Well, not really in distress, but this title does have a double meaning. I have been trying to style some distressed jeans. I have had them for awhile, but have just not been able to find anything that looked right with them.

After doing some Pinterest research, I figured out that I should probably go for the slouchy look.

Ditressed 4 (236x613)
Distressed 3 (309x640)
Distressed 2 (211x640)
Distressed 1 (240x640)

I have been searching the local stores for the past few weeks looking for tops that would go with the jeans, and finally kept a few, but I still don’t think I have hit it quite right.  Doesn’t mean the perfect top is not out there, and doesn’t mean I won’t wear the jeans with what I did find, but just haven’t had that “I FOUND IT” moment yet.

But since I keep you in the loop with the good, the bad, and the in-between, here is what I have so far:

DSC_0021 (327x640)
DSC_0017 (287x640)

As you can see, what I thought was the perfect slouchy top made me look like a beige cow, so I tried to fix it up.

Still trying my style copy from Pinterest, I went with gray:

Now I looked like a gray cow, so tried the same vest:

Still kind of look like a gray cow, but with a with vest on 🙂 🙂 🙂

Okay, none of these are perfect, but I got tired of trying stuff on. Another reason I am “distressed” is that I absolutely had no luck in making the purple shirt with the flowy sleeves look better; in fact, if anything, it looked worse.

DSC_0022 (275x640)
DSC_0009 (288x640)
DSC_0003 (270x640)

After seeing these photos, I realized that the color is not good on me, the neckline is not right, and the cute sleeves are not particularly flattering.   Anybody want a purple shirt?  🙂

So, I am “distressed.” Just can’t seem to make any great outfits. Ever had one of those days? OF COURSE! We all do. Just want you to know you are in good company!

I’ll be back….hopefully with a great outfit!

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18 thoughts on “IN DISTRESS”

  1. In an attempt to make ‘distressed jeans for older women’ work, I typed in that phrase and found some interesting sites. One sensible one suggested a checked or plain blue button down the front shirt and a blazer and pearls.

    Then I typed distressed jeans for older women into Pinterest and found Tania from the blog ’50 Is not Old’ dressed in, guess what? A blazer, blue checked shirt and pearls. A good leather belt and pointed toe flats completed her chic look. September 2015.

    Maybe the trick is to wear everything really classic and neat, except for the ripped jeans. I’m not going to wear ripped jeans unless a pair gets ripped by accident.

  2. Susan, Susan, Susan, purple DOES suit you and you look gorgeous in that top! My view is that the top doesn’t need a third piece, the fluted sleeves ARE the third piece! The boots leather necklace combo demonstrates that perfectly. I suggest trying the black combo without the sleeveless cardi.

    Faded is about as far as I go with distressed jeans, so I can’t be much help there.

    When I have Dressers’ Block, I revert to classics of all black or jeans, vest and cardi, just until I feel the inspo coming back. I think you’re doing great though, because my “in the doldrums” looks are unpublishable! I’d be happy to be out wearing any one of these outfits, so be proud.

    Sending you Sunday hugs, x

    1. Mary, Mary, thanks so much! I am going to get back in the fight 🙂 I WILL find a way to wear the purple shirt! I feel the inspiration starting slowly starting to rise.

  3. I’m with Mary. I think the vest is too much with the purple top. I did purchase a bell sleeve top and it looks great but it’s a real pain when trying to clean up the dishes after dinner. The sleeves are longer than your purple top. I had to corral them with rubber bands so they didn’t get soaking wet. Now that was a look!

    1. Hi Roxanne,
      One of the main reasons I liked this shirt was that the sleeves were not too long. Don’t even have to use rubber bands 😉

  4. You all have really entertained me this morning! Mary with her “dresser’s block”, Roxanne with her rubber bands on her sleeves and you, Susan with your gray cow…anybody wanna a purple shirt…I’m still laughing!! You guys were hilarious! Thanks for the chuckle!

    AND…I agree with Mary and Roxanne…You DO look really nice in the purple shirt! And I don’t see why you would need any vest or sweater with it either.

  5. I like the purple shirt and the gray top and don’t like the vest with anything. I can’t help but think of Sonny Bono, circa 1969. You don’t look like a cow without the vest, you look lovely.

    Also, the ripped jeans are not sitting well on the ankle boots. They need different shoes. But honestly, I hate ripped jeans.

  6. Whoops, didn’t finish. Is it possible you aren’t finding a top for the ripped jeans because you aren’t comfortable in them?

    1. Thanks, Anne. All excellent observations! I think I am fine with ripped jeans. I see people of all ages wearing them in my community. Maybe they are not my most flattering pair of jeans? I will keep trying before I give up. 🙂

  7. Try the purple top with the distressed jeans. I agree that nothing extra is needed with that top. Also, I think a pretty lacy type top with similar sleeves and style as the purple would look great with the jeans. No matter what, you rock!!

  8. I agree. It’s not the purple color of the top that does you injustice. It’s the fluted sleeves! We ‘fluffy’ girls do not need more attention brought to our waist area!! The flutter adds visual breadth, which I certainly don’t need! Try a purple shirt with straight sleeves. I think you’ll feel better in it.

    1. May as well try a different purple while you’re trying on. Those tops that come in ‘fig’ or ‘raisin’ are popular this season.

      I remembered this morning why I kept those knit vests that you didn’t care for. They are warm without being bulky. It’s hard to prepare for cold weather ahead of time.

  9. I know practically every age and size wears the ripped jeans but, personally, when your other jeans look so nice, slimming and complimentary, WHY would you really WANT to wear them?
    In my opinion, only the young and very slim can get away with this look and seems like such a waste of money to purchase them half worn out ….

  10. Yes, Yes, for the purple top with bell sleeves!! It complements your blonde hair and blue eyes (cool hues) and you look great in it (even with the black vest; or navy). Also agree with others to try the
    purple top with the distressed jeans. You go girl!

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