Hello! I am still in my “gray mode.”  As I told you last time, I spent awhile trying on some variations of black and gray to see if I could come up with any keepers.

In my usual spirit of “I don’t mind humiliating myself if it helps you,” I will let you see some of my try-ons.  Where should I start? Okay, how about this total fail? I knew it probably wouldn’t work, but for some reason, I just had to try it anyway. Please don’t try this at home 😉

And here’s another baddie:

It usually takes more than a couple of bad outfits to discourage me, so I soldiered on:

For some reason, I just kept going with this dress. Here is everything I tried:

DSC_0058 (221x640)
DSC_0057 (263x640)
DSC_0056 (237x640)
DSC_0055 (243x640)

Not really a keeper in the bunch. I finally came up with one I might actually wear, but then again, probably not. I am thinking this dress is maybe not the most flattering in the world.

Sooo….I then found another gray dress in the back of my closet. I have had it for several years, and have never worn it, so thought I would see what I could do.

You know that I am not going to leave it like this. 😉  So guess what I added????


Thanks for reading. I will be back next time with a few more shades of gray. 😉

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5 thoughts on “GRAY DAYS”

  1. Susan, Susan, Susan … what are you talking about? They are ALL totally lovely and wearable outfits and the dress IS a great dress. All IMHO, of course. Perhaps the outfits need a tiny injection of pattern or texture to make you happier with them, with print scarves or pendants. I love your boots too, love the line around the knee – wish my calves could get into boots like that …
    Hugs, x.

    1. Mary, Mary, Mary…you have brought me to my senses. The dress is fine, and I will wear it. I will look for a way to add some color. Thank you 🙂

  2. Here’s my take for another Try: The burgundy wine sweater is great with gray. What it needs are those wine booties that you wore with other ‘try-ons’ in that group of 4 and that leopard belt that you haven’t brought out yet, but I know you wore it some time back. You don’t have any gray leggings or tights, do you? Silver jewelry to lighten things up?

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