After all I said about wearing bright colors, you get two posts in a row with black and white outfits!  Some weeks I just don’t have time to experiment, try stuff on, and take photos, so you will just have to see what I actually wore this week, and what I managed to snap quick photos of.

Same velvety pants from last time, but this time with a casual jacket.

I did try one thing, however. In my last post one of my readers asked about what kind of handbag I would use, so I thought I would try out my new brightly colored purse with my plain back sweater. I got the idea for a pumpkin purse from Julia, who is one of my favorite bloggers. She featured her new purse in several posts. Here is a link to the first time she showed it.


The purse is not really quite as yellow as it appears in the photo. The black sweater, by the way, is an old (very old) one, but I love the pointed hem, and wish I could find something similar in other colors.

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4 thoughts on “NO COLOR 2”

  1. Its amazing how that bright purse updates the black sweater/jeans outfit. And, like you, I love that pointed hem sweater. It looks great on you. I went through a poncho stage a couple years ago and one of the requirements was that it had a point in the front. I feel it kept it from looking like a rain poncho. LOL.

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