Dear readers, you did such a good job on helping me decide what to wear with my striped top. Thank you! Today I am asking for help (in the shoe department) on what to wear with another striped top. I am going to wear this pretty summer sweater with white pants or a white skirt, but can’t decide on the shoes. The only ones I am eliminating are the flat white sandals, because they are going to Goodwill. They did not look good in my earlier post, and they don’t look good now. Luckily they were very inexpensive, so I don’t feel too bad about passing them on, but really never should have bought them. At the time, I thought they would replace a pair of white Clark’s flip flops that I gave to my daughter for a beach trip, but no. They will not look good with anything.

So, once again, please vote for your favorite shoes, and those are the ones I will wear. Have to hurry, because Labor Day is approaching fast!  LOL





DSC_0039 (309x640)
DSC_0037 (291x640)
DSC_0036 (300x640)
DSC_0033 (286x640)

And the automatic loser:

Thanks for your help! After looking at all the photos, I have a definite favorite in mind. It will be interesting to see if you agree with me. 🙂

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37 thoughts on “BLUE’S SHOES”

  1. Well, you are making things difficult for us. I’d love to see you in #2-4. Each great, each pair of shoes looks right and has purpose within the outfit. You’re lucky to have such great choices. The top is yummy, just the right length and silhouette and a very pretty blue. As much as I like the nudes and white, I’d say if you have blue shoes that match the top so perfectly, don’t miss the opportunity!

  2. The nude sandals, definitely! They elongate your legs, and your eyes aren’t immediately drawn to them like the others. The blue are nice, but I think the nude wins out. Very cute – and flattering – outfit!

  3. I’m torn between blue, cleverest, and white, crispest. The nude is too safe when you have such cute alternatives. I adore coral, but they didn’t do anything for me with this outfit.

  4. I like the white. It always looks crisp and summery. In second place I like the corral for that pop of color. For some reason the blue looks too matchy-matchy to me. Which ones do you like best?

  5. I’ve really been converted to the nude shoe look — especially for us petites. It eliminates the horizontal breaks. So, although this opinion is newly-formed (LOL), I prefer the nude. But those blue ones are sooooooo adorable.

  6. I love the blue. Its not often you can match a shoe so nicely with a top. It really jumped out at me. Nude is fine but to me it’s just there-safe but not wow! Love the top! Ok, let us know what you pick!

  7. I vote for the nude shoe. They do elongate the leg. The white isn’t bad either as it carries the slack color down . The blue chops you into segments. And the coral……forget it, tooo much going on.

  8. Thanks for joining the Top of the World Style linkup party with your post. I love the look with the blue shoes the best. they are all great, and the white ones elongate your legs, but somehow I lij=ke the repetition of the blue.

  9. I think I like the nude sandals best with the outfit, although I have to say I first thought how much I loved the blue, and then the same as I scrolled down to the white, but I think the nude are the best. The coral shoes are very cute but not with this outfit. Love your style!

  10. The white elongates the leg, giving you a very lean and classic look. The nude shoe is definitely a very close second. And the blue for fun.

  11. I like all of them, but the white ones are my fav! They just scream summer and while not wear therefor Labor Day.
    Thanks for linking go with Weekend Wear


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