I am back again with more photos of Old Blue.  I got some really good suggestions from the last post, and they are greatly appreciated. I love the fact that you are thinking and being creative about what to wear. Today’s looks are not that different from the last post, but I would still love to read your opinions.

Number 1
Number 2

The sweater looks black, but it is mostly brown.

You will notice that I am still doing leopard and a bright sweater!  I am really not that creative.  Help me out if you can.  Thanks!

Number 1 or number 2?  Even if you hate both, pick the one you hate the least. LOL



Today I am posting the first in a series of my experiments in wearing a blue dress.  The title is “Old Blue” because this is a dress I have had forever. My thinking was something like “What if I could only keep one dress? Which one would I choose? How could I wear it a lot of different ways?”

I chose Old Blue because it is my favorite color, it fits well, and I can pretty much wear it year-round.  Actually, it fits pretty well.  It used to fit better before I gained a few pounds. 🙁

Of course, you know I have more than one dress, but I really think I could get along just fine with this dress plus an LBD…..as long as I still had more than one sweater. And a belt, of course!  LOL

If you are anything like me, you go shopping and bring home things you don’t really need.  This post is intended to show you that if you have the right basics, you don’t need to spend a lot of money.  Sweaters, jackets, and accessories can make a dress look completely different.  FYI, none of the accessories I am wearing cost more than $8.00, and none of the shoes, sweaters, or jackets cost more than $20.00.

For the next few days, I will show you two looks each day.  Please comment and let me know which one you like better, and at the end I will post the two most popular and let you decide which is the all-time favorite Old Blue ensemble.

Of course, I could make up a million more, so if you see me wearing the dress in real life, there is no telling what I will be wearing it with. The point of this series is to inspire you to use your imagination, and try to make up outfits from things you already have, or to buy some inexpensive accessories, if you don’t already have some.

It does take some time to pull things out of your closet and try them on, but don’t you think it is worth some of your time to try to look good? As you will see, some of the results were better than others, but like me,  the more you experiment, the more you will see what colors and styles flatter you.  If you make some mistakes along the way, GREAT. That means you are thinking outside the box, or willing to try things together that you wouldn’t have before. And you don’t have to actually wear your “mistakes” outside the house…..or put them on the internet for everyone to see. I do that for you, so you don’t have to.  😉

Speaking of that, here is what Old Blue looks like by itself. Do NOT wear anything that looks like this:


And here are my two different looks for today:

Number 1
Number 2

Please comment and let me know which one of these two you like better, and feel free to make any suggestions.  I don’t really like the black shoes with it.

Thanks, dear readers, for reading, and for trying to make the world a better-looking place!




Today’s dress is another one that I found in the back of my closet. It has never been worn, but after seeing it, I am wondering why. It is one of those magic dresses. They are hard to find, so if you find one, you should wear it!

I call it a magic dress because it makes me look taller and thinner than I am. Any dress that can do that is magic!

I could almost wear it without a sweater….IF I had a tan, and IF I wore Spanx.  LOL


Here is my sweater version:


FYI, this is another cheapie from Ross… $16.99.   So go shopping and find a cheap magic dress!


Today’s post is one where I show you some of my trial and error again.  I started with a dress that I have had since last year, but forgot about. I was so happy when I found it in my closet, and decided that the colors were perfect for fall.  So I tried it on.


As usual, I looked like a blimp, so I got to work.


HAHA. Now I look like a blimp wearing a belt. 😉


SURPRISE! I added a sweater.

Since I have about a million sweaters, I tried on some different colors.


I like the brown belt buckle better, but wasn’t sure about the boots.


I really like the brown necklace.

Let’s try one more sweater:


I am wearing navy heels with this version.

One dress, three sweaters, different shoes, different belts, different jewelry.

Think I actually do like the navy-sweater-with-the-boots version. Will add some bracelets and maybe bigger earrings. I don’t think I need to try any more sweaters. LOL

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Go try stuff on!



People over a certain age remember the phrase “sweater girl”.  If you are young or don’t remember, here is a definition:

A young woman, esp a movie actress or a model, with a notably attractive body, which she features by wearing tight and short clothing 

 Well, I am a sweater girl, but definitely not that kind. I would be embarrassed to tell you how many sweaters I own. I think I have one for every shade of every color in the rainbow.  You will probably notice that a LOT of my outfits are styled with cardigans. There is a reason for that….actually several reasons.
Have you noticed that a lot of dresses are sleeveless? I won’t say I would never wear a sleeveless dress, but have you also noticed that a lot of women in the fifty-plus category would prefer not to wear sleeveless dresses? If I had Michele Obama arms, I would probably not have so many sweaters.  Oh, never mind—I probably would, because I also have what you might call a muffin top, or thick waist or belly fat, and I am vain enough to try to disguise it; hence the sweaters. My sweaters are my security blanket. But they do add color!

Here are some photos. I have posted them before, but I think when you see these you will realize why I am a sweater girl!

