In my last post, I showed you a dress that I had bought against the advice of my husband. In this post, I am showing the you results of my attempt to “fix it.” I would not say that the attempt was 100% successful; I should have listened to my husband 😉

In case you have forgotten, this is what I posted before:

And here are my experiments:

Ugh! Just posting so you will realize it’s okay to try stuff!

DSC_0028 - Copy (290x640)
DSC_0008 (337x640)
DSC_0004 (363x640)
DSC_0012 (309x640)
DSC_0016 (297x640)
DSC_0011 (341x640)

I guess some are better than the orange-and-black combo, but guess what? I just don’t like this dress, and don’t think it does anything for me. So, my husband was right. Maybe next time I will listen.

Thanks for hanging in there with me as I try to figure out ways to dress better!

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Today I would like to talk about what to wear when you leave your house to run errands or do grocery shopping. I don’t know about you, but for most of my life, this was not something I gave any thought to…other than the many times I thought, “Oh, I hope I don’t run into anyone I know” (which I always did).

I could just not motivate myself to take a shower, put on makeup, and find a cute outfit to do something like go to the store for a loaf of bread. Well, I have to admit to you that even though I am a “fashion blogger”, I still don’t put a lot into my “errands look.”

However, I do think I have improved! Here is an example of what I normally would wear to the grocery store:

Wrinkled shorts, old stained t-shirt from a production that my son was in several years ago, beat-up flip flops, and no makeup.

I do understand that people are not going to run away in fear from this look, but there is certainly room for improvement. 😉

I gave about five minutes thought to the question of “what could I do to look better that wouldn’t be complicated and would still be comfortable?” and came up with this:

I did add a touch of makeup (and some earrings),but did not wash my hair.

When I saw how much better that looked, I decided to add just a couple of embellishments:

Hey, I might actually talk to my friends in the store now, rather than quickly ducking into another section of the store when I recognize someone from the back. 😉

DSC_0006 (266x640)
DSC_0122 (310x640)
DSC_0121 (341x640)

What do you wear to the store? Yoga pants? Old t-shirts? Cute outfits? Have you ever played “hide-and-seek” in the aisles so you would not have to meet up with someone you knew? Ever been caught? I can answer yes to all of the above, but I have to say that it is honestly no more trouble to wear the better-looking outfit, and it is just as comfortable, so no excuses. I vow to do better!

Many thanks to all of you who gave me good advice on which shoes to wear with my blue-striped sweater! I truly appreciate your input, and as usual, your suggestions and comments were very helpful.

The winner was hands-down the nude shoes, which also happened to be my favorite:

It was interesting to see that not everyone agreed…some people loved the blue shoes, some people liked the white shoes best, and most people did not like the coral, although some of you did! Just goes to show that there is no such thing as a “perfect outfit.”

Once again, thanks for stopping by, and if you are going to the grocery store, please try to look a little better so you won’t have to avoid saying hello to me, because I will be lookin’ good. 😉

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If you are a regular reader, you know that I try to keep it real. My reason for doing this blog is to encourage women to dress in a way that makes them feel more confident about themselves.

Today I want to talk about my pictures. The reason I put lots of trial-and-error and what-not-to-do photos on the blog is to show you that there are things you CAN do to look better. Sometimes just seeing what not to do, can help you figure out what to do.

I also want you to understand that one photograph does not define your look; how many of us have gotten depressed after seeing a picture we don’t like, and thought “Well, I should just never go out of the house if I look that bad?” HAHA   Every woman I know has thought that, or freaked over an unflattering unauthorized Facebook post 😉

You will notice that the pictures I put on Instagram or as my featured photo are flattering. Wouldn’t you do the same? But I want you to understand that to get these flattering pictures, I have to try on several outfits, find accessories, take a shower, blow-dry my hair, put on makeup, set up the camera, stand in a certain way, and delete all the ugly pictures.

