As promised, back with a little more black and gray. Before I got to this:

I started with these:

DSC_0061 (233x640)
DSC_0060 (249x640)
DSC_0059 (252x640)

I like this simple sweater for everyday wear:

So I used it in a casual, comfortable, warm outfit. Great for “running-around days” if the weather is chilly.

To conclude my “Gray Days” series, here is a recap of the outfits I tried on, and the outfits I decided were keepers. What do you think?

The NO’S:

DSC_0067 (236x640)
DSC_0066 (283x640)
DSC_0068 (291x640)
DSC_0054 (223x640)
DSC_0058 (221x640)
DSC_0057 (263x640)
DSC_0056 (237x640)
DSC_0055 (243x640)


DSC_0059 (252x640)
DSC_0070 (259x640)
DSC_0017 (237x640)


DSC_0036 (238x640)
DSC_0032 (281x640)
DSC_0063 (249x640)
DSC_0061 (250x640)
DSC_0050 (265x640)
DSC_0040 (235x640)
DSC_0083 (246x640)
DSC_0039 (248x640)
DSC_0050 (265x640)

All this gray and black has put me in the mood for some COLOR! I might just have to start working on styling my red pants.  See you next time. THANKS SO MUCH for reading!

It is beyond my pay grade to figure out how to number the outfits, but would love to hear your opinions. If you think any outfit should be moved to a different category, just do your best to describe it, and tell me what you think.

If you would like to see pictures of most of the outfits I have put together, click on the page for the category you would like to see. On a mobile device, click menu to access the pages. To comment from a phone or mobile device, scroll to the bottom of the post, and click on comments on the far right.You can also follow me on Instagram@over50under20.  And if you don’t want to miss any of my posts, don’t forget to subscribe!



5 thoughts on “GRAY DAYS 2”

  1. It’s interesting to see what you like and which you don’t among these outfits. Perhaps you could tell us what you liked least about the NO’s and what salvaged the MAYBE’s or gave them fewer points. One view doesn’t always convey what was uncomfortable or looked odd to you.

    I wondered why none of the gray dresses outfits that were keepers featured a gray sweater or vest or jacket rather than black? I liked the second gray with gray in the panel of 3 at the beginning of your post best.

    Then I wondered why you liked the pretty tri-color sweater better when you broke up it up with a vest rather than a black jacket? It looks great on its own.

    Number 3 of the second set of keepers: black tunic and long necklace. How does it compare more favorably than #4 of the first panel of NO’s? I agree that the shorter sleeve showing some skin is good but I liked the overall #4 of the NO’s (first set).

    I must come back to the burgundy sweater. I would switch it with the long black sweater #4 in that set of 4 NO’s. Maybe I am just attracted to dark red.

    I liked #2 best in the panel of 3 views of the lighter gray dress with the pretty asymmetrical collar. That belt gives the illusion of a waist without too much contrast. Did you consider a brooch on the collar?

    I look forward to seeing the next sets with color. Maybe you can talk me into a pair of red pants.

  2. Good morning. All your efforts in outfit changes are appreciated.
    The only change I would make are the first two “Maybes” should be “Keepers”. Very slimming.
    Thanks, Dawn

  3. I love a good gray and/or black outfit every now and again! In fact I am wearing gray and black right now. These colors are quite becoming on you. I especially like the lighter steelier gray on you. But you are right, lots of gray and black call for the intervention of color! But nothing wrong with going back to it later. It is always classic and it always looks good! Thanks so much for linking up with me and #SpreadingTheKindness!


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