This is a short post because as you are reading this, I am on vacation with husband and friends in San Antonio. More on that later. Today I am showing you a perfect dress for warm fall weather. You might not have kept this dress if you tried it on and it looked like this, but I did 😉

And guess what? I added a belt and a sweater. HAHAHA  I know I do this a lot, but it pretty much works for me. Seeing the pictures makes me think the belt made it a little too short, but I will see if I can fix that next time I wear it.

Thanks for stopping by! Be back soon with some travel tales.

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11 thoughts on “FALL DRESS”

  1. Oh my gosh, Susan…you’re right! I wouldn’t have kept the dress on it’s own merits! But I absolutely love the belt and sweater and sandals with it! I never wear a belt because I am thick waisted but if I had a sweater over it, who would know, right? Maybe I should give it a try…Plus I really like the colors!

    1. Marie, as you can see, I am also thick-waisted. I would never wear a belt to emphasize my waist or hold up my pants–haha. I wear a belt to give me a fake waist that is wherever I decide to put it. The trick is you have to wear something over it. Give it a try!

  2. I’m so impressed by your use of sweaters as a slimming agent that I just spent half an hour on my beloved Macy’s website picking out sweaters. I chose lightweight cardigans mostly, and I now have 12 in my shopping bag. Of course I’m not going to order 12, I’ll just keep thinking about them and slowly eliminate the ones I’m not in love with. It’s easy to order a couple of items I’m not completely sure about as there is a Macy’s 20 minutes away and returns are easy.

    1. Anne, that is a great way to shop. I do it all the time. Don’t forget to order more than one size to try on. You never know which size will be the most flattering, and I don’t want you to get discouraged and think a cardigan does not work, when it probably would if it were the right size. Also remember that if the sweater is too long or too short, it might not work either, so you might need to try a different brand. Once I find a brand that is a perfect fit and the right length, I usually get several colors.

  3. Gosh, you’re right! If I had tried it on and it looked like a bag I would have run away. Even though I would most likely had topped it with a sweater or jacket and maybe even tried the belt. What a difference a few tweaks make. Have a nice vacation! I’m jealous! Julia

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