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I had an “away from home weekend” so today is just another simple outfit post. I wore this a couple of weeks ago on our first chilly day, which is why I had to add the sweater. I am also wearing leggings, in case you think my legs are naturally that color. 😉

DSC_0021 (277x640)
DSC_0019 (2) (272x640)

This is an “old Old Navy dress”. Here is how I wore it last year:


If nothing else, I am taking better photos than last year. 😉 Lighting and location make a difference. 🙂

After all my experimenting with the purple top and distressed jeans, I am working on some posts about color and proportion, that I hope will help you. Hope to get that out on Wednesday or Thursday. See you soon!

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6 thoughts on “OLD NAVY DRESS”

  1. Although I grew up in California, I think I was actually born to live in Connecticut. I say this because I adore plaids with every fiber of my being. I love that dress and its colors, with or without the cardigan. Just a thought, but since you are wearing leggings, have you tried experimenting with a belt, also? I realize the belt will make it shorter, but heck, give it a look see.

    1. I am with you there! I love plaids, and I love this dress. I can’t believe I have not tried it with a belt! You know I will now. Thanks!

  2. The Old Navy Dress has wonderful lines. The vertical green stripes of the plaid give great up and down lines so it looks good without contrasting jewelry or a belt.

    Now, how to continue that vertical look past the hemline? Last year’s blue leggings continued the primary blue of the dress but it stopped mid-calf, cutting your legs in half.

    I expect that you’ll have all this worked out before Thursday.

    1. There is always room for improvement. 🙂 Photos and reader don’t lie, thank goodness! Very helpful in the learning process.

      1. Totally agree with Jean. Long blue leggings would be a great look and slimming, too. Hmm, we used to call them “tights.”

        1. I think tights have feet, leggings end at the ankle. I like my ankles and feet covered so I wear tights. Have you noticed the new trend toward skirts with low booties and thin slouchy socks? Looks like women of the 1940s when nylons were rationed and elastic was scarce.

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