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As promised, today I am showing you vacation photos, so if you are looking for outfits, you can skip this one. Just letting you know….when I am on vacation, I do not spend much time worrying about how I look. I spend some time beforehand planning what to wear, and just let the chips fall where they may during the trip. I just get dressed and go with it….the point is to have fun, not to pose for blog pictures, so what you see is what you get.

We had so much fun! If you have never been to San Antonio, I highly recommend it for a long-weekend getaway. The trip could not have been better.

We stayed at the historic Menger Hotel in downtown San Antonio. So beautiful:

Our room actually overlooked the Alamo:

We took a little boat ride on the river and of course had dinner along the Riverwalk:


IMG_4655 (480x640)
IMG_4649 (640x640)
IMG_4648 (640x640)

Visited the Alamo of course:

and must say, had the best barbecue I have ever eaten when we hopped off the hop-on-hop-off bus at Augie’s:

Did some shopping at the Mercado:

And later that evening enjoyed a spooky ghost tour, but thankfully, did not see any ghosts:

IMG_4665 (480x640)
IMG_4709 (480x640)

We are big fans of Gray Line tours, so we signed up for one that went to the boyhood home of Lyndon Johnson, LBJ’s Ranch and the Hill Country. Here we are at LBJ’s boyhood home:

The Texas White House has been restored to its 1963 version, so it was like walking back into history:

The tour also included a stop at the “town” of Luckenbach, which is no longer a town, but has the basics (a bar and a music venue LOL):

IMG_4772 (480x640)
IMG_4777 (480x640)
IMG_4776 (480x640)


Finished off the evening with another dinner on the River Walk and a visit to the San Fernando Cathedral, where there is a free spectacular light show:

IMG_4831 (480x640)
IMG_4839 (480x640)
IMG_4840 (480x640)
IMG_4835 (480x640)

So, there you have it! Our little weekend trip was a huge success, and a great time was had by all. As usual, I learned so much. You can ask me anything about the Alamo or LBJ or the history of Texas…and I will understand your question. HAHA  But seriously, I do feel like I know a little more about those subjects than I did before I went, because basically I knew nothing, except that there was a battle at the Alamo.

Thanks for looking at my vacation photos. Again, I highly recommend San Antonio if you are looking for a fun place to go.

See you next time!

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13 thoughts on “REMEMBER THE ALAMO”

  1. Looks like you all had a wonderful time and you packed a lot into the weekend. It was a treat to meet your handsome hubby. It’s nice to let them out from behind the camera occasionally, eh!! That church light display was amazing as was the view from your hotel room, looks quite a place. And although you down-played your outfits, you looked stunning in them all and especially in the glam outfit at the top of the post. Hugs, x.

    1. It was a great trip, and I was very selective about the photos I published 😉 By the way, I wish I could get my husband behind a camera, but my photographer is a tripod and remote. And my camera needs repair, so I have to edit out a line across the bottom of each picture 🙁
      I enjoyed just using the iPhone on the trip, and it was nice to have friends along to snap a few photos of us.

  2. Wow, nice trip! I didn’t know that there was other things to do and see there besides the Alamo itself. Looks like a nice place!

  3. Oh, what a trip. This is my territory from So. Tx. My husband always wants to go check out the Alamo (history buff) but we do manage to check out other venues such as “The Historic Pearl”, the old
    Pearl Brewery which has been renovated into a hotel, restaurants, etc. While at the Mercado you missed eating at the mexican rest. which is decorated year round with colorful christmas trees!! Yes, there are many things to do and see in and around S.A. (other Missions also). Love your chic black dress photo!!

    1. We loved your territory, Marie. We were not there long enough to do all the things we wanted…really hated missing the Pearl and the missions. We did do The Texas Experience at the mall, which was really great for learning about the history of San Antonio and the Alamo.

  4. What great pictures! I was born at Nix Hospital across the alley from the Alamo, and haven’t been back in about 18 years. Thanks for sharing your adventure!

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