How well do you take advice? How well do I? This post is about how I should have listened to my husband. He is a straight-shooter, and as much as I hate to say it, is usually right about most things.

At the beginning of the summer, we were shopping together (a rare thing!) because we found a store that we both loved–Alexander’s Store in Blairsville, GA. I mean, this store has everything—furniture, shoes, clothes, guns, and much more. Because there was such a good selection of women’s clothing and shoes, we were in the store for several hours, and since my husband had long since finished his browsing, I convinced him to sit outside the dressing room and evaluate my try-ons.

I was looking for a dress to wear to my birthday party. Several dresses had made the cut, so I asked for an opinion. I really loved this one, and for some reason, when I saw it in the dressing room mirror, I thought it looked great:

My husband told me that it “made me look wide.” Yup. It does. But did I listen? Oh no, I believed the lying mirror and bought the dress. Of course, it doesn’t help matters that I paired it with an orange purse so that now it looks like a Halloween costume. Oh well. Maybe I can “fix it up.” If I have any luck with that I will post.

The featured photo is the one of the dress I bought for my birthday, which he said looked great. Maybe I should take him shopping with me more often!

DSC_0002 (265x640)
DSC_0027 (292x640)
DSC_0028 - Copy (290x640)

Bottom line, it is probably a good thing to listen to advice. Husbands and cameras do not lie, but dressing room mirrors do! 🙂

By the way both dresses and both pairs of shoes came from Alexander’s. It is a great store!

Many thanks to all of you who voted YES or NO to the white sandals. The yeses won by a relative landslide, so I will at least keep them until next summer…maybe I will find some I like better in the meantime. I am thinking white shoes will be on super sale right about now! And you know I don’t want to pay much.  😉

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9 thoughts on “TAKING ADVICE”

  1. Another man with fashion views! Know what you mean, though, shops do often instal “thin’ mirrors. I have one at home. Fortunately I don’t use it too much as it’s in a different part of the house to my usual stomping ground.
    I expect the dress in question is made of firmer fabric and has a mind of its own. As presumably you can’t return it, try it with a cardi or jacket to soften the “wideness”. I fear if the fabric is firm it won’t belt well.
    These days I focus hugely on fabric hang when shopping. It can make or break a garment, for it has to hang well to be flattering.
    So you’re keeping the white shoes, may I ask why you’re looking for more when this pair have caused you such angst? Just thinking of your purse/wallet, you understand!

  2. Try the dress with a cardigan? While it is a cute dress, I would agree that is probably not the best look on you. I have a love/hate relationship with dressing room mirrors that make you look “skinny”.

  3. Susan, I have to tell you that I love clothes and my husband is a target shooter, so we would have adored that store. The only store we could both have shopped in.

    We live in So. Cal. and this last spring we made a road trip through the south. But we didn’t know about Alexander’s.

    So now we’ll have to go back. 😀

    1. Hi Anne, sorry you didn’t make it to Alexander’s when you came south. Let me know if you come back, and I will go with you!

      1. Girlfriend, I could come out of a coma to clothes shop!

        By the way, I have a great idea for a blog post. You should tell us your favorite department stores, catalogs and outlets in which you shop. Where, and how, you get your best sales. And then the readers can share ours. 😀

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