Hello friends.  I am back after taking a little break to host my annual Cousin Camp. If you don’t know what Cousin Camp is, you can read about it in the post from last year.

Cousin Camp is one of my favorite weeks of the year. It is exhausting, but so much fun. This year I had seven children, ages 3 to 10 at my house from Wednesday through Saturday; actually they were here until Sunday afternoon because most of the parents ( who are my children,nieces,and nephews) came on Sunday for a family reunion and took their kids home with them when they left….except for two, who will be here for two more weeks. 🙂

How can I describe this experience to you? It is full of love and laughter, and crafts and games, water balloons, and field trips. It is full of chicken nuggets and peanut butter sandwiches…not one vegetable crosses anyone’s lips, unless you count the tomatoes in the spaghetti sauce. It is noisy, it is messy. Kids get homesick sometimes. There are little spats here and there. Paint is spilled. Juice is spilled. Cereal is spilled. We have “pool baths” and popcorn picnics.

Kids dress themselves, and the only requirement is that you have to wear shoes if we leave the house.

The theme this year was Animal Kingdom, so I thought it would be a good idea to go to the zoo one day. Here is what that entailed:

  • Had to hire a college student to help drive since my car will no longer hold all the kids
  • Left later than we planned, because we could not find everyone’s shoes, even though they were all supposed to be in a pile by the door

  • Got stuck in a super heavy traffic, which made the less-than-one-hour drive almost a two-hour drive
  • Got stopped by the longest, slowest train ever after we got off the interstate
  • Could not find a place to park when we got there
  • Finally figured out there was another parking lot a few blocks away, with  a “shortcut” to the zoo
  • Every day-camper in the city  was at the zoo
  • Every mom with multiple children was at the zoo
  • One child wet her pants on the way down….I had not packed any changes of clothing
  • One child had a nose bleed as soon as we got there, and had to sit in first-aid for twenty minutes
  • The child with the wet pants was tricked into wearing a clean “pull-up” which was actually a diaper from the gift shop
  • Everyone was starving, so I spent $80 on hot dogs and french fries
  • The starving children ate about $5 worth of food and the rest went in the trash
  • It was 98 degrees in the shade
  • We split into 3 groups, and I had the youngest kids, so I let them ride the carousel (@$3 a pop) since there were only two of them
  • They ratted me out and told everyone else as soon as they saw them, so I shelled out another $15 for a 2-minute carousel ride
  • Kids did not notice any problems and had a great time 🙂

After going to the zoo, we used my extensive Beanie Baby collection from back in the day to classify animals, and later play zookeeper:

You will notice that I got smart and had all the activities in the basement. Oh yes, and all the meals too. Easy to hose down!

Besides zoo day, we had museum day, and a day of crafts and games, plus 2 other half days, so you can see why I need a 6 day nap.

My featured photo looks nothing like what I looked like this week, but don’t want to scare you with what I really looked like. My helper did take one picture of me, but I looked like a 90 year old bag lady who hadn’t showered for days, so you will not be seeing that on on the internet. HAHA

Thanks for reading, and I’ll be back soon with more of my usual fashion experimenting.

18 thoughts on “A GREAT WEEK”

  1. Oh my goodness that had me LOL literally. I have (often) my 4 yo granddaughter and 7 yo grandson and occasionally DH’s 3 yo granddaughter as well. Need I say more? Spilt Legos, stuffed animals, naked dolls, popcorn on the rug, juice spilled, tattle telling, bubble baths and warm hugs. And I love ALL of it. Although I am later exhausted and it takes me days to recuperate.

    Today I briefly had 7 yo grandson who is in a mischievous phase (interpret that how you will) and 4 yo granddaughter. He went to a MLB game with both grandpas and I had 4 yo to myself. We went shopping for Barbie clothes at Walmart! I spent $15 dollars to clothe a plastic doll and $13 to buy her a best friend and a little sister! Oh well, it was a fun day! I totally get you !

  2. Ok, you two…I am worn out just reading about it! My 4 grandchildren are a bit older now…range from 6 to 16…not as exhausting! But 7 kids together for a week? Yikes!

  3. This was the most honest depiction of a grandchildren gathering I have ever read. Most bloggers would have made it sound like they rode to the zoo on unicorns and then ate free rosebuds. I loved it.

    Can’t wait for more clothes blogging as I just discovered your blog. And I love the colors in today’s picture.

  4. You are amazing! How lucky your grandkids (and kids) are to have such a loving, clever, selfless grandmother!!! It sounds wonderful, Susan! What fun! I dare say these will be the times most remembered when your grandkids are our age. ❤️

  5. NOW I know what Cousin Camp is, I love the idea and it is amazing, as are you, Granny if the Year! I have my two grandchildren a few hours a week usually, then for two days weekly during school holidays. Plus the occasional sleepovers. I absolutely love it. Never had them for a week and only a couple of times with other children.. So you have my absolutely respect, Susan, you are a wonder woman!

    1. Not a wonder woman at all. Just doing what I love, and only once a year! My closest grandchildren live four hours from me, so always envy those grandparents like you who get to see their little ones every week.

  6. The print of your tunic is so interesting. I like the belt like embellishment. Thanks for linking up to the Top of the World Style linkup party.

  7. Oh fun! I know, it was super-hard but you are making memories for those kids! Plus, if they’re all cousins, this is a great way for them to get to know each other and stay close as they grow up. They’ll be telling stories about these weeks for decades! I have a bit of time so I’m catching up with all of my favorite blogs — like yours!


  8. I am drying with laughter reading how your day at the zoo went! ha ha!! You gotta love summertime when you have kids 😉
    Thank you for linking up with Weekend Wear


    1. I really do wonder how moms make it through a whole summer 😉 I could NEVER have been a home-schooler.

  9. My cousin camp starts this week. I will have six grandchildren for a week. It helps that we have a pool and have 2 eleven year olds, 2 eight year olds, and two more about the same age(6 and about to be 5), They love each other so everyone has a friend.

    1. Awesome! Would love to hear how it goes. It is easier when they are a little older, and especially when they are out of diapers and out of car seats.

  10. Haven’t seen a post in a while. Hope all is well with you. I can understand that it takes a while to recover from Cousins’ Camp. We entertained our 26 year old granddaughter and her boyfriend for lunch and a couple hours visit on the farm yesterday and we were exhausted.

  11. Hi Jean, I should be back sometime this week! After camp, I had two kids for two more weeks, and then the whole family came for my birthday. I am almost back to “normal”. Thanks for checking in! 🙂

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