Today I am showing you a new (very inexpensive) top. I love the fact that it has so many colors! It is hard to decide what to wear with it. I tried it on with several different bottoms and shoes. Which one do you like best? Are there any you don’t like? Would you change up the shoes on any of these? I need to know what you think.


So dear readers, give it your best shot. What bottom and what shoes? If 3 of you agree, I will wear it that way to my next casual summer event   😉   Thanks!

If  you would like to see pictures of most of the outfits I have put together, click on the page for the category you would like to see. On a mobile device, click menu to access the pages. You can also follow me on Instagram@over50under20.

22 thoughts on “SUMMER STRIPES”

  1. I like the red pants and blue shoes AND/OR the black skirt and black sandals. Not crazy about the other choices, although if the red shoes are the same color as the red pants, I’d like them with the red pants, too.
    Great outfits!!

  2. First of all, that top is so pretty and it fits you perfectly and is slimming, too! I’m with Peggy…the periwinkle slacks and shoes or the red slacks!

  3. 1. Blue shorts – In my opinion its the best match for the top.
    2. Black skirt — This outfit looks youthful to me.
    3. Red pants — But I would suggest neutral or Red shoes (but perhaps I’ve been reading too many fashion blogs recommending matching shoes/pants — especially for those of us who are petite.)

    PS — The top was a great find! It is very flattering with your hair/complexion.

  4. The blue pants and blue shoes are my fav, because the blue stripes stand out most clearly when you glance at the shirt because of where they fall and their width.

    Second choice is the blue shorts if you’re going somewhere outside in the heat. The white sandals look cool and summery.

    Third choice, red pants if you change to red shoes. Again, the red stripe is a prominent stripe.

  5. Great find! I generally shy away from horizontal stripes but seeing how good you look, it’s time for me to reconsider. I’m with the majority red or periwinkle are my favorites.

  6. I like the red pants and the black skirt best. Great top! The only thing I was not so crazy about was the white sandals with the blue shorts.

  7. You look great and I like ALL the combinations, truly, there is not one you don’t look terrific in. LOVE the top, what a find, goes with any color combo.

  8. Absolutely love outfit #1….with the red pants and pretty blue flats! The bright color striped top looks so cheerful! ( please ditch those white sandals)

  9. Cute and colorful top. Yes to the red pants (with red shoes); absolute favorite is periwinkle blue pants with the blue shoes. Not too crazy about the other choices 😉 What about white pants with blue or red shoes for a pop of color ? Agree with Susan about the white sandals.

  10. Red pants and red shoes also blue pants and blue shoes. The mint green pants are my least favorite. You did pick an awesome top and it looks great on you!

  11. Looking gorgeous, Susan! What a fabulous top and so versatile, as you are proving on this post. Lucky you to have so many pretty coloured bottoms that fit with this top, and trousers with such great cuts, to boot. I was definitely in the red trousers camp as I scrolled until I got to the very end and saw the cornflower blue trousers. And now I can’t choose between the two!
    Mary, xx.

  12. I adore stripped tops. I finally had to put a moratorium on buying any more for the summer. I live in the So. Cal. desert so not only would I not be wearing a long sleeve at this time of year, but not even short sleeve. It’s all sleeveless for now. But on to business. My favorites were the red pants and the shorts. But honestly, I think you should wear YOUR favorite.

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