Today I am continuing my series on styling denim jackets. Some of you commented that you did not think you could wear a jean jacket and that you had given up trying. I hope that after reading my last post, you have started to rethink that.

Here is what I am picturing what you look like when you try on a jacket:

If you look at all like me in this photo, you take your jacket and run to Goodwill. There is nothing at all flattering about this look! But wait! I want you to learn to try things and experiment a little. With just a little tweaking, this outfit turns into this:

DSC_0173 (241x640)
DSC_0170 (321x640)
DSC_0178 (297x640)

I had already followed two of the rules when I purchased the jacket:

  • Not baggy
  • Right proportions

I followed up by applying the other two rules:

  • Roll up the sleeves
  • Don’t button

I then added some accessories, a belt to give me a fake waist, and some cute boots. Good to go!

The other point I want to make in this post is that you can wear denim on denim, but it looks much better if you pair light with dark. As you can see in the middle picture, it is too much to have the same shade of denim on top and bottom.

Hope you are learning along with me. More to come.

5 thoughts on “DENIM JACKETS 2”

  1. Ooooooh, that looks really cute on you! I like the whole outfit! Makes me want to buy a denim jacket. I used to have one years ago, then I just forgot about it…nowadays it doesn’t fit So, maybe I’ll try it again and see if I can pull it off! Thanks, Susan!

  2. You look so cute with the boots and the belt, like you’re ready to lift a couple of Lone Star beers and dance with the cute cowboys. Takes me back to my younger days. 😀

    Over the last two days I have done a major purge of my closet. A huge portion going to a local shelter and what isn’t appropriate for the shelter going to a charity shop that supports a food bank.

    Now I’m ready for fall shopping. A win-win for everybody.

    1. Funny that you are all mentioning cowboys. We are going to San Antonio next weekend 😉
      But it is supposed to be 97 degrees so probably won’t be wearing a jacket or jeans.

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