Hi Friends,

Today’s outfit is one I chose because I felt like I needed some color to brighten up the winter. The blue checks just made me feel happy, and the furry vest kept me warm!

Hope you are choosing outfits that look good on you 🙂

I will have to spend some time this week choosing outfits to wear to a conference in Florida. It is in north Florida, so probably won’t be really warm, but I am going to need at least two outfits a day for 4 days, plus 2 travel days.  I wish I had in mind what to take and could just go put it all in a suitcase, but that won’t happen.

I am going to have to try stuff on and make decisions. In my next post, I will show you how that works.

Thanks for reading!

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7 thoughts on “BLUE CHECKS”

  1. Hi Susan, your trip sounds exciting. How about reading your posts from after your holiday last year. Remember, you packed a completely different outfit for each day and ended up repeating core items. Identity those items and pack those or similar for this trip’s weather, with a few nightime additions. Plan for just a few pieces that mix with each other and you’ll find yourself travelling with a small carryon, a HUGE smile (of relief!) and you’ll be belle of the conference! Hope this helps. Oh and fresh outfit today, BTW.
    Hugs, x.

    1. Mary, I did learn my lesson on packing for a trip, and I will put those lessons to use when I get ready to pack for our cruise in March. BUT, packing for a conference is different. We are driving and will be in one place and I can take a large bag. And wear a different outfit for each occasion. I must. HAHAHAHA

      1. Well, it seems silly to waste a whole boot!! Enjoy.
        Incidentally, I received email notification of your comment on my latest post (thank you, it’s lovely) but it doesn’t come through on the blog. I’m not ignoring your comment, it just seems to have disappeared 🙁 and I can’t reply to it, maybe you deleted it, maybe it’s been ethered! Its a mystery and I’m scratching my head …
        Hugs, sweetie, xxx.

  2. Welcome back! The checks and vest look great on you. I’m heading to Florida in a couple of weeks and I’m struggling with what to pack. I’m anxious to see what your choices will be.

  3. The best plan for knowing about Florida weather is to look at and type in the name of the city where you are going and then click on the 10 day outlook.

    Tallahassee is not Panama City is not Tampa is not Miami. Florida varies.

    Dress in layers so you can take off what’s too warm. Expect the weather to change quickly.

    Even up here 30 miles north of Florida we have warm days and days when you need a coat.

  4. I looked at my Pinterest pins. One of my favorites has a blue checked shirt, jeans and haircalf leopard flats — and some pearls.

    Are you following the Dancing with the Stars event in your town? Gay Popham Miller’s Dad and I went to High School together. He recently retired from ‘eye doctoring’ there.

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