And I promise you that every person on the internet has to do the same. Please don’t let a bad picture of you ruin your day! Instead, analyze the photo and see what you can learn from it.

Some bad ones:

Frumpy dress, unflattering clothes
DSC_0004 (237x640)
DSC_0011 (222x640)
DSC_0102 (255x640)
DSC_0002 (260x640)
DSC_0016 (319x640)

I laugh when I see these, because I think, “Who on this earth would read a “fashion blog” by this woman?????  And please understand–the fact that I can laugh is huge progress for me. There have been times in my life when I would have cried, and thought there was no hope.

But after a lot of experimenting, and reading about fashion, I have gotten to the place where I can say, “Oh well, it’s just a bad picture. I don’t look that bad all the time.”

Just so you know, this picture:

And this one were taken a week apart:

IMG_4035 (421x640)
DSC_0032 (292x640)

Hmm, I think I will change out the white shoes for some nude ones after reading a blog post about white shoes this week. 😉

And as for the Wet Head photo, WHO CARES??? I was having a wonderful time playing with my Cousin Camp kids. But I did not put it on Facebook 😉

Life is not a blog, or Facebook. Life is for living and having fun and trying to bring joy to others. You cannot enjoy life if you are constantly worrying about how you look, or about how your pictures look.

But I have learned that I love to put outfits together, and it is fun to try to look better….at least some of the time. It is a challenge that I enjoy. I encourage you to do the same, but don’t take it too seriously.

Keepin’ it real.  See you next time. Thanks for reading!

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Hello! I have returned from a most wonderful vacation to Scotland and Ireland, and I can’t wait to share some pictures with you, but before I do that, I thought I would do some post-trip analysis on what I packed and what I wore. Before I left, I showed you what I was taking and how I packed.

In the hopes that I might help someone else who is packing for a similar trip, and in the hopes that I myself will do it differently next time, here are some thoughts about what worked and what didn’t.

What didn’t work:

  • Like most people, I overpacked. I did not need a different outfit for each day. Most days I was wearing a jacket, and no one even saw what I had on.
  • I packed too many shoes, even though it was only four pairs. Next time I will pack one pair of comfortable walking shoes and one pair of flats.
  • I packed too many accessories. I wore one belt one time, and could have gotten by without it.
  • Packed too much jewelry…only wore my gold necklace and earrings.
  • Packed too many dresses….one would have been plenty.
  • Packed too many sweaters. I never once wore any outfit that included a belt and a sweater.
  • Did not need capris at all. Summer in Scotland and Ireland is not what we call warm 😉

What I should have done:

  • Packed my travel vests, and worn them most days
  • Planned simple outfits consisting of a pair of jeans or pants, and one top, with maybe something underneath or on top (like a vest)
  • Stuck with one basic color scheme, instead of two… pack everything to go with either black or navy, not both
  • Taken my basic black dress and several colorful scarves

What I did right:

  • Took layers and a good rain jacket
  • Packed my down puffy coat
  • Packed leggings to wear with my dress
  • Packed comfortable shoes
  • Took my long black thin cardigan
  • Took red and black large cashmere scarves
  • Took colorful chevron scarves
  • Packed Skinny Shirts and camis to wear under tops
  • Took small cross-body black leather purse to wear for dinners out

I’m sure I will think of some more things after I finish unpacking, but I know that the next time we go on a lengthy trip that includes bus touring, I will pack differently.

Having said that I thought I would show you what some of the other people on the bus were wearing, and you will see another reason why I would pack a bit more simply.  Let me just say this:  There were some days that I looked better than others, but I am proud to tell you that I won the BEST DRESSED ON THE BUS AWARD!  This prestigious award was presented on behalf of the three distinguished judges, Me, Myself, and I, after careful consideration and analysis of TOURIST BUS FASHION. Totally tongue-in-cheek, but I hope you will represent the USA better than this if you go on a bus tour:

IMG_3698 (348x640)
IMG_3141 (353x640)
IMG_3129 (303x640)

You know what…just don’t wear capris. You will be safer that way. Especially if it is cold. And you know what else?  Just don’t wear big white sneakers. I have told you that before.

