Just like last fall, we are having Indian Summer here in the south. It was over 90 degrees yesterday!  I refuse to wear real summer clothes in the fall, so have been doing my best to find things that don’t look too summery.

I did also try this with a denim jacket, in case it ever does cool off.

FYI, I am not having much luck in finding longer vests. Several readers had suggested that I pair them with long-sleeved dresses, like this

But I have not been able to find any other colors in styles that were flattering. I ordered some on Amazon from Made By Johnny (love their cardigans) but they were too long and flowy for me, so returned them. Also am going to have to return the ones from Bedford Fair…just did not fit right. If you know where to find a nice, straight vest that is not too long and not too flowy, let me know!

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9 thoughts on “INDIAN SUMMER”

  1. Yes, still in the 90s here, too. Will this never end? Red/green bathing suits at Christmas?

    Love that top of yours. You could use it spring or fall.

    I like it when you tell us from where you ordered things.

    1. HaHa. It is reminding me of all the years we lived in Florida. I did not wear summer clothes all year round there either! And we did wear bathing suits in December sometimes, but I never saw a Christmas bathing suit. You made me laugh 🙂

  2. Lovely top, Susan, looks so versatile. Our autumn here is mostly pleasant but not sweltering. Just checked my blog to see how that compares, last year was super warm though not in the 90s, we don’t get that too often even in summer!
    Keep cool, hugs, x.

  3. Hi Susan!
    Chadwick’s has a boyfriend vest that I’ve been admiring but have not pulled the trigger on yet! Right now they are running $12.99 (right up your alley) to $44.99. I think the sale priced ones are leftover from the Summer Spring catalog and the colors look really pretty! I may have to try one myself. If I do, I will let you know.

  4. Thanks, Marie. Just checked and they were out of the colors I wanted in the petite sizes. ARGH. Looks like it would have been perfect, even though a bit out of my $20 range 😉 I might go back and order a different color because it looks perfect. So disappointed they didn’t have my size. Thanks for the tip!

  5. The vest you wanted sold out last year. Is that not the story of our wardrobe? Ramie and cotton knit vest, sold by Blair. They have it again this year but it is acrylic and priced out of range.

    I did find something that your outfit today with the jean jacket made me think might work: Blair has a jean jacket VEST in COLORS:

    The pretty colors are twill rather than denim. I ordered a Bend Over brand jacket in black twill from one of their other vendors and I am very pleased with it.

    I’m sorry the Bedford Fair vests didn’t work for you. The wider shoulder feature does look a bit odd, but it offsets my wider hips. I plan to wear mine with the same color long sleeved tees underneath, so I think they’ll work.

    Also, check out Macy’s. The best choices are too pricey but they’ll come down as winter approaches. Macy’s has great sales.

  6. Those twill vests are pretty cute and stylish, too. Good find. Some knit vests can be a bit “old ladyish”. (Okay, we are old ladies, but, you know……) 😀

    I also adore Macy’s. One of my top go to stores.

  7. Sunday– it’s a little cooler.

    Two more things before we leave the subject of vests:

    I used to read a blog by a MN plus-size model, Sara Bartlett. She sometimes modeled for a chain store called Christopher and Banks. There’s a mail-order section. I haven’t ordered from them but they have a variety of vests I am looking at.

    On another blog I read a tutorial for turning a jacket or coat into a vest by cutting off the sleeves leaving just enough material to face the armhole. You wouldn’t even need sewing skills to use that fabric glue stuff to secure the facing. I wore a ‘new vest’ this morning fashioned from a faux suede jacket that I never wore because of the too-long sleeves which are no more.

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