This is the third post in a series about styling a red dress I purchased at WalMart for $7.97. If you missed the first two posts, they are here and here.

I’ll start with my red and navy combos:

Tried to get creative by adding a yellow purse. Oh my! Not all ideas are good ones.

This looks like I am ready for the 4th of July 😉

Next, I went to black:


Like this one with black the least, but as I have said before, just try stuff.

After looking at all these pictures, I think I need to change up the shoes. I have short legs, and having shoes that come up my foot seems to emphasize that. See how much better these shoes look:

Still learning! 😉  Guess I need to go shoe shopping!

Well, that’s the end of my Lady in Red series. Here is a recap of all the looks. Which one do you like best? The first one is number one, etc. Thanks!

DSC_0040 (293x640)
DSC_0017 (202x640)
DSC_0024 (212x640)
DSC_0013 (205x640)
DSC_0029 (206x640)
DSC_0022 (230x640)
DSC_0006 (235x640)
DSC_0049 (238x640) - Copy
DSC_0023 (230x640) - Copy
DSC_0026 (201x640)
DSC_0015 (225x640)

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In my last post, I showed you my first attempt at making an outfit from my new red WalMart dress. Here are some more results of my dress-up day. I decided to try it out with white this time:

Fairly satisfied with these looks, but not sure I like the shoes with it. Will probably try something different. Again, I don’t try to analyze why…I just go with my instincts.

I felt somewhat successful using white, but decided to experiment with something a little bolder. HATED IT, but I will show you 😉

Kind of looks like some kind of costume.

And speaking of HATING IT, I tried something else, because one of my readers recently suggested wearing a shirt as a top piece. I replied that shirts usually are too boxy, but I did give it a try. DOUBLE HATED IT!

DSC_0001 (219x640)
DSC_0022 (230x640)
DSC_0018 (203x640)
DSC_0049 (238x640) - Copy

That’s all for today, but I am not done yet. 😉   I spent a lot of time on this little project. More next time.

Update on publishing schedule: I will still plan to post on Sundays, and will try to also post on Thursdays. I am discontinuing the TBT posts, and instead have created a new page with my favorite posts from days gone by.

If you would like to see pictures of most of the outfits I have put together, click on the page for the category you would like to see. On a mobile device, click menu to access the pages. You can also follow me on Instagram@over50under20.  

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Not too long ago, a couple of friends and I went on a mission. We started in the morning, and returned in the late afternoon.  Our mission?  To try to find cute clothes at the Goodwill stores in our area.

Mission accomplished!

Did you know that it was possible to find great stuff at Goodwill???  And the prices!!!  We purposely went on Tuesday, because in our area senior citizens get 25% off on Tuesdays. Oh my, does that ever make me feel cheap! But I don’t mind being cheap if it means I can buy some awesome clothes for ridiculously low prices. The price for tops was $4.92 before the discount!

One friend had scouted out a few stores ahead of time, so we planned to go to three or four that she thought were good….by good, I mean they were clean, organized stores with a wide selection of ladies’ clothing. There are many Goodwill stores within an hour of where we live, so we plotted our course and got on the road.

Remember I said that we planned to go to three or four stores? HA  We barely made it through two! But oh my goodness, did we hit the jackpot!

Now, you have to understand….there is a definite method to Goodwill shopping. It took me awhile to catch on, but I watched my friends who have had a lot of experience, and after I started doing what they did, I too had success.

