Today I am continuing my series on styling denim jackets. Some of you commented that you did not think you could wear a jean jacket and that you had given up trying. I hope that after reading my last post, you have started to rethink that.

Here is what I am picturing what you look like when you try on a jacket:

If you look at all like me in this photo, you take your jacket and run to Goodwill. There is nothing at all flattering about this look! But wait! I want you to learn to try things and experiment a little. With just a little tweaking, this outfit turns into this:

DSC_0173 (241x640)
DSC_0170 (321x640)
DSC_0178 (297x640)

I had already followed two of the rules when I purchased the jacket:

  • Not baggy
  • Right proportions

I followed up by applying the other two rules:

  • Roll up the sleeves
  • Don’t button

I then added some accessories, a belt to give me a fake waist, and some cute boots. Good to go!

The other point I want to make in this post is that you can wear denim on denim, but it looks much better if you pair light with dark. As you can see in the middle picture, it is too much to have the same shade of denim on top and bottom.

Hope you are learning along with me. More to come.


Hello friends,

Several of you have mentioned that you find styling a denim jacket challenging, and are to the point where you don’t think you can wear one. I thought I would research that a little, and try some experiments of my own.

Since I am a visual learner, I looked at a lot of pictures of women of all sizes in denim jackets, and although I might not be the best at analyzing, I did notice a few things. First of all, denim jackets for the most part are by nature boxy. And boxy is not what we want ladies! It is not even a good look for small young people:


I did however, see a lot of people who looked really great in a denim jacket:


Now the first thing I noticed about the difference was that the second set of photos had the sleeves rolled up. Bingo! Rule #1 for styling your jacket:


I decided to try this for myself:


Hmm. I think I’m on to something.

I also saw a lot of pictures of people who were wearing baggy jackets that looked awful:


So rule # 2 must be:


The next thing I noticed was that buttoning the jacket was not a good look:


I could not find one single photo of a jacket that looked good when it was buttoned, so here is rule # 3:


After looking at so many photos, the biggest thing just seemed to be getting the proportions right. The jacket should not be too big/baggy. It should not be too long or too short. The bottom should hit you at a flattering place.

You might have to try on several jackets to find one that is flattering.

 BAD        GOOD

See what I mean?  The most flattering look seems to be a jacket that comes to your waist level or just a bit below.  So—


To recap:

  • Roll up the sleeves
  • No baggy jackets
  • Never button
  • Wear the right proportions…bottom should be around waist level

If you don’t have a jacket, here are some links to get you started looking. By the way, the one I am wearing was $19.99, so don’t think you have to spend a fortune to find a good one; in fact, I would start at Goodwill. I bet there are lots of them there. I know I have sent more than one to the Goodwill racks. 😉

Here are a few I found on Amazon. (Disclaimer: if you click and purchase, I will receive a small commission)

Womens Basic Button Down Denim Jean Jacket (Medium, MediumBlue)


Lee Women’s Modern Series Holden Denim Jacket, Gauntlet, Medium


URBAN K WOMENS Long-Sleeve Button Up Denim Jean Jacket (S-3XL)


Riders by Lee Indigo Women’s Denim Jacket, Drenched, M


I think I have convinced myself that anyone can wear a denim jacket, but it might take a little work to figure out your best look. Set aside some time and try on several jackets to see what flatters you. Use the four “rules” I mentioned. If you can’t find stores with good selections, order several online and return the ones that don’t work.

Seems like a lot of effort, but I think it is worth it, because a jean jacket is a very versatile wardrobe staple that has been around for decades and is not going anywhere.

DSC_0022 (262x640)
DSC_0023 (234x640)
DSC_0026 (270x640)

I would love to hear from you if you have any success finding and/or styling a jean jacket. I hope I have encouraged you to do so. If I haven’t yet, stay tuned, because I have been trying on lots of things with my jacket and will show the good, the bad, and the ugly, as usual.  This will definitely be a series!

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Well, friends, it is getting to that time of year when it is hot as blazes, but somehow your summer clothes just don’t look right. Since it is the month of September, I would not wear the dresses that I am posting today, but you have not seen them so here they are. You might see them again next spring!

