Hello Friends,

Today I am back with the first in a series about some of my “experiments.” I post these periodically in the hopes of inspiring you to try things on before you walk out the door. 😉

I have a lot of clothes in my closet, but just because I have something doesn’t mean that it will look good if I just pull it out, put it on, and walk out the door. That rarely happens. Most clothing needs to be “styled” which means that some ways of wearing it will look better than other ways. You won’t know which looks better unless you try on and evaluate.

It can be time-consuming, but not too bad if you do it the right way. This means:

  • Think of what you might want to wear
  • Imagine some items that might look good with it
  • Try different items on (experiment with shoes, jewelry, purses)
  • Take quick selfies (in the mirror is fine)
  • Don’t worry about hair, makeup, or posing
  • Evaluate the photos and see if you can do better

I like to take “try-on” pictures, because I find that seeing a photograph is very helpful. I can usually tell pretty quickly if the outfit is something that I will wear or not.

I have decided to share my try-on photos (which I don’t really like doing), because I hope it helps you to see that some of the things you think you love may not look that great, or that some things that you didn’t think were that great actually look nice.

These are really try-ons. No makeup, hair not washed, bra showing, blurry, etc. I also apologize for the line across the bottom. Have not had time to get my camera repaired.

This session started out because I saw some young, beautiful, skinny girls on tv wearing some really cute earrings, so I went out and looked for something similar. I guess I thought that  pair of $3.99 earrings would magically turn me into a young, beautiful, skinny girl 🙂

And these girls were wearing these earrings with white pants, and I love summer mostly just because of white pants, so I decided to go to my closet.

I will start with the “earrings outfit” even though it didn’t turn out exactly as I had pictured it. I guess you just need to be 26 with a golden tan and long legs 😉

DSC_0126 (260x640)
DSC_0127 (239x640)
DSC_0128 (252x640)

As you can see, Number 1 was horrible, Number 2 a little better, and Number 3 was wearable.

After I saw the final version of this

I decided that the earrings might look good with this another top I had tried, even though I really did not like any of these try-ons:

DSC_0120 (251x640)
DSC_0122 (250x640)
DSC_0121 (233x640)

This is pretty cute after I ditched the sweater:


Keepin’ it real until next time! I will be back with some more white pants outfits soon.

If  you would like to see pictures of most of the outfits I have put together, click on the page for the category you would like to see. On a mobile device, click menu to access the pages. You can also follow me on Instagram@over50under20.  



Several days ago, I posted that I was going out to finish my Christmas shopping. I am happy to report that I was successful in that mission! But guess what? When I was shopping for others, I could not resist the urge to shop for myself also. My goal was to photograph some nice outfits and publish a few posts before Christmas. HA

For whatever reason, the things I came home with were just not good when I saw them in the photographs.  And I hate that, because with all the extra things I have to do for the holidays, it is hard to find time to try on clothes and take pictures. Since I really didn’t have time to start over,  I decided to do a “Trial and Error” post. The things you see in this post have all been returned.

I won’t try to analyze what is wrong with these outfits, but they are just not right. I will say that I need to take my own advice and not wear leggings unless with long tunics or dresses. The camera does not lie.  😉

Maybe Santa will bring me some pretty clothes. If he does, I will get back to you after Christmas with outfits that look better than these. I know I can do better!

Happiest of holidays to all of you. I will be back soon after Christmas. 🙂

P.S.  My Facebook account was hacked, and I changed my password. Since then, my blog posts have not been showing up there, so unless you are a subscriber, you have missed a few. I will work on trying to fix that, but so far haven’t figured it out. Another little job that will have to wait until after Christmas!




As you know, I have a lot of sweaters. I use them to add color, to hide my midsection, and to cover my arms. Even if you don’t need to hide your midsection or cover your arms, sweaters are still a great option for changing the look of a dress (like Old Blue) or for adding color, or for coordinating with accessories. And a black sweater is pretty much a necessity, like a pair of black pants.

I am not saying you need to wear a sweater every day. Even I get tired of the sweater look. But if you don’t have at least a couple of colorful cardigans, you are limiting your options.

Several of you have asked where I get my sweaters.  Many are old favorites, and I have no idea where they came from, but I have bought some recently, so thought I would share with you.

Good luck! Hope you can find some beautiful, colorful sweaters, so I will not be the only sweater girl around. 😉

Here are some links for cardigans. And of course do not pay more than $20!  If you click on any Amazon links to purchase, I do receive a small commission. The colors shown are just illustrations. All of these have multiple color options, starting at $13.95.


MBJ WSK780 Womens Keep It Classic V Neck Cardigan L WINE


BILY Women Long Sleeve Transparent Button Cardigan Sweater Black Large


NINEXIS Womens Basic Crew Neck Long Sleeve Button Down Cardigan RUST L



There are many other places to get reasonably-priced cardigans. You just have to look. I have sweaters from the following places, so check them out. Sometimes there is a much better selection in the store than online.

The Loft, Gap, WalMart, Target, SteinMart, Macy’s, TJMaxx

My new favorite is the Made By Johnny (MBJ) available on Amazon.  There is a huge selection of colors, and the detailing is very nice. I love the row of buttons on the sleeve. I ordered the Large and it fits me perfectly. I can even button it:


I know, I know. It is brown! But I just ordered in other colors. And I needed this color to go with a specific dress that I will show you in another post.

Thank you all so much for the comments and suggestions on Old Blue. It was so interesting to see what people liked! Some people loved one look that another person did not care for at all. There was not a clear favorite, but the two that got the most votes were:



The whole point of the series was to show you that you can take one dress and wear it a million different ways. Some are definitely better than others. But that’s why it’s called TRIAL and ERROR. You have to experiment to find the right look.

FYI, if you are wondering, my personal favorite was the orange sweater and leopard scarf.  I just like the bright colors.

If you missed that series, here is a link to the first post:


Go buy a sweater!










I know you are getting tired of this dress! Only one more post after this one….unless I decide to do a post where I try out all of your suggestions. That would be fun!  But I might have to find a different spot to take pictures.  They are building a house next door to ours, and I always wonder what the workmen think when they see an old lady taking pictures of herself on the front porch! It doesn’t really stop me, but I do wonder about it.  🙂

And I will post on some other subjects before that, because I’m sure you can only take so much of Old Blue. Again, please choose Number 1 or Number 2 and tell me why.

Number 1
Number 2

Very similar to the leopard, but without the belt. Don’t ask me why it is a brown zebra print. I have never seen a brown zebra. And for someone who doesn’t recommend wearing brown, I have certainly broken that rule with this dress!  I think it is because I like the brown pointy-toe heels, and they are very comfortable.

It has been great reading your suggestions! Don’t forget to vote. 🙂



Today’s choice is between two pink sweaters. I told you I am a sweater girl!

Number 1
Number 2

Pretty similar, but please let me know if you like one better than the other. I feel like this is one of those puzzle pictures where you have to find what’s different about the pictures. Can you spot the differences? LOL

I know this is not a fall look, so don’t let that be a factor.  I promise not to wear this until at least April. 😉

Just vote for Number 1 or Number 2, so that one of them will be in the finals. Thank you!