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Today I am back with the first in a series about some of my “experiments.” I post these periodically in the hopes of inspiring you to try things on before you walk out the door. 😉

I have a lot of clothes in my closet, but just because I have something doesn’t mean that it will look good if I just pull it out, put it on, and walk out the door. That rarely happens. Most clothing needs to be “styled” which means that some ways of wearing it will look better than other ways. You won’t know which looks better unless you try on and evaluate.

It can be time-consuming, but not too bad if you do it the right way. This means:

  • Think of what you might want to wear
  • Imagine some items that might look good with it
  • Try different items on (experiment with shoes, jewelry, purses)
  • Take quick selfies (in the mirror is fine)
  • Don’t worry about hair, makeup, or posing
  • Evaluate the photos and see if you can do better

I like to take “try-on” pictures, because I find that seeing a photograph is very helpful. I can usually tell pretty quickly if the outfit is something that I will wear or not.

I have decided to share my try-on photos (which I don’t really like doing), because I hope it helps you to see that some of the things you think you love may not look that great, or that some things that you didn’t think were that great actually look nice.

These are really try-ons. No makeup, hair not washed, bra showing, blurry, etc. I also apologize for the line across the bottom. Have not had time to get my camera repaired.

This session started out because I saw some young, beautiful, skinny girls on tv wearing some really cute earrings, so I went out and looked for something similar. I guess I thought that  pair of $3.99 earrings would magically turn me into a young, beautiful, skinny girl 🙂

And these girls were wearing these earrings with white pants, and I love summer mostly just because of white pants, so I decided to go to my closet.

I will start with the “earrings outfit” even though it didn’t turn out exactly as I had pictured it. I guess you just need to be 26 with a golden tan and long legs 😉

DSC_0126 (260x640)
DSC_0127 (239x640)
DSC_0128 (252x640)

As you can see, Number 1 was horrible, Number 2 a little better, and Number 3 was wearable.

After I saw the final version of this

I decided that the earrings might look good with this another top I had tried, even though I really did not like any of these try-ons:

DSC_0120 (251x640)
DSC_0122 (250x640)
DSC_0121 (233x640)

This is pretty cute after I ditched the sweater:


Keepin’ it real until next time! I will be back with some more white pants outfits soon.

If  you would like to see pictures of most of the outfits I have put together, click on the page for the category you would like to see. On a mobile device, click menu to access the pages. You can also follow me on Instagram@over50under20.  


9 thoughts on “WHITE PANTS TRY ONS”

  1. Oh Susan, you look so cute! And you wear sleeveless very well (wish I could!) both tops are adorable and If I looked that good in sleeveless, I’d wear them all the time! I do agree with the top not looking right with the sweaters…don’t really know why, tho’ because the orange one especially blends perfectly! Maybe the sweater is a bit too big on you or the sleeves need to be hiked up to 3/4 length? Just guessing. But who cares, baby! You look great in sleeveless! Yay! Oh…love the earrings!

  2. Love, love the featured yellow top outfit!! It’s definitely a great look on you!!! And your arms look incredible!!

  3. I’m a big fan of yellow with white these days and your combo looks so good, Susan. The floral top looks,so fresh too. I find that I have to wear make up for try on sessions, I find no make up doesn’t show the clothes to their maximum potential and I could miss out on outfits that otherwise might work. Guess I’ve got a face that needs make up!

    1. Thank you, Mary. My tryons look better with makeup too, but I am far too lazy for that. I would never try anything on if I had to add another step

  4. You may not like doing the ” experiments” but truthfully it is what sets your blog apart from all of the other bloggers out there who only post absolutely perfect airbrushed photos…..and the number one reason I chec your posts out first. Gives the rest of us true hope that we can find cute outfits too. I know I’m guilty of throwing stuff on and leaving the house later to go ” what the heck was I thinking?! ” lol . Thanks for all your efforts!

    1. Paula, that means so much to me! I started trying to dress better after watching every episode of “What Not to Wear”. When it went off the air, I looked and looked for blogs that had “before and after” pictures, because I am a visual learner. When I couldn’t find any, I decided to do one myself. I am always happy to learn if it inspires someone!

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