super sparkly wedges,but they were $8.00!

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