In my last post, I showed you a dress that I had bought against the advice of my husband. In this post, I am showing the you results of my attempt to “fix it.” I would not say that the attempt was 100% successful; I should have listened to my husband 😉

In case you have forgotten, this is what I posted before:

And here are my experiments:

Ugh! Just posting so you will realize it’s okay to try stuff!

DSC_0028 - Copy (290x640)
DSC_0008 (337x640)
DSC_0004 (363x640)
DSC_0012 (309x640)
DSC_0016 (297x640)
DSC_0011 (341x640)

I guess some are better than the orange-and-black combo, but guess what? I just don’t like this dress, and don’t think it does anything for me. So, my husband was right. Maybe next time I will listen.

Thanks for hanging in there with me as I try to figure out ways to dress better!

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23 thoughts on “IN BLACK AND WHITE”

  1. Good morning, Susan! I just have to say that you have so much energy and such a positive spirit! I really appreciate your posts, whether the outfits are a hit or a miss, you bring a smile to your readers! Have a great day!

    1. Oh Marie, thank you so much! I do have some “misses” and I like sharing them in the hopes that my readers can learn what not to do. SO happy to know that I made someone smile 🙂

  2. I think the dress looks very nice with the short, waist length black jacket! Susan, you can make a burlap sack look great!!!

  3. I also appreciate the extra mile you go to do these posts. My suggestion—maybe try it with a longer duster length sweater/coat/ etc? I love analyzing these things. Maybe black isn’t your color? it’s neckline is hurting my eye too! Lol what material is it made out of? This is such a good visual lesson for ladies. Models who are 5’10” and 125 pounds make everything look good, it’s comforting to see other body sizes dressed stylishly.

    1. Hi Paula, I think #2 is kind of what you are suggesting, but it didn’t help much! The material is a soft knit. And the funny thing is, I bought it because I thought the neckline was flattering 😉 I am hoping you are all learning from my mistakes. And I hope I am too!

  4. I like both the shorter black jacket and especially the long black sweater with the dress.
    But the interesting part is that we probably all have our closets stuffed with “misses” but we pass over them when we’re looking for something to wear. I say, if you can afford it, dump those “misses”. There is no point in ever wearing something you are iffy about, and in the long run you’ll feel better about the clothes you have left.
    My constant motto is, PURGE! 😀

    1. Oh Anne, I am in 100% agreement with you. I am good about passing my mistakes on to others…and the funny thing is that sometimes the mistakes look great on someone else. My daughters have benefited greatly! The main reason I don’t like to pay more than $20 for something is so that I won’t feel guilty when it leaves. If I wear it a couple of times, I feel like I have gotten my money’s worth. And I have realized that if I am iffy about an item of clothing, I will not wear it, so someone else might as well be getting some use out of it. Thanks for the insightful comments!

  5. And while we’re at it, I would like to ask Susan and the rest of you girls what you think about those denim jackets. In the catalogs they are absolutely adorable and I have fallen in love with about three different colors of them over the last few years and ordered them. They look so chic on the models.

    But as soon as I get one on I feel like a solid block of old lady right in the middle of my body. Being over 50 (ahem) my middle is no longer svelte, ha, like it ever was. But I find I need to wear a princess seam jacket or something that goes “in” at the middle or I look like a 50 lb. bag of potatoes. I have ended up giving away my denim jackets with very little wear.

    What say you ladies? What has been your experience?

    1. So funny you should ask this! I have been trying on denim jacket outfits all morning. Just bought a new one yesterday because I have given away every one I have bought for the same reasons you mention. I will post results in a week or two. I am determined to make this work! 😉

    2. I agree, Anne. I have two jeans jackets (different styles) and yet actually putting them on makes me feel like a linebacker. Not pretty.

  6. I’ve filled many online shopping baskets with denim jackets only to delete at the last minute. I do have a denim blazer and I remind myself of that when I am about to add another denim piece.

  7. Beyond the funky collar it seems like a nice dress. The print can be accented with lots of different colors. Have you considered taking it to a seamstress and altering the collar?

    1. Robin, if I really loved the dress, I might consider trying to alter it, but overall, it is just not something that I am ever going to wear again. I have better things in my closet….and for sure there are better things just waiting for me in an inexpensive store 😉

  8. Just had to get in on the discussion!! I like the black hip lenght jacket/sweater best, proportion
    wise. Howver, maybe the dress print is too large and/or too busy?? Also, I think the cowl neck
    wasn’t meant to be worn with a jacket or sweater & that’s why it looks rather strange?
    Bring on the denim jacket for next subject!!

    1. Hi Sue, did not think about leggings, but I think this dress will soon belong to someone else. Just don’t think it is worth putting any more time and effort into.

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