One of my “fashion rules” is to be prepared to go somewhere without having to go shopping for an outfit at the last minute. In the past, I would panic when we got an invitation to an event that I did not have the proper clothing for. Especially when the children were small, it was very difficult to find time (or money) to shop, and as the day of the event grew closer, I would feel more and more stressed, and usually ended up buying something that I didn’t necessarily like,that cost more than I wanted to pay, just because I had to have something to wear.

Almost everyone will at some point will need to attend a wedding or a funeral. And there are other occasions that require something other than normal everyday clothing, such as a cocktail party, a charity event, garden party, or some other special occasion.

We don’t attend a lot of dressy events, but I do like to knowย that if something does come up, I can just be excited about attending, and not have to stress out over what to wear.

Both of these outfits were very inexpensive…the dress was $16.00, the pants were $8.00, and the lace top was $14.00. The shoes were also less than $20, AND they are comfortable!

So, I have at least a couple of outfits already put together that are dressier than what I usually wear. Now all I need is an invitation! ย  By the way, we are free this weekend. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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18 thoughts on “JUST IN CASE”

  1. I can relate to that whole first paragraph. Every word of it was me! I thought I was the only one!Lol! You look really nice in both outfits. I think you’ve got it covered!

  2. That black dress was a steal! The new shoes are the ones on the right? So pretty.

    Interesting that your post is about dressing up. Two other bloggers that I follow, Jennifer of A Well Styled Life addressed Shoes and Bags and Pam from Over 50 Feeling 40 talked about flowy-legged pants and wearing kimonos over sleeveless summer dresses for weddings.

    The Pouting Pensioner posted photos of her journey to just the right outfit for a wedding across the pond.

    You look ready for whatever occasion should arise, and it’s certain to happen.

    1. Thanks, Jean. Yes, the white shoes are new. Have not worn them yet. And thanks for mentioning the other bloggers. One is new to me, so will check her out. I love The Pouting Pensioner!

  3. Love both outfits! Can relate to your first paragraph as well. We have had 3 weddings in 6 months but all have been very different in terms of dress. One was very formal, one very casual, and the next one is on a cruise ship. So I am sort of stumped. Unless I change my mind, will wear what I wore to casual wedding to the cruise ship wedding, but it might be too hot. Anyway, good advice and you look great in both outfits.

    1. Thanks, Gail. Wow, you are quite popular. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Cruise ship wedding sounds awesome. But would not have a clue what to wear!

  4. I’m impressed with your preparedness, Susan. Your previous experiences sound all too familiar. You have two perfect go-to’s there, and I love the detail around the dress neckline. So good that you’ve got two pairs of pretty shoes to finish off these lovely outfits. Now, all we need is for your hubby to phone mine to fix up a surprise foursome somewhere posh!

    1. Yes, I would love to go somewhere with you and The Photographer ๐Ÿ™‚ Just can’t be someplace where we have to do a lot of walking. LOL

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