Just a quick post to let you know what I have been up to recently.   As I have done for the past few years over Memorial Day weekend, I traveled to Charleston to participate in the Piccolo Spoleto Festival. I have written before about how much I love to sing, and about how fortunate I feel to be able to participate in choirs.

Lest you are thinking that the title of my post applies to my blogging, I will go ahead and let you know now that it does NOT! I hope you are relieved. 😉

No, I am sad to say that this weekend’s performance was my swansong with the Lynn Swanson Festival Singers. Actually, it was the swansong for the group itself under that name. The group will continue as the newly-renamed New South Festival Singers, and I am sure it will be wonderful, but I have decided that Atlanta traffic has worsened enough in the past few months that I no longer want to make the hour-long weekly commute.

LSFS had what was probably our best performance ever on Monday afternoon, so I am leaving on a good note 🙂 Will now just focus all my musical energies on the William Baker Choral Foundation’s Northwest Georgia Festival Singers, which rehearses five minutes from my house.

That’s the thing about life…it has chapters, so will just turn the page to the next one.

I did do some shopping in Charleston, so check back soon for some outfit ideas. As always, thanks so much for reading, and thanks for always being willing to help me improve my look!

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10 thoughts on “SWANSONG”

  1. Oh! You had me there for a moment. I’m thinking, “We just got here and now she’s dropping the blog!” It was a relief to know you’re just changing choral groups; good that you can practice nearby and keep on in a hobby that you enjoy so much.

    You look good for the photo. New shoes? They’ll be good with your red dress?

    1. Hi Jean,
      Planning to hang in here! Shoes are not new. Got them last year at H & M. They are black, but sometimes they look navy, so I think I will just wear them with navy and see if anyone can tell the difference. Great idea to try them with the red.

  2. I will be going to Charleston in October. Please post the best places to bargain shop !
    I thought the same thing as your previous blogger, and let out a big “whew” when i realized you weren’t talking about your blog …
    Love your outfit!

    1. Thanks, Barb. Probably not a whole lot of bargain shopping in downtown Charleston…especially on King Street! But great for window shopping. We did find some bargains at the Tanger Outlet Mall in North Charleston.

  3. I was totally sucked-in with your blog title. I thought for sure you were leaving the blog-isphere. I would have been so disappointed. You look great in the photo. Much thinner.

    Keep singing!

  4. Glad to know that someone would have missed me! I agree the photo makes me look thinner 😉 I have lost almost 10 pounds though, and glad to see it go!

    1. Thank you, Mary! Losing weight is not too hard if you just stay with the program for what seems like forever..I have done it before, and always wonder why in the world I gained it all back after so much effort! And if I sang a solo, people WOULD tell me to shut up 😉

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