As usual, I like for you to see before and after, so here is a pretty spring/summer dress that I added to as I went along:

DSC_0123 (246x640)
DSC_0125 (289x640)
DSC_0130 (285x640)

Here is another:

DSC_0114 (290x640)
DSC_0111 (351x640)
DSC_0108 (307x640)

And here are some outfits that I probably can wear for a few more weeks:

DSC_0004 (255x640)
DSC_0084 (331x640)
DSC_0138 (247x640)

I’ll be back soon with some jean-jacket looks.  Thanks for stopping by!

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In my last post, I showed you a dress that I had bought against the advice of my husband. In this post, I am showing the you results of my attempt to “fix it.” I would not say that the attempt was 100% successful; I should have listened to my husband 😉

In case you have forgotten, this is what I posted before:

And here are my experiments:

Ugh! Just posting so you will realize it’s okay to try stuff!

DSC_0028 - Copy (290x640)
DSC_0008 (337x640)
DSC_0004 (363x640)
DSC_0012 (309x640)
DSC_0016 (297x640)
DSC_0011 (341x640)

I guess some are better than the orange-and-black combo, but guess what? I just don’t like this dress, and don’t think it does anything for me. So, my husband was right. Maybe next time I will listen.

Thanks for hanging in there with me as I try to figure out ways to dress better!

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If you are a regular reader, you know that I try to keep it real. My reason for doing this blog is to encourage women to dress in a way that makes them feel more confident about themselves.

Today I want to talk about my pictures. The reason I put lots of trial-and-error and what-not-to-do photos on the blog is to show you that there are things you CAN do to look better. Sometimes just seeing what not to do, can help you figure out what to do.

I also want you to understand that one photograph does not define your look; how many of us have gotten depressed after seeing a picture we don’t like, and thought “Well, I should just never go out of the house if I look that bad?” HAHA   Every woman I know has thought that, or freaked over an unflattering unauthorized Facebook post 😉

You will notice that the pictures I put on Instagram or as my featured photo are flattering. Wouldn’t you do the same? But I want you to understand that to get these flattering pictures, I have to try on several outfits, find accessories, take a shower, blow-dry my hair, put on makeup, set up the camera, stand in a certain way, and delete all the ugly pictures.

And I promise you that every person on the internet has to do the same. Please don’t let a bad picture of you ruin your day! Instead, analyze the photo and see what you can learn from it.

Some bad ones:

Frumpy dress, unflattering clothes
DSC_0004 (237x640)
DSC_0011 (222x640)
DSC_0102 (255x640)
DSC_0002 (260x640)
DSC_0016 (319x640)

I laugh when I see these, because I think, “Who on this earth would read a “fashion blog” by this woman?????  And please understand–the fact that I can laugh is huge progress for me. There have been times in my life when I would have cried, and thought there was no hope.

But after a lot of experimenting, and reading about fashion, I have gotten to the place where I can say, “Oh well, it’s just a bad picture. I don’t look that bad all the time.”

Just so you know, this picture:

And this one were taken a week apart:

IMG_4035 (421x640)
DSC_0032 (292x640)

Hmm, I think I will change out the white shoes for some nude ones after reading a blog post about white shoes this week. 😉

And as for the Wet Head photo, WHO CARES??? I was having a wonderful time playing with my Cousin Camp kids. But I did not put it on Facebook 😉

Life is not a blog, or Facebook. Life is for living and having fun and trying to bring joy to others. You cannot enjoy life if you are constantly worrying about how you look, or about how your pictures look.

But I have learned that I love to put outfits together, and it is fun to try to look better….at least some of the time. It is a challenge that I enjoy. I encourage you to do the same, but don’t take it too seriously.

Keepin’ it real.  See you next time. Thanks for reading!

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Hello Friends,

Today I am back with the first in a series about some of my “experiments.” I post these periodically in the hopes of inspiring you to try things on before you walk out the door. 😉

I have a lot of clothes in my closet, but just because I have something doesn’t mean that it will look good if I just pull it out, put it on, and walk out the door. That rarely happens. Most clothing needs to be “styled” which means that some ways of wearing it will look better than other ways. You won’t know which looks better unless you try on and evaluate.

It can be time-consuming, but not too bad if you do it the right way. This means:

  • Think of what you might want to wear
  • Imagine some items that might look good with it
  • Try different items on (experiment with shoes, jewelry, purses)
  • Take quick selfies (in the mirror is fine)
  • Don’t worry about hair, makeup, or posing
  • Evaluate the photos and see if you can do better

I like to take “try-on” pictures, because I find that seeing a photograph is very helpful. I can usually tell pretty quickly if the outfit is something that I will wear or not.

