Hi! Yes, I am “undistressed,” thanks to you! I read all your comments from my last post, and they really made my day. I felt like my good friends came over, had a glass of wine with me, sat in my room while I tried on clothes, and gave me helpful suggestions. Normally, only my daughters will volunteer to do this, and only one of them will do it for more than 10 minutes. LOL

I am still working on the purple shirt, but I do think I did better with the ripped jeans, thanks to your help.

Jean suggested wearing them with a blazer, blue checked shirt and pearls:


I decided to try a couple more variations with the jackets:


(This was the former “beige cow shirt”)  Much better, don’t you agree?

Susan suggested that I try a lacy top:

Then I was so happy to have my inspiration back, that I kept going:

And going:

And going:

I feel much better, and now will never have to wear my “cow outfits” just to justify my ripped jeans purchase 😉  I pretty much like all of these looks, but would love to hear your thoughts. Your suggestions are SO helpful to me, and your comments always inspire me. To comment from a phone or mobile device, scroll to the bottom of the post, and click on comments on the far right.

Here’s a recap to compare the bad with the better. Thanks for the inspiration!

DSC_0021 (327x640)
DSC_0043 (286x640)
DSC_0049 (294x640)


DSC_0028 (280x640)
DSC_0030 (240x640)


DSC_0025 (297x640)
DSC_0036 (285x640)
DSC_0045 (243x640)
DSC_0028 (280x640)
DSC_0027 (307x640)
DSC_0023 (273x640)

If you would like to see pictures of most of the outfits I have put together, click on the page for the category you would like to see. On a mobile device, click menu to access the pages. To comment from a phone or mobile device, scroll to the bottom of the post, and click on comments on the far right.

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23 thoughts on “UNDISTRESSED”

  1. My favorite is the black top, gold jewelry and plain black shoes, #8 in your recap. You could wear the black boots to good effect too, when it’s colder.

    I enjoy the visits where we all chime in.

  2. I agree with Jean about the black top but would prefer silver jewelry; just my preference for cool toned skin! Also like the blue checked shirt maybe w/o the jacket? Not crazy about the white tunic, looks too big/long? I also love giving our comments….you are brave to let us do this. Anyway, you are looking good girl!!

  3. Thank you, Kay. I agree the tunic is a little too long….but it was fun to try it. And I appreciate everyone’s comments and suggestions. It is very helpful to have friends to help me evaluate my outfits!

  4. Like you, I was inspired by the distressed jean look that I saw on the blogs of woman our age. I found a pair of Miss Me Distressed jeans on sale for $12 so I bought them. Until yesterday, I only had the guts to wear the jeans at home or to my daughter’s house. But yesterday a group of us took our grandchildren to IHOP for the FREE decorate your own pancake event. I was like, IHOP, who cares? No-one goes to IHOP. I will wear the jeans as styled by Jean and Tania!! I styled them with a lightweight orange sweater and navy blazer. I still felt weird and of course saw 2 ex-coworkers and an old friend in my DISTRESSED state. LOL. But my husband LOVED them BTW!!!

    1. Hi Terrie, thanks for the fashion report! I bet you were the best-dressed person at IHOP 😉
      Glad to know you wore your jeans in public. I think sometimes “older people” think they have to dress a certain way, or think that trends don’t apply to them. We certainly don’t need to wear mini-skirts or bare our midriffs, but holey jeans? Why not? I like the idea of orange and blue. Might have to go shopping for a blue blazer.

  5. Hi Susan!
    I agree with Jean…love the black top best. Agree with you in that all the outfits are good. Also, agree with Kay about silver jewelry, although my personal preference is gold. Maybe it’s because I am brunette with a medium complexion. Also, speaking of jewelry, I was noticing all of your earrings. All cute, but those wide hoops are really YOU! I just like the way they look around your face, and by the way…they are silver! Maybe silver IS better on you…hmmm? How ’bout that? Learning while I’m typing Lol!
    Lastly, I love your scenario of all of us hanging out with you while you make outfits! It does kinda feel like that! Let’s hear it for the Internet! Yay!

    1. Thanks, Marie. And thanks for hanging out with me in my closet. 🙂 Silver hoops are definitely my go-to earrings. I just feel like myself when I wear them. I like black jackets and jeans also, and am planning to work on more jacket/jean combos.

  6. My favorite is the checked blouse
    With the black shorter jacket and black shoes.
    I haven’t made the leap for the distressed jeans yet. This made me think I might try .

  7. I think the white top I suggested looks too big on you, and now I recall the one I wear with my distressed jeans is off white. Sorry.

    1. Totally agree! And you did say off white, so I actually bought an off white lace top, and have been trying it out today. Not sure if I am going to keep it, but I love the suggestion. Maybe I will put it out there and let you all vote on it. 😉 Thanks!

  8. I much preferred the jackets to the vest. They have more structure and look better on you. I like both the off white top and the blue check top. They look great even without the jackets. The pretty lacey top is just a tad large on you. The change of shoes is great, too. They make the pants drape better around the ankle.

    1. Yeah, the vest was a definite loser! And all agree that the white top looks too large. Too bad, because it is very pretty. Thanks for reading and for commenting. I love getting all the good feedback!

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