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In my first post this year after taking a little blogging break, I told you that I had not thought much about fashion for several weeks. I have been doing better, but it has been hard to get back in the groove. I did have to dress every day (and night) at the conference we recently attended. It was nice to have everything planned out ahead of time, so everything I needed was in my suitcase and I didn’t have a lot of decisions to make.

I am happy to be home and back to my routine. Confession: my normal routine does not include wearing “outfits” every day.  I have gotten (somewhat) better about dressing to do errands and shopping, but in a normal week, I actually wear outfits about 4 or 5 times. My hat is off to all of you who get dressed and go to work every day. I would probably just wear black pants and a top most days! 😉

I do love putting outfits together, so I will continue to do that. Just remember that you get the good with the bad. Some are better than others.

Here is something that I wore about a week ago. Don’t really love it, but it was fine to wear one time:

DSC_0079 (213x640)
DSC_0081 (221x640)
DSC_0077 (231x640)

As always, I hope that you can benefit from my experiments, and that you are inspired to try stuff. You would be surprised what you can put together from clothes you already have, if you just start trying things on and experimenting. And as I always say, TAKE PICTURES to see what actually works.

I have a couple of trips coming up,  🙂 so you will be hearing about those soon. You know how compulsive I am about packing!

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  1. I so enjoy your blog, Susan. You seem to make 90% of what you try look good. It’s a gift, I’m sure, that shows your patience.
    I am also going to be traveling and have to admit, I’ve been thinking….”what would Susan take?” Can’t say I’ll look good, but I’m feeling better about packing.
    Take care!

    1. HaHa. The 90% made me laugh. Sometimes it seems like I try on everything in my closet before I come up with something I would actually wear out of the house. Have fun on your trip. Just plan your outfits before you go 😉

  2. Love the post, Susan, and yes, when we retire there is a knee jerk reaction to wear old jeans and baggy jumper combos (which us why I started my blog). And it comes as a surprise to most but retirement IS busy and a lot of days are filled with hard work and running around, when only old jeans and a sweater are appropriate.
    Your burgundy outfit really suits your colouring and looks so neat with the little boots. The dress is a springboard for many combos, I’m sure.
    Looking forward to your upcoming packing posts.
    Hugs, x.

  3. So comforting to hear that you don’t wear a put together outfit every day. I thought all bloggers got perfectly dressed just to stay home and do chores. Seriously, there are other bloggers out there who were making me feel guilty about jeans and a sweatshirt for cleaning the bathroom and washing the floors, you know the normal (non glamorous) things that need to get done. Thanks for the post, have a great day.

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