I have decided to share my try-on photos (which I don’t really like doing), because I hope it helps you to see that some of the things you think you love may not look that great, or that some things that you didn’t think were that great actually look nice.

These are really try-ons. No makeup, hair not washed, bra showing, blurry, etc. I also apologize for the line across the bottom. Have not had time to get my camera repaired.

This session started out because I saw some young, beautiful, skinny girls on tv wearing some really cute earrings, so I went out and looked for something similar. I guess I thought that  pair of $3.99 earrings would magically turn me into a young, beautiful, skinny girl 🙂

And these girls were wearing these earrings with white pants, and I love summer mostly just because of white pants, so I decided to go to my closet.

I will start with the “earrings outfit” even though it didn’t turn out exactly as I had pictured it. I guess you just need to be 26 with a golden tan and long legs 😉

DSC_0126 (260x640)
DSC_0127 (239x640)
DSC_0128 (252x640)

As you can see, Number 1 was horrible, Number 2 a little better, and Number 3 was wearable.

After I saw the final version of this

I decided that the earrings might look good with this another top I had tried, even though I really did not like any of these try-ons:

DSC_0120 (251x640)
DSC_0122 (250x640)
DSC_0121 (233x640)

This is pretty cute after I ditched the sweater:


Keepin’ it real until next time! I will be back with some more white pants outfits soon.

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I hope you missed me this week! I missed you. 🙂 I did not get a post out on Sunday because we had a very busy week and a family wedding over the weekend. But I am back now, and have started thinking about my summer wardrobe. As you know, I HATE to go to my closet and try to find something to wear right before I am walking out the door; for me, security is knowing that I have outfits already put together, and can just choose one. I have a lot of clothes (most cost less than $20) but it can be overwhelming to try to put things together, especially if I am in a hurry.

I do like to have a choice, because I might not be in the mood to wear a certain outfit, even if I like it. Or the shoes might not be comfortable enough, or it might be too cool or too hot. I really love the feeling of knowing that I have several outfits, including shoes and jewelry, documented and ready to put on.

Today, I spent some time making several outfit choices for a new pair of shorts. I have a lot of things planned for the summer, including some travel, and am hoping I can have quite a few outfits planned and ready to go by the time I need them. Once May is over, I definitely will not have time to “play dress-up,” so I will be spending some time in my closet this month.

I have promised myself to STAY OUT OF THE STORES, because after doing a little shopping last week, I do not need anything, but I do need to work on coordinating what I have–time consuming, but well worth it.

So…here are the results of today’s visit to the closet. I am showing all with comments, so you can learn along with me. Some didn’t quite make the cut, but I have ideas on how to fix them up.

This one is pretty basic. It will work for taking the grandchildren places this summer, but truthfully probably wouldn’t wear the necklace on such outings. Looks better than an old t-shirt and jean shorts 😉



Here is one with and without some bling

Nice basic outfit for casual activities

My first attempt at pattern mixing. Definitely will not be wearing this!

Tried again. I do like this pattern mixing, but the shoes are literally making me laugh out loud! This is why you try things on before you leave the house.

Love the color combination, but need a different camisole. I hope there is something in my closet, since I have vowed not to shop this month. 😉

Thanks for stopping by. I’ll be back next week with some more experiments. I would love to hear your thoughts on any of these outfits. Honesty appreciated!

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Has this ever happened to you? You walk into (or look into) a closet full of clothes and say, “I have nothing to wear?”  If you are like most women, it has happened more than once.  There can be a variety of reasons for this. Sometimes it is just the mood we are in. Nothing in our closet seems to appeal to us.  Sometimes it is because we are feeling bloated or fat. (Do men ever think this way??? LOL)

In my case, for the most part, it just seemed to be that I could not figure out what to wear. I had cute pants, cute tops, cute sweaters, cute shoes, but nothing I tried on seemed to work. Especially if I were in a hurry…as in “we are going to a fancy party in one hour and I just realized the dress I wanted to wear is a little too snug in the stomach area, and I don’t really have time to try to pull something else together.”

Since I have started putting outfits together and documenting them BEFORE I actually need them, this problem has disappeared from my life for the most part. I am not naturally an organized, do-it-ahead-of-time kind of person, but I have learned to be better at it, because I have discovered that it saves a lot of stress in the long run.

