Hello….short post today. I am still working on styling all my dresses that are similar to these:


I am actually thinking about taking at least one back. (But not either of these)  You will find out!

In the meantime, Jean suggested maybe wearing something underneath the dress, and maybe a long vest to disguise my middle, so I have been on the hunt for a long vest. Not easy to find when you are short. All the ones I tried were longer than the dresses and looked ridiculous. Again,if I find something I will show you my experiments and let you help me decide.

My outfit today is just another “trying to look like it is fall, when it is still hot” look.  And I don’t ALWAYS wear a sweater, but what the heck. Lots of cute tops are sleeveless and sometimes they are cut weird (like this one) so that you would have to wear a strapless bra. HA  Not doing that for sure. So cardigan it is!

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12 thoughts on “BROWN SWEATER”

  1. It is STILL 100 degrees every day here and it’s almost October. Can try sweaters on but not wear them outside yet. But I did buy some with patterns and now I have to figure out what tops to wear them with……should the thermometer ever drop.

    I quite like the chocolate brown cardigan you’re wearing. Your sweater stash must have a bedroom of its own. ;D

  2. Like your funky casual look to style this pretty top. With you on the bra issues though we did notice in Denmark last year that ladies wear what they want and show their bra straps. Don’t know if I’m quite there yet …
    I had to work out what you meant by long vest then realised that’s our long waistcoat or sleeveless jacket. But why would you want to cover your middle? You have a beautiful figure and have no need for camouflage, unlike me!
    Hugs, x.

    1. Mary, I just can’t go there. I will always remember my mother telling me not to let my underwear show. And yes, I need to disguise my midsection. Go back and look at some of my try-ons. I work hard to make it look like I am slimmer than I am!

  3. Hi Susan!
    Nice outfit! I like how the V neck of your top goes with the V neck of the sweater, which I have come to believe is important (due to personal experience). In the past, I was just trying to match colors and wondered why the outfit didn’t “speak to me”. Then I realized the necklines seem to fight with each other! Anyway, I really like your whole outfit! We have a nice Autumn day today in Delaware but temps are going to go to 80 again in a few days. Thinking of breaking out a sweater today myself!

    1. Main reason I like blogging….I learn so much from my readers. Filing the “no fighting necklines” rule in my fashion brain. Thanks, Marie!

  4. ‘Long’ vests should have been phrased as ‘vests below the waist’ — we can’t wear those that are longer than our dress.

    I’ll try to link to a good assortment. The family of Orchard Brands has an assortment of vendors, you can see the list across the top of the page. I ordered vests from Bedford Fair last week and from Norm Thompson and Tog Shop last year. They have great sales with good discounts, if you are patient.

  5. Thanks for the link! I did check, but the only one that looked promising only had spring colors. I’ll keep searching!

    1. Forgot to mention before what a luscious color your brown sweater is. I forget sometimes that you have a different color way than I.

      Here’s my vest on order in Black and Red:

      This is the review that sold me:
      lee1148 from Lake Saint Louis Mo Age:65 to 74
      Quality 5 / 5
      “The fit of this vest is great and I love the shape of the shoulders. The weight is a little lighter than I thought, but I like it. The length hits around the hip area and not too long like so many other vests I’ve seen. I think it is a little too pricey though.”

      She must have paid full price. I paid the sale price and got 30% off that and free shipping.

  6. Thanks again. I ordered red and purple, on sale of course, and with eBates, I got $.99 shipping and 2.5% back. I will let you know how they work!

    1. My red vest and black vest are here. I am pleased with them and the black denim jean jacket that I caved and bought.

      Interesting, the red has a BFA label, made in the USA. The black is Bedford Fair, made in China. The red is a couple inches longer than the black but the knit and the construction are pretty much the same.

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