My rambling for today is about anniversaries. I celebrated two this week! The main one is, of course, the anniversary of our wedding, which was……48 years ago!!! I think we are going to make it. LOL

The second one is the anniversary of this blog. I made it to one year! Yay! Not quite as momentous as the first, but considering that I had no idea what I was doing when I started (kind of like marriage, now that I think of it 😉 ), I am pretty happy about that.

To celebrate our wedding anniversary, we had a little mini-vacation that was so much fun. We drove up the road about an hour and a half and visited Rock City and Ruby Falls. If you don’t know what Rock City is, you are either young or not from The South. When I was growing up, (which you already know was a loooong time ago, since I have been married for 48 years), SEE ROCK CITY was painted on every barn below the Mason Dixon line, and before the days of interstates, you passed them all on your way to anywhere.

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We got an early start, and headed north.

Had a great time wandering the trails:


We enjoyed a lovely lunch at the outdoor cafe:

After lunch we took a cave tour and saw Ruby Falls deep underneath Lookout Mountain:

Such a nice day! And the best part was yet to come. We stayed overnight in a TREEHOUSE. Yes, we did. And it was awesome. Had all the amenities, including air conditioning.

Even after 48 years, it was very romantic to sleep under a tin roof with the sound of rain above us. We had a bird’s eye view of the storm that night, and our little loft was very cozy!

So Happy Anniversary to all my dear readers, and Happy Anniversary to my dear dear husband, who loves me enough to read every blog post. 🙂 Love you honey!

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6 thoughts on “TWO ANNIVERSARIES”

  1. Happy Anniversaries, Susan! What a unique way to celebrate your anniversary with hubby! I have to admit that I’ve never heard of Rock City, but it looks beautiful! And staying overnight in a Treehouse…way cool! Congratulations! Thanks for a great first year on the blog!

  2. What fun to spend the night in a treehouse to celebrate your Anniversary! I’ve been to Chattanooga, rode on the incline railway but never to Rock City. Mama used to tell me about going to Ruby Falls before I was born.

    Your photos are great. Congratulations on a long marriage.

  3. I want to go there. Putting on bucket list. Happy Anniversary you two lovebirds, and Happy Blog Anniversary. I look forward to your posts. Hugs.

  4. Happy Anniversary, what a lovely place to celebrate it,I havn’t ever heard of it but it looks lovely, we celebrated 50 years last December.

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