Here is what they taught me:

  • Wear simple clothing that is easy to take off, and easy to put clothing over…do not wear bulky sweaters or something with a lot of buttons
  • Find out what the “color of the day” is. Any item with that color tag is 50% off
  • Take look around the store, and see where the ladies’ clothing is located
  • Go to one of the sections (pants, dresses, tops, sweaters, coats, etc)
  • You will notice that the clothes are arranged by color, not by size
  • Start looking for anything that catches your eye
  • Work fast. Don’t spend time looking at t-shirts, drab clothing, or brown items,  LOL
  • Pull out everything that you like or think you like, and put it in your cart
  • Don’t worry about the size, unless it is obviously way too small or way too large (If your friends are not the same size as you, pull and put in their cart)
  • Continue to move to the sections you are interested in (pants, skirts, etc)
  • Repeat the pulling process
  • After your cart is full, head to the dressing room
  • There is usually a mirror outside the dressing rooms, so try on as much as you can (like coats, sweaters, or tops) right there while you are waiting for a room to open up
  • Take the rest into the dressing room, and work fast
  • Ask for a friend’s opinion if you are not sure

If you do this correctly, you WILL find something. You need to have an open mind, and be willing to try on a lot of stuff.  If your town does not have a Goodwill with a large selection of ladies’ clothing, (or if you don’t want your friends to see you there….but then again…. you would be seeing them there too HAHA) check out other stores within driving distance. Most metropolitan areas have them in every community.

It does take some time, but what great shopping doesn’t? Plan to go when you are not in a hurry, and don’t take your husband or the kids. It is a good idea to go with a friend or two, because you can look for things for each other, and get unbiased opinions on things you try on.  After all, you wouldn’t want to make a $3.69 mistake! LOL

The friends I shopped with are very stylish and always look great. You would never imagine that they shopped at Goodwill!

Here is a cute jacket that I wore with black pants. I don’t know if you can see in the picture, but it has stripes.


The jacket and bag were both purchased on this Goodwill trip.

I bet you would not have tried this on because it has shoulder pads! But you need to have an open mind.  Look how cute this is. And after I saw it, I would never remove the shoulder pads. I can see why they were so stylish at one time. The broader shoulders make your bottom half look smaller.


Didn’t get a chance to style this, but it is the perfect jean jacket for me:


Here are the items that I will save for spring:




I bet by the time you see them on this blog next spring, you will have totally forgotten where they came from. 😉

I think our mission was very successful! And very low-cost.  The most expensive item I purchased (the gray wool blazer) was $5.22 .My lunch cost twice as much as that!

I don’t have a photo of it, but my friend hit the jackpot. She found an exquisite Calvin Klein cocktail dress in a gorgeous shade of purple. It looked brand new.

Sooo…..grab friend or two, and hit the road. Good hunting!  I would love to hear back from you if you have any luck.

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That way you can see the outfits without having to read all my rambling. JK!!  I hope you will do both.



Today’s dress is another one that I found in the back of my closet. It has never been worn, but after seeing it, I am wondering why. It is one of those magic dresses. They are hard to find, so if you find one, you should wear it!

I call it a magic dress because it makes me look taller and thinner than I am. Any dress that can do that is magic!

I could almost wear it without a sweater….IF I had a tan, and IF I wore Spanx.  LOL


Here is my sweater version:


FYI, this is another cheapie from Ross… $16.99.   So go shopping and find a cheap magic dress!


Well, the time has come to tell you about my one of my little internet habits. Well, really my only little internet habit, other than blogging 😉

It is shopping at WISH.

Now, please understand. This experience would not appeal to everyone. For me, it is kind of like playing the nickel slot machines… put some money in and you might get a reward. If you are not up for some risk, don’t play the Wish game.

Here is how it works:

You go to the website and just start browsing.  They have about a million things. You will soon notice that most things are small or lightweight.  That is because whatever you order has to be shipped from China.

China???  Doesn’t that mean inferior quality and lengthy shipping time?   YES  Doesn’t that mean expensive shipping charges?  NO  Most shipping charges are $2 or less.

Here is where the risks come in:  First: you never know how long it will take to arrive.  It seems like the more often you order, the faster the shipping is, but that just might be my imagination. Second: the sizing is crazy.  Most Chinese people are evidently very small, so you need to order up at least 2 sizes if you are buying clothing. The good thing is that most items are reviewed by someone who has purchased it, and you can get some pretty good hints about the sizing. Third: this has not happened to me, but some reviewers have said that the “leather goods” often come with a strong odor that eventually dissipates. Fourth: You don’t really know what the quality is going to be, but hey! What were you expecting from a $3.00 purse??

