My post today is all about Old Navy dresses. I was so happy last fall to find that Old Navy had a great selection of very flattering dresses WITH SLEEVES. That may sound silly, but for several years it was hard to find a dress that wasn’t sleeveless. As you know, I worked around that quite nicely with my large collection of colored cardigans 😉 but sometimes, I just want to wear a dress without a sweater or jacket, and I don’t really like wearing sleeveless dresses…especially in the winter. That being said, I thought it would be fun to post pictures of all the Old Navy dresses in my closet. Yes, I am wearing some of them with a top piece, but I don’t have to, in most cases.

DSC_0012 (219x640)
IMG_1296 (237x640)

So, if you have not tried the Old Navy dresses yet, I would suggest that you do so! They usually come in regular or petite, and go on sale often. Let me know if have any luck.

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8 thoughts on “IN THE NAVY”

  1. Ditto on the shoes. I’d love a pair like that.
    You look lovely in the dress and so clever of you to pick out the pink flowers to match to your dress.
    I would love some summer dresses with sleeves, they’re like hens’ teeth over here. I don’t think Old Navy is sold here but it’s a brand American ladies seem to like so I’m off to find a website. Toodle pip for now!

  2. Thanks for showing us Old Navy. I’ve never shopped there nor the sister store, Banana Republic.

    I’d like to see your red stripe dress styled for casual summer wear.

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