While we’re on the subject of don’ts, just don’t do any of these:

IMG_3144 (448x640)
IMG_3147 (329x640)
IMG_3562 (264x640)

Well, that’s all for today. I will be back next time with some beautiful scenic shots, and you will see several more pictures of my lovely blue rain jacket. 🙂

TBT # 10 Leggings are not pants

I know is it almost summer, and I know you are probably not planning to wear your leggings until cool weather, but just in case you are tempted to bring them out and wear them as pants, I decided to repost this for my Throwback Thursday offering. It is kind of my pet fashion peeve.


I know you have heard this, but I am not sure it has actually penetrated into your consciousness. I saw you everywhere last winter.  You were wearing your oh-so-comfy and oh-so-warm leggings.  “Surely I can just wear them with my favorite top, even if it is a bit short,”  you tell yourself. Maybe you say, “These are my workout clothes.” Great. But I don’t remember the last time I was in a gym, and I don’t think you are “working out” at Publix.  “Even though I am older than dirt, I know I look so youthful in these tight,brightly patterned leggings,” you think.

Oh my! Please ask for an honest opinion before you walk out that door. Remember — it is hard to get an accurate view of the back of your outfit, even in a full-length mirror.

I’m sure I am not actually seeing you 😉 but maybe I am seeing your friends and family. If so, do them a favor, and show them these photos. They are examples of how not to wear leggings. These are all outfits that I have personally seen.









If you like to wear clothing that outlines your rear end, and calls attention to it, then leggings are for you! I don’t think I will ever head in that direction, fashion-wise 😉

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Hello! I am sorry my post is a little late this week. As you know, we were in Utah last week, and I just could not get this done before now.

Well, first of all, it was a GREAT trip! Whenever I travel, I am always surprised at how little I know. I knew there were some parks in Utah, but had no idea that there are FIVE national parks there! And they are spectacular! Each one has its own personality and distinctive features.

We started in Salt Lake City, rented a car, and drove about 1500 miles, but we saw them all, plus took a tour of Monument Valley, which is actually on Navajo land just across the border in Arizona.


As you know from last week’s post, I planned all my outfits before I left,and I am so glad I planned layered clothing, because we had every kind of weather you can think of except maybe hail and really hot…warm, cool, windy, snowing, sleeting, cold, and even had a rainy day in the middle of the desert.

The one thing I kind of messed up on was footwear. I had decided to take my hiking boots, because there are lots of great trails in the parks, and not a lot of wild animals (which is why I don’t usually like to hike–terrified of bears).  Sounds like a good idea—take hiking boots if you plan to go hiking.

HOWEVER, and please listen to me about this…..if your hiking boots are very old, and you don’t go hiking very much, they could have dry rot. And if they have dry rot, the whole bottom part could come off. And if the whole bottom part comes off, you could slip and fall when you are climbing down a big rock that is actually part of the trail, and if you slip going down a big rock, you could sprain your ankle, and if you sprain your ankle on the very first day of your “hiking trip,” you will not be doing any more hiking; in fact, you will barely be walking, but if your husband is as nice as mine, he will fix you up with an ace bandage, an ice pack, ibuprofen, and some crutches, (which you may or may not know how to use) and you will enjoy the rest of your trip anyway. 🙂


 This is what I hiked to see before the big fall. Too bad you can’t see my hiking boots! Actually, no one else saw them either  🙂

Now I could have worn my Nikes and been just fine. They are comfortable and have a lot of traction. But no, I thought I would look so much “cooler” wearing actual hiking boots. HAHAHAHAHA   You have to understand that most of the trails we were going to attempt were no more than a mile or two. We are not talking rugged overnight hikes that require special footwear. And not one person on this earth would have looked at or noticed the shoes I was wearing. Again, HAHAHAHAHA

But they probably did notice what I wore for most of the rest of the trip:

                     I do NOT recommend this look!