The fun part is that once you get in the WISH habit, little packages will arrive at your door, and they are always a surprise, because you never remember what you ordered three weeks ago.

I can go shopping for about an hour, spend $25.00, and get lots of little surprises for weeks afterward.

Of course, don’t think you can return anything. Even if you could, it would not be worth the time, effort and expense.  Like I said, it is like playing the nickel slots.

Personally, I have had very good luck with my purchases, but I always read the reviews, and I never order anything in a size medium or large.

Here are some examples of my purchases.They are not linked. If you want to shop, you will have to go the site and browse.

I could not possibly show you everything I have ordered, but these will give you an idea of the kind of things that are available, and the prices. They also have a huge selection of electronics and home items, but you will have to go look at those for yourself.








And last but not least, just because it made me laugh:


This is $40.00 worth. I usually don’t order “expensive” things like the $10 purse, but I really liked it.  And the silver necklaces were $8 for 20!  I don’t know if they are real silver, but they say they are, and they really seem to be.

That’s all for now. Gotta go shopping!

If you decide to shop at WISH, remember that I take no responsibility for the quality of the items, or the fact that your husband catches you doing weird internet things late at night. 😉

It is really not for everyone. Don’t do it if you don’t think you will enjoy it.


Are you ready for another transitional outfit? I am alternating between dresses and jeans. This one does have some fall color.  I know you will not be surprised that I added a belt and a sweater.  I only have so much imagination when it comes to disguising my figure flaws, and this combination seems to work pretty well.

I don’t remember where I got this dress, but pretty sure it was from Ross for about $12.00. The sweater is a $5.00 WalMart item. I will show you how I got to the outfit I will actually wear.

  1. Try on the dress:

DSC_0106 (261x640)

2. Add a belt and a necklace:


3. Add a sweater, a bracelet and some cute shoes:


Of course, I will have to wear it in an air-conditioned place, but that’s okay. I am not going outside again until it cools off!

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I know it is still August, and I know it is not even supposed to be fall, but when school starts back up the first week of August, it seems like summer was a long time ago. The temperature today was 94, so obviously summer is still here, but I just cannot make myself pick out any more summer outfits!   I know that Labor Day is right around the corner, and soon we will be changing fashion gears. No more white, no more bright yellows and bright pinks, no more red, white and blue.

It is definitely not time to pull out the boots, or the long-sleeve version of anything, but when I hear those geese flying overhead, it stimulates something in my brain to take some action! I spent today pulling all of the really summery stuff out of my closet and moving it to my off-season closet in the guest room. I really didn’t see much there that I could swap out, so I am going to have to be creative in the next few weeks until fall arrives for real.

Even when we lived in Florida, I would get the urge along about the end of August to at least change colors. Even though the seasons didn’t change, my mind changed. It was fine that the snowbirds wore white capris in November, but I wore my brown capris, thank you very much.

As you might guess, I did make a run to some of my favorite stores to see if I could find something for the transition. Of course I did. Here is what I will be wearing while it is still hot as Hades but not really summertime.

Of course, I did not pay more than $20 for any one item.  Next post, I will style some outfits and take photos.

Blue print dress (480x640)


Gray crochet top (480x640)

Navy top (480x640)

Brown dress (480x640)

Wish dress

This little dress was only $6.00! Hope I can make it work.

Happy Fall!  I mean happy end of summer!

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Being new to the world of blogging (my first post was May 20, 2016), I am learning about blogging the same way I am learning about style….by trial and error. A couple of weeks ago, I had the idea to spend the $50 gift card I received for my birthday to buy an outfit and blog about it.  That part of the idea was great! At least to me. 🙂


The second part of the challenge was to have a contest, and give a $25 Amazon card to the winner.


This was the error part of the trial and error! In my mind, many aspiring fashionistas would send me photos of themselves in adorable $50 outfits. I was so excited to see the results.

