Today’s post is the first in a series of showing you how I go about making an outfit. I have done similar posts, such as the ones about Old Blue. The purpose of these types of posts is to inspire you to find some things in your closet and try on a lot of different things in order to see what you like, and what you don’t like, and to have some nice outfits already put together when you need them.

I recently spent the better part of an afternoon trying to make different looks with a red dress that I bought last month at WalMart for $7.97. 🙂  You will find, as I did, that some things work, some things don’t, and some things are okay, but you probably really won’t ever wear them. All of this is fine. If you find one outfit, you really love, GREAT! If you find two or three, EVEN BETTER. And if you make some you really hate, you will learn what NOT to do in the future.

Here is the dress I started with:


I would never wear this dress like this, but that did not stop me from bringing it home from WalMart. I knew that it had great potential.

Let me digress a moment and give a little lecture. When you go shopping, KEEP AN OPEN MIND. If you try on a dress, but don’t like it, ask yourself why. Just because it is sleeveless?  You can add sweater or jacket. Too shapeless? You can add a belt.  Too long? You can hem it up.  Hate the color? Put it back. HAHA If I had just tried on this dress and not thought about its possibilities, it would have gone home with some other WalMart shopper. And tomato red is my favorite color!

Here is the first thing I tried:

Not bad, but I really didn’t like the necklace for some reason. I have learned not to try to analyze why…if I don’t like it, I just try to find something else. For whatever reason, I liked this necklace better:

So there you have it…two problems solved. Sleeveless dress with no shape becomes a belted dress that gives me a waist.

DSC_0001 (219x640)
DSC_0006 (235x640)

I’ll be back next time with some more looks for this red dress. Go to your closets! Try things on! Take pictures!

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4 thoughts on “LADY IN RED”

  1. The reason the first necklace didn’t impress you was that it fought with the belt for attention, as if they were shouting, “look at me” “no, me!” and the eye goes back and forth.

    This is going to be a fun week on your blog.

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