DSC_0048 DSC_0049

And here are some “sweater outfits”. You have seen most or all of them before, but not at the same time! And these are just a fraction of the colors that I have.  I have collected them from everywhere…The Loft, Old Navy, WalMart, Target,etc.  Whenever I see a color I don’t have, I buy it. Believe it or not, I still need a few more.  I actually do not have brown, but I am on the lookout for it! 😉

DSC_0011 (285x640)



K Mart shirt





Some of you, no doubt, are nice and trim and very well-proportioned. Maybe you don’t need to hide your middle or your arms.  Great!  But you still need COLOR and ACCESSORIES and CUTE SHOES. And you still need to wear clothes that fit and flatter, and are the correct length.

The rest of us need to figure out a look that flatters our figure. The purpose of all these posts is so that you will see that you do not have to have a perfect figure. You do need to figure out a look that flatters YOU. I promise you that if you work on it long enough, you will find ways to make your body look proportional. Hey, maybe you would look good in a belt and cardigan. 🙂

Try stuff on! Take pictures! Have a friend give honest opinions!

See you next time. Remember, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to look good.

Today I am linking up with Tania onWednesday’s Wardrobe.


You may remember this dress from a previous post: http://over50under20.com/index.php/2016/09/07/if-its-brown/

DSC_0102 (255x640)

In that post, I told you that this dress was going away because I really did not like the way it looked.  Most of you agreed with me.

A couple of people made suggestions, so just for fun, I thought I would try their ideas of adding a jean jacket or a colorful scarf.

As you can see, these ideas improved the look, but not much. The proportions of this dress are just not right for me!




To give it one more shot, I tried it with my usual belt and cardigan option.


After this, I quit.  I admitted to myself that I don’t like the dress, it does not look good on me, and I will never wear it!

Moral of the story: Give it a try, but don’t wear something you don’t like. I will definitely keep trying to find cute outfits, and I hope you will too!

I can assure you that you will never see this dress on this blog again.  🙂

See you next time. Remember, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to look good. But you do have to wear clothes that look good on you. 😉

Hope you are learning something from my mistakes. 🙂








Are you ready for another transitional outfit? I am alternating between dresses and jeans. This one does have some fall color.  I know you will not be surprised that I added a belt and a sweater.  I only have so much imagination when it comes to disguising my figure flaws, and this combination seems to work pretty well.

I don’t remember where I got this dress, but pretty sure it was from Ross for about $12.00. The sweater is a $5.00 WalMart item. I will show you how I got to the outfit I will actually wear.

  1. Try on the dress:

DSC_0106 (261x640)

2. Add a belt and a necklace:


3. Add a sweater, a bracelet and some cute shoes:


Of course, I will have to wear it in an air-conditioned place, but that’s okay. I am not going outside again until it cools off!

Today I am linking up with Tania on Wednesday’s Wardrobe.


Today I am beginning a series about transitioning from summer to fall. As I said before, I am SO tired of hot weather, and just do not want to wear summer clothes anymore. BUT, it is actually hotter than it was in July, so I need to find outfits that look fallish, but feel summerish. You know what I mean.

I bought this little dress for $6.00 from my secret shopping website, that I will tell you about one day 😉      I feel like that needs a separate blog post!

Wish dress

Here is what it looked like when I tried it on:

DSC_0098 (297x640)

Most people would just say, “Well, I am glad I only paid $6.00 for this, because it looks terrible.”  But by now, you know I will do my best to “make an outfit”.

I really like this, and it is cool and comfortable, and does not look summery.  What do you think?


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Today I am linking up with Tania on Wednesday’s Wardrobe.


Not long ago, I challenged you to put together an outfit that cost less than $50. Today I am going to go through the process I used to buy an outfit with my $50 birthday gift card.

  • Went to Ross to look for a dress
  • Tried on about 40 dresses
  • Tried on dresses in my size and one size up and one size down
  • Did not look at the price tag before I tried on..most Ross dresses are less than $20
  • 35 dresses were a definite NO
  • 5 dresses were maybes
  • 1 dress was clearly better than all the rest, so kept that one
  • Paid $11.00 for my dress (On Tuesdays Ross offers 10% off to ages 55 and above)
  • Went next door to Famous Footwear
  • Started in the clearance section
  • Found the perfect pair of heels to go with the dress. Price tag said $25
  • Went to check out…actually on sale for $17.00
  • So far,  have spent only a little more than half of my budget, so still have some left for accessories and purse
  • Went to Cato to look for a necklace
  • Found one for $6.00
  • Received a purse I had ordered earlier.  Cost: $6.00
  • Bought a stack of bracelets for $10.00 at Glitzy Chiks
  • TOTAL: $50.00
  • Made it! Right on the nose!

Now of course, you know I had to try a sweater with my dress.  I always love to add a little color and cover my arms and midsection.  This made the outfit more expensive because the purse was $18.00 and the sweater was $16.00.  So this version of the outfit cost a total of $78.00. But if you take into account that these two items were already in my closet, I only spent $44.00. No wonder my husband has a hard time with my accounting practices. LOL

DSC_0011 (285x640)

Bottom line…it is possible to find inexpensive clothing if you are willing to do a little work.

You still have a few days to enter the shopping challenge! Don’t forget that the winner will receive a $25.00 Amazon gift card.  Here are the details of the challenge:


How did you like my outfits? Which one do you like better?  Constructive criticism welcomed!  If you hate them, I will have a good excuse to go shopping again.  HAHA

As always, thanks for reading and come back soon!