HAHA.  Here are the results:  Four family members said they would enter. (None did).  ONE…yes, that’s right, ONE beautiful lady whom I do not know sent me a photo.

So, I did not get to see a lot of cute outfits, but I did get to see one cute outfit, and I am declaring Patti Patterson from New Castle, Pennsylvania as the official winner. She will be receiving a gift card. Now aren’t you kind of sorry you did not enter??? Your odds were really good. LOL

Here is the cute outfit she came up with for a grand total of $49.97

stripedress (359x640)

  • Dress: ANA from JC Penney $19.99
  • Necklace: Liz Claiborne from JC Penney  $10.99
  • Shoes: Madden Girl from Down Under Consignment  $7.50
  • Purse: Bangles from Peebles Department Store $8.99

Way to go Patti!  The outfit is adorable, and so are you. I hope you enjoy shopping some more with your gift card. Thanks so much for entering my contest.  It actually was a good idea for you. 😉



Not long ago, I challenged you to put together an outfit that cost less than $50. Today I am going to go through the process I used to buy an outfit with my $50 birthday gift card.

  • Went to Ross to look for a dress
  • Tried on about 40 dresses
  • Tried on dresses in my size and one size up and one size down
  • Did not look at the price tag before I tried on..most Ross dresses are less than $20
  • 35 dresses were a definite NO
  • 5 dresses were maybes
  • 1 dress was clearly better than all the rest, so kept that one
  • Paid $11.00 for my dress (On Tuesdays Ross offers 10% off to ages 55 and above)
  • Went next door to Famous Footwear
  • Started in the clearance section
  • Found the perfect pair of heels to go with the dress. Price tag said $25
  • Went to check out…actually on sale for $17.00
  • So far,  have spent only a little more than half of my budget, so still have some left for accessories and purse
  • Went to Cato to look for a necklace
  • Found one for $6.00
  • Received a purse I had ordered earlier.  Cost: $6.00
  • Bought a stack of bracelets for $10.00 at Glitzy Chiks
  • TOTAL: $50.00
  • Made it! Right on the nose!

Now of course, you know I had to try a sweater with my dress.  I always love to add a little color and cover my arms and midsection.  This made the outfit more expensive because the purse was $18.00 and the sweater was $16.00.  So this version of the outfit cost a total of $78.00. But if you take into account that these two items were already in my closet, I only spent $44.00. No wonder my husband has a hard time with my accounting practices. LOL

DSC_0011 (285x640)

Bottom line…it is possible to find inexpensive clothing if you are willing to do a little work.

You still have a few days to enter the shopping challenge! Don’t forget that the winner will receive a $25.00 Amazon gift card.  Here are the details of the challenge:


How did you like my outfits? Which one do you like better?  Constructive criticism welcomed!  If you hate them, I will have a good excuse to go shopping again.  HAHA

As always, thanks for reading and come back soon!



Today, I have a challenge for you. I think you will like it. I know I will like it!

I had a birthday recently and one of my gifts from some very special people was a $50 gift card that came with instructions to use it for the blog. Yay!

I am going to use my gift card to see if I can make a complete outfit for $50, including shoes, purse and jewelry.

I am going to challenge you to do the same. Here’s the way it works:

  • The challenge will be open for about two weeks.  It will close on Wednesday, August 17 at midnight
  • Put together an outfit that costs less than $50 total.  It must include shoes, purse and at least one accessory
  • If your budget does not permit buying a new outfit in the next two weeks, you may use items you already have
  • Send the photos to before midnight on Wednesday, August 17
    •  You may send photos of yourself in the outfit, or just the outfit
    • Selfies are fine. If you don’t want to show your face, it’s okay. 😉
    • Please let me know if it is okay to post your photo on the blog
    • Include a list of the items and how much you paid for each one
  • Write a comment on the blog letting me know you have sent the entry
  • I will announce the top three entries the week of August 17, and let you vote for the overall winner
  • Winner will receive a $25.00 Amazon Gift Card

Have fun! I can’t wait to see the results.

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