But as I said, it really was a great trip, despite being a little incapacitated. The scenery made up for everything, even if I did have to see most of it from the road.

Here is where we stayed in Springdale, right outside Zion National Park. The mountain behind our room lit up and turned red around sunset for about 5 minutes, and we happened to see it!

Don’t want to bore you with too many vacation photos, but just have to share a few more.

Thanks for letting me share my vacation with you! If you get a chance to visit Utah, I highly recommend Arches, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, Bryce Canyon, and/or Zion National Parks.

P.S. Ankle is healing nicely. I am going to get it x-rayed tomorrow, but don’t really expect any problems.

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TBT #5 Big White Shoes

This post was part of one I did when we returned from an Alaskan cruise. I thought the shoe advice bears repeating, so here goes:

When I travel, I ALWAYS wear comfortable shoes. You cannot have fun if your feet are not having fun. However.….you do not have to wear ugly shoes.  And let me say right now that I really cannot think of any occasion when big white athletic shoes are appropriate.  If your comfortable shoes look like any of these, it is time for a change:

White shoes (627x640)  DSC_0339 (351x640)White shoes red pants (640x547) 

These photos are are just a sample of what I saw….big white shoes were everywhere.   It is a little hard to take pictures of people’s feet without them noticing, so I was only able to get pictures of a small percentage of the offenders, but I think you get the idea.

Please note that I am not saying that you cannot wear white sneakers. But there is a way to wear them and a way not to wear them. Jennifer Anniston makes white sneakers look adorable.

Jennifer Anniston sneakers (398x640)

Here are the ones that she is often photographed in:

superga (382x382)

Superga Unisex 2750 Cotu Classic Sneaker,White,39 EU (Women’s 8 M US/Men’s 6.5 M US)

Here is a link to a blogger that I follow. Notice how cute her shoes look!

And speaking of what not to wear on your feet, PLEASE be careful how you wear hose. Most people do not wear pantyhose at all anymore, but if you do, they should be sheer and worn with a dressy closed-toe shoe. I know you would NEVER do anything like this:

Hose and sandals (640x420)

Or this:

Pantyhose and boots (462x640)

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As I told you in my last post, my main reason for publishing this blog is to help you look better if you want to look better. I would really like to inspire you. HOWEVER—

yesterday I decided to take some photos to show how to make a plain outfit look better with accessories. Great idea, and I will try again another day. But for that purpose, the photos I took did not do that. When I looked at the pictures, I realized that everything looked BLAH.

The outfits looked blah, my hair looked blah, the lighting was blah. BLAH BLAH BLAH.

When I sat down to edit the pictures and write the post, I just started feeling BLAH. How could these photos possibly inspire anyone?? It’s not that I couldn’t go out of the house wearing these clothes, it’s just that they were not out of the ordinary in any way, and were not particularly flattering.

Here is what I thought when I saw them:

I gained weight over the holidays, I need a haircut, something is wrong with my camera (true–see the line across my head), indoor shots look terrible, etc. etc. etc. 

I was going to delete all the photos and start over, but since I long ago lost any reluctance to show you bad pictures, I decided instead to publish the pictures, analyze them, and learn from them; that way you can learn along with me. You might not be inspired by a picture of a cute outfit, but you might learn some things NOT to do when trying to put one together.

I know this is very similar to the post I did called LOSERS.  I should have read that one again before I put my outfits together! Sometimes I am a slow learner.

Here goes:

What can I say? Bad, bad, bad. The color of this top is hideous, and the clingy shape and length “helps” to emphasize my chunky look.  HA Not what I was going for!

A little better, but the color is still ugly. I did tuck the shirt in and wear a belt after this, (sorry no photo) which helped, but it is still pretty blah.

Okay, WHY WHY WHY did I not take my own advice??? I had said I was NOT going to wear leggings with a tunic unless it was long. I look like I forgot to put pants on.

