Hello! It has been awhile since you heard from me! My last post was December 10, 2107, and today is January 19, 2018, so that makes 38 days that you have not seen what I was wearing, or read my opinions about what you should be wearing. LOL   I hope you have missed me. I have missed you!

Today’s post is just to let you know that I am still among the living. I will tell you that I honestly don’t know how “daily fashion bloggers” do it. The thought of finding an outfit, taking a shower, doing my hair, getting dressed, doing my makeup, photographing my outfit, editing my photos, uploading photos and writing anything that makes sense, on a daily basis, seems impossible.

SO, I will never be that person, but hopefully I can get back to doing my thing once or twice a week! 🙂

Just so you know, I counted up the number of days since December 10 that I put any thought into my appearance, and here is what I came up with:

FIVE. Wow, that is sad. And that includes “Family Portrait Day”, and Christmas Eve. I am supposed to be FASHION BLOGGER who leads by example! I am supposed to find cute outfits and coordinate my shoes! I am supposed to take pictures of myself and try to improve my outfits!

But, guess what? Other stuff happens.  Priorities sometimes have to be rearranged. Family comes to town. People get sick. Grandchildren visit.

Just so you know, my life has been great for the most part…..just had to take a break. Here is the short version:

  • Prepared for the holidays
  • Did a lot of grocery shopping
  • Had all the kids and grandkids here for days
  • Had Christmas
  • Took down all Christmas decorations
  • Kept Granddaughter # 1 for over a week
  • Kept all grandchildren for several days
  • Took Granddaughter # 1 to Alabama to visit my sister
  • Had New Year’s Eve party with all the grandchildren
  • Drove three grandchildren part way home
  • Drove Granddaughter # 1 home to Florida
  • Stayed several days and helped Daughter# 2 work on new house
  • Drove home in the middle of the night
  • Slept most of the next day
  • Had a dinner party
  • Got the flu
  • Stayed in bed for over a week

And there you have it! Not much in there to get “dressed up for.” So happy to be on the other side of the flu, and thankful it was not worse. I am feeling much better, and ready to get back to looking and feeling like myself again.

I did get up and shower today and go to WalMart. An old guy told me I looked pretty, so there you go! I must not look as bad as I feel. Or the old guy couldn’t see that well. I am going for the first option. 🙂

Be back later with a cute outfit!

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5 thoughts on “KEEPING UP APPEARANCES ( or not)”

  1. I was beginning to worry about you! Was thinking to drop you a comment on an old post, but here you are and all is well again.
    Yes, blogging does take up time and life takes time too and we have to prioritise and family ALWAYS comes first. Sorry about the flu – real flu rather than a fluey cold, is debilitating. Don’t you get a flu jab each autumn?
    Looking forward to seeing your smiley face again soon. Hugs, x.

  2. Welcome back, Susan! I have missed you and I’m sure everyone else has too! Don’t worry about not being able to be an everyday blogger…I couldn’t do it either! Once or twice a week would be about my speed also. Hey, it’s not quantity that counts…it’s quality, right? Anyway, so nice to hear from you!

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