I have to admit that I am still in the learning phase in many ways. Sometimes I have put on an outfit that I had documented a few months earlier, and immediately put it in the “what was I thinking?” category. But because I have put together a LOT of outfits by mixing and matching my stuff,  I can usually find something else without too much trouble.

For instance, I now have more that one dressy outfit in case I need it. I have found several inexpensive dresses  and of course, I can always wear my black pants if I am feeling fat or cold or if all my pantyhose have runs in them.

There are lots of ways you can document your outfits. The easiest way is to snap a quick photo in front of your full-length mirror. That way you will have it in your phone, and can access it easily.

PLEASE DO NOT TELL ME THAT YOU DO NOT HAVE FULL-LENGTH MIRROR.  It is 100% imperative to own one. No excuses. You can get one at WalMart for less than $10.00. Seriously, you can’t get dressed properly without looking in a mirror that shows the whole outfit, including shoes.

You can also just make descriptive notes on cards or in a notebook, take a picture of the outfit on a hanger or on the bed, or use an app on your phone that keeps track of everything in your closet (I will post on that another day).

I like pictures, but I also often use index cards when I am traveling. Each card lists everything (shoes, earrings, purse,etc) that makes up an outfit I like. I plan all the outfits I think I might need for whatever I will be doing. Helps with packing, and I use the cards to get dressed everyday when I am on a trip.  Might be too much for you, but it works for me!

The point is to find a system that works for you. I can promise you that know matter how much you think you will remember every item you used to make an outfit you loved, when the time comes to get dressed, and you are in a hurry, or stressed, you WILL NOT remember that the large black necklace looked better than the pearls, or that the red shoes were cuter than the black ones. Trust me on this.

You don’t have to do this all in one day. Just get started. The next time you put together an outfit that you really like, just make sure you document it in some way so that you can recreate it. If you keep doing this, you will soon have a lot of nice outfits to choose from.

Or you can take a day and style a lot of outfits at one time. Just try to do this when no one is home…and make sure you have some wine ready at the end of the day.  LOL

Good luck and have fun with this!

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JEANS FIVE: Brown Belt

This is the last post in the series of how I styled my new jeans by using different accessories.  None of the outfits in this series is “perfect.” There is no such thing. They are all outfits I would feel good about leaving the house in, and that is my goal.

It is easy to get discouraged and think that you will never be able to come up with something that looks good and is inexpensive. BUT….that is not true. I felt that way when I wrote my posts LOSERS and BLAH, BLAH, BLAH.

But all it took was a new pair of $12.99 jeans and a couple of hours of trying on clothes for me to get my mojo back. You can do it! Just don’t be afraid to try new things, and don’t be afraid to add some bling.

You might make some mistakes. Actually, you will make some mistakes. But this is not a life-or-death thing we are talking about here!  There is no Great Fashion Judge who is going to give you a failing grade. If you try, you WILL make progress.

You will learn from every mistake. And some of my “mistakes” were better than what I was doing before I started trying.

Okay, enough nagging.  Here is what I did using some brown stuff:

DSC_0002 (260x640)
DSC_0016 (289x640)
DSC_0013 (318x640)
DSC_0011 (267x640)

The belt is the same. I just turned it around so the animal print would show.

And speaking of making mistakes, here is an outfit that I wouldn’t wear out of the house. But hey, five out of six is not bad! 😉

DSC_0021 (287x640)
DSC_0029 (241x640) (2)

Here are all the looks in the series:

DSC_0007 (284x640)
DSC_0026 (262x640)
DSC_0031 (238x640)
DSC_0017 (289x640)
DSC_0010 (281x640)
DSC_0013 (318x640)

Which one do you like the best?

I’ll be back soon with something that ISN’T jeans. I would love for you to subscribe so you won’t miss any of my nagging!

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JEANS TWO: Anatomy of an Outfit

In my previous post, I showed you my new jeans, and the process I used to put together an outfit.  I am continuing that theme today, and again, I will use photos from beginning to end, so you can see the steps involved.

Isn’t this cute?  HAHA  I actually saw a lady in the store today with almost this same look, except she had even MORE fat rolls. 🙂   🙂 Don’t do this!

Now I look like I am wearing a red blanket:


Faking a waist helps somewhat:

Pulled it all together with a scarf:


DSC_0022 (244x640)
DSC_0023 (243x640)
DSC_0025 (247x640)
DSC_0026 (262x640)

I hope someone is learning something from all my humiliation of myself!

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