Same. Changing out the scarf for a necklace did not help. 😉  (This is why you take pictures. In the mirror, the tunic looked long enough.)

At least the red scarf draws attention to the top of the outfit, but I still look like I forgot my pants. And I OBVIOUSLY have no waist at all! Very true, but I try not to emphasize that.

Thanks for sticking with me. I hope you learned something. I hope I learned something!


Hello! I am back after my extended break for holiday and family time. Because of all the extra activities and extra people in my house, I have not thought very much about fashion and clothing in the past few weeks; in fact, when I was keeping three of my grandchildren this week, I wore my pajamas for almost an entire day!

During the holidays, I was so thankful that I had outfits already put together. All I had to do to find something to wear was look at photos, which was great because I did not have a lot of time to experiment.

That brings me to the topic that I want to write about today. WHY?

Why in the world would I ever even think about writing a blog, especially about fashion? Why would I add so many blog-related things to my to-do list when it is already pretty long? Why would I put my thoughts, feelings, and photos on the internet?

If you are a regular reader, or if you have read my About Me page, I hope you have figured out that my “why” is because I really want to help people who want to look better, to look better. I say that because some people, (seems like a lot of people) really do not seem to have any interest in looking better. Fine. I am not trying to convert anyone!

But there are people who really would like to look more stylish and put-together, and have no idea where to start, or are afraid to break out of their fashion rut. You are my people! I have been where you are! Maybe I am a only little farther down the road, but I truly hope that you can learn from my “victories” and my mistakes.

Maybe you have been raising families for many years, and have never taken time for yourself. Maybe you think you are too old, or too overweight, or too short, or too poor, or have no “fashion sense.”

Well, I can pretty much guarantee that I am older than most of you, I struggle with my weight, I am short, I have been poor, and my “fashion sense” has come from a lot of reading blogs and magazines, and watching television.

But I know that as a woman, I am so much happier and more confident when I feel like I look nice. I just want the same for you! 🙂

And I really do find most of my clothing for $20 or less. I don’t always tell you where I purchased an item or how much I paid for it, because truthfully, a lot of my clothing comes from clearance racks, and most likely would not available online.

Unlike many other blogs, I do not include a lot of links for you to click on. Yes, bloggers can make money by including links and by advertising, but that is not really my focus. I do not want to be a salesperson. I want to help people look better!

Since I have not yet had time to take any new pictures (okay, full disclosure…I have taken some, but they are terrible) I will leave you with some “before and after” flashbacks from 2016.

Thanks so much for reading, and for coming with me on this journey!

DSC_0016 (319x640)
DSC_0106 (261x640)


Frumpy dress, unflattering clothes
DSC_0530 (322x640)
DSC_0102 (255x640)


Several days ago, I posted that I was going out to finish my Christmas shopping. I am happy to report that I was successful in that mission! But guess what? When I was shopping for others, I could not resist the urge to shop for myself also. My goal was to photograph some nice outfits and publish a few posts before Christmas. HA

For whatever reason, the things I came home with were just not good when I saw them in the photographs.  And I hate that, because with all the extra things I have to do for the holidays, it is hard to find time to try on clothes and take pictures. Since I really didn’t have time to start over,  I decided to do a “Trial and Error” post. The things you see in this post have all been returned.

I won’t try to analyze what is wrong with these outfits, but they are just not right. I will say that I need to take my own advice and not wear leggings unless with long tunics or dresses. The camera does not lie.  😉

Maybe Santa will bring me some pretty clothes. If he does, I will get back to you after Christmas with outfits that look better than these. I know I can do better!

Happiest of holidays to all of you. I will be back soon after Christmas. 🙂

P.S.  My Facebook account was hacked, and I changed my password. Since then, my blog posts have not been showing up there, so unless you are a subscriber, you have missed a few. I will work on trying to fix that, but so far haven’t figured it out. Another little job that will have to wait until after Christmas!