Around here, everyone has gone back to school. That makes it seem like summer is over, but it most definitely is not! It is still hot, and will be for some time, so I am taking every chance to wear white before my fashion conscience tells me that it is after Labor Day.

Today’s dress is another one that was ridiculously inexpensive. I don’t remember where I bought it, but I do remember that it cost less than $10.00–which means that even if I never wear it again, it was well worth the money.

I haven’t talked about price in awhile, but I hope you remember that I don’t like to pay more than $20 for any item of clothing. I am not saying that I don’t, but I am saying that I don’t like to, and most of my clothes fall into that category.

I am telling you this because some fashion bloggers give the impression that you must spend a lot of money to look fashionable. I don’t believe that…yes, you might pay a lot more for a dress than I do, but that does not necessarily mean it looks better.

I will say that if you are working every day, you probably do want to have some quality pieces that hold up well; however, paying a lot for something does not guarantee that. I have worn some very inexpensive items for years, and have had to throw out some things that I paid a lot for after a few wearings.

A few years ago I changed my philosophy to buy more inexpensive items, rather than fewer expensive items. It has worked well for me, because I get tired of most clothing after a few wears, and then I don’t feel guilty for recycling–and my daughters (and Goodwill) benefit. 🙂

Here is another version of the dress:

Aren’t the shoes the cutest? They are Crocs and so comfortable. They were more than $20—I am not always cheap 😉

And thanks so much to all my readers who commented on my striped top outfit! Your comments were right on the money….the white shoes and the mint green pants are NO GO’s…I 100% agree. Most of you liked the red pants, and suggested I wear them with red shoes, so I will wear these pants and change out the shoes for red ones. The blue pants were also a reader favorite, so I will wear those the next time I wear the top.Thanks!

I’ll be back soon with some more white. August is going fast!

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9 thoughts on “AUGUST WHITE”

  1. Super dress, Susan, it puts me in mind of one I had in my teens – a good cut and fabric endure the decades and fashion, so that was an amazing find. Love it with nudes and love it with the cute stripey sandals, it’s a win win. And so pleased red and blue trousers came out as winners!

  2. I avoid white pants like the plague, because I never know what color or style shoes to wear that won’t make my size 7 shoes look enormous. Your dress and shoes look great! Love your blog, Susan. Still can’t copy your finds, but love seeing them! 🙂

    1. What?? White pants are the best thing about summer! Almost any shoes go with them. And size 7 is too small to ever look enormous. Try some nude shoes…I will be doing a post about that soon.

    2. My brother from an offhand remark that our mother made when he was ‘all hands and feet’ entering adolescence thought he had BIG FEET until he joined the Navy and learned that a man’s size 8 was not a big shoe. The only big shoes that I’ve seen are someone’s white running shoes that Susan shows as a bad example.

  3. Totally LOVE the white dress!! When you become tired of it, I’ll gladly purchase it from you and will pay you more than $10!!!!

  4. Adore the dress and the striped sandals are fabulous. I was so happy when you said you tired of an article of clothing after a few wearings. I feel exactly the same way, but my friends and my cleaning lady sure do benefit.

    All of you fashionistas should be checking your favorite stores right now because clothes are on sale like crazy, especially online. Of course lots of them are summery, but I passed up the sleeveless stuff and ordered short and medium length sleeve. Where I live that can take me throughout the year, especially with a light jacket.

    And as for the lady with the size 7 shoe, what are you thinking? That is tiny, and even if it wasn’t, embrace your beautiful self. I wear an 8 1/2 and my size 10 1/2 friend is envious. Who cares what size you wear. No one ever looks at her feet and thinks they are enormous. I love this blog because it’s for REAL women over 50.

    1. Thanks, Anne. Hope to check out some online sales soon. I am glad to have a real reader like you, who wants to read about a real woman like me 😉

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