I am back after a brief absence, and today I am showing you a casual jeans outfit for warm fall weather. I was hoping to be able to show you some beautiful fall photos from our trip to Asheville, North Carolina last weekend BUT Asheville was as green as a ripe watermelon.

We had a wonderful time visiting our daughter who lives in the woods. Well, I don’t mean she actually lives in the woods, I mean she lives in a cute little house in the woods! The warm weather was perfect for spending some time outdoors even if we did not see any fall colors.

Sorry for the brief post, but had a few issues with camera and computer, so today is just “Here is an outfit.”

I do like the cute flowy sleeves, but will probably try this with something else and see if I can do better.

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5 thoughts on “PURPLE SHIRT AND JEANS”

  1. Hi Susan!
    I think the outfit is really cute! Looks like something I would wear! I like all the tops with the cute sleeves this year and there are lots to chose from! Looks like the 60’s/70’s has returned and I couldn’t be happier!

  2. You’ll have to return to Asheville soon for fall color. The purple is great, your top. I like that your sleeves are not all the way to your wrists so they don’t drag in your soup. I saw someone in a pretty top in fall colors but the sleeves ended below the wrists in a point, definitely not for dining out.

  3. Glad you had a nice time ‘in the woods’. I have to admit disliking all the new sleeves with wider cuffs. I, for one, don’t need any attention drawn to my middle! They were cute when I was 14.
    Good luck with the camera and computer.

  4. As I’ve mentioned many times you are so brave to put yourself on the internet in such a manner! My total respect still. My comment maybe would be to pair this with a slim pencil skirt……….and a belt? Lol. Just a formula that seems to be your sweet spot! Now, it’s hard to truly see the boots…..are they only like mid calf length?

    1. Thank you, Paula, and thanks for the suggestion. It is a good one! I will definitely put that on my list of things to try. The boots are short, and are just a tad more than mid calf on me…they would be shorter on most people!

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