14 OUTFITS Part 4

Final post on packing for my trip. My last post was about the dress I am taking. Today, I am showing you the rest of my outfits. You might notice that everything I am taking is either black or navy…a good way to minimize how many pairs of shoes I need to take.

And my Fourth of July outfit:    🙂

Here is a picture of my travel purse:

It will be with me at all times. 🙂 RFID protected, and locks. Plus it is not too big.

Here is a similar one on Amazon:

Travelon Anti-Theft Signature E W Shoulder Bag, Black, One Size


No packing would be complete without my trusty black Athleta pants. They have gone with me on every trip in the last few years!



To recap, here are the outfits I am taking for a fourteen-day bus tour of Scotland and Ireland in June:

DSC_0072 (223x640)
DSC_0066 (244x640)
DSC_0069 (365x640)
DSC_0077 (345x640)
DSC_0073 (228x640)
DSC_0074 (322x640)
DSC_0079 (236x640)
DSC_0090 (341x640)
DSC_0093 (251x640)
DSC_0087 (304x640)
DSC_0095 (341x640)
DSC_0085 (342x640)
DSC_0082 (326x640)
DSC_0081 (311x640)
DSC_0083 (232x640)
DSC_0096 (391x640)
DSC_0104 (216x640)
DSC_0098 (386x640)
DSC_0101 (319x640)

Since I took these photos, I have eliminated the red plaid top, and added another knit dress, and swapped out the pink pashmina for a red one. I also changed my travel outfit, after reading another blog and copying her look. Here’s what Laurie from Laurie Pop was wearing, and I liked it so much I ordered one for myself in gray:

That should do it! I can’t imagine that anyone has read all 4 of these posts about someone else packing for a trip, but if you have, many thanks 🙂  I hope you take a trip soon, and hope you have gotten some packing ideas.

I will try to post a couple of times while we are away, but don’t know how much internet we will have. And of course you will be subjected to some vacation photos after we return!

  If you would like to see pictures of most of the outfits I have put together, click on the page for the category you would like to see. On a mobile device, click menu to access the pages. You can also follow me on Instagram@over50under20.  Also need to let you know that if you purchase anything from Amazon by clicking on the links, I make a small commission.



Well, hello! I hope you have missed me. 🙂  I know I have missed you!  I really did not mean to take such a long hiatus, but blogging went to a lower priority for a couple of weeks. It started when I decided on the spur of the moment to join two of my adult children and their families on their trip to Disney World. I had not planned to go, but the thought of seeing all four grandchildren at Disney at the same time, was just too tempting. Best decision I ever made!

On to my topic for the day. It is what you might call a “rant.”  I often see people wearing things as pants that are not what I call pants. The main offenders are leggings or tights, but I have also seen people wearing pajama bottoms.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love stretchy pants and yoga pants as much as anyone, and have shown you before my ultimate-very-favorite-wear-with-everything-pair of pants:



I also wear leggings, especially in the winter; HOWEVER, I wear them with a dress or a long tunic:



You KNOW what I am going to say….wait for it……


I know you have heard this, but I am not sure it has actually penetrated into your consciousness. I see you everywhere.  You are wearing your oh-so-comfy and oh-so-warm leggings.  “Surely I can just wear them with my favorite top, even if it is a bit short,”  you tell yourself.   “Even though I am older than dirt, I know I look so youthful in these tight,brightly patterned leggings,” you think.

Oh my! Please ask for an honest opinion before you walk out that door. Remember — it is hard to get an accurate view of the back of your outfit, even in a full-length mirror.

I’m sure I am not actually seeing you 😉 but maybe I am seeing your friends and family. If so, do them a favor, and show them these photos. They are examples of how not to wear leggings. These are all outfits that I have personally seen. I have more, but this is probably enough for one day!







And yes, people do wear pajama pants to the store (and not just WalMart):


I will leave you with a picture of the only place you should ever wear pajama pants: (Really just an excuse to show you my adorable crew)


Thanks for reading. Would love to hear your comments!


ScottE Vest, Red Vest, Travel Vest, Black Pants, Over 50 Style, Over 50 Fashion
Number 3

In my first post, I told you about my favorite Athleta pants. I really do wear them at least 100 times a year. I actually have two pairs….a pair and a spare. If they were the only pants I owned, I could still wear a different outfit every day, and make them work for almost any occasion.

Oh dear, I think I just gave myself a challenge! I should challenge myself to make 365 outfits using my old favorites! That would be so cool! I can’t wait to get started!   BUT   That but is to remind myself that I should stop and think before I make such a big commitment. Deep breath. Okay,  I think I could manage to do 100. So, here is number 3.  I am going to count the first two that I have already done.

I have added a page to the blog (at the top)  and will add outfits there until I reach 100. Don’t look for one each day, or you will be disappointed. I will add a note to my posts to let you know when a new one has been added to the page. It will be more than likely be pretty random, just so you know.  This will be fun.

About the vest. Another of my splurge items. It is a ScottE travel vest with a million pockets. Can’t wait to wear it on a trip.  I will let you know how it works. I got this one on sale, and I’m not sure they make this particular one anymore.  Looks like it has been replaced by the RFID version.


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Well hello there! Thanks for checking out my NEW BLOG! I am so excited to have a place to share what I love doing….putting outfits together. Like most women I know, I love to shop and I love to find bargains, but the real fun begins when I get home, go to my closet, and start mixing and matching.

The title of my blog reflects the fact that I am over 50 (waaay over) and that I rarely spend more than $20.00 for any one article of clothing, unless it is a foundational piece like my favorite Athleta pants.



or one of my Skinny Shirtsskinnyshirt-classic-collar-sleeveless-cscot100-white

SkinnyShirt Women’s Classic Sleeveless Shirt X-Large Black

I am a visual learner, so a lot of my posts will be photo comparisons like these:

What I look like in real life
What I look like in real life
fashion style jacket jean jacket, black pants
A better version of me

Another example:



I am wearing the Athleta pants in the photos. They can go from the gym to a dressy occasion. I will post more black pants outfits later, so check back if you are interested in that.

If you are looking for actual fashion advice, you will need to visit other people. There are many good blogs and fashion and makeup sites. Here is a link to my favorite blog:


and a link to a great place to learn about how to dress:


If you are looking for someone who is on a “fashion journey”, I hope you will join me in trying to LOOK GOOD AND SPEND LESS!

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