TBT # 10 Leggings are not pants

I know is it almost summer, and I know you are probably not planning to wear your leggings until cool weather, but just in case you are tempted to bring them out and wear them as pants, I decided to repost this for my Throwback Thursday offering. It is kind of my pet fashion peeve.


I know you have heard this, but I am not sure it has actually penetrated into your consciousness. I saw you everywhere last winter.  You were wearing your oh-so-comfy and oh-so-warm leggings.  “Surely I can just wear them with my favorite top, even if it is a bit short,”  you tell yourself. Maybe you say, “These are my workout clothes.” Great. But I don’t remember the last time I was in a gym, and I don’t think you are “working out” at Publix.  “Even though I am older than dirt, I know I look so youthful in these tight,brightly patterned leggings,” you think.

Oh my! Please ask for an honest opinion before you walk out that door. Remember — it is hard to get an accurate view of the back of your outfit, even in a full-length mirror.

I’m sure I am not actually seeing you 😉 but maybe I am seeing your friends and family. If so, do them a favor, and show them these photos. They are examples of how not to wear leggings. These are all outfits that I have personally seen.









If you like to wear clothing that outlines your rear end, and calls attention to it, then leggings are for you! I don’t think I will ever head in that direction, fashion-wise 😉

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4 thoughts on “TBT # 10 Leggings are not pants”

  1. Leggings are just not pants. On the other hand, it is the season down here for shorts, much too short and much too tight. The fashion police need to point out that if one cuts off jeans so short there is no inseam, they are TOO short even to wear over leggings.

    What did you do with the red dress posts? I made a much too wordy comment on post #3 but could not find your first two.

    1. Hi Jean,
      Well, I made a little boo-boo, and hit publish, rather than save. HaHa. The red dress series will start Sunday, and #3 will actually be the last one, instead of the first one 😉 I would love for you to repost your comments since I did not see them…actually had to delete the original post. Sorry!

      1. As best I recall, I liked #4 best, blue with red, and #6 second best and wondered what you thought of a neutral color handbag like grey or tan?

        I also asked if you ever wore taupe/nude shoes with your red dress and what you thought of wearing red with tan/cream/beige/taupe which are good colors for you.
        Then I mentioned that I wear grey with red because grey is a better color for me than beige.

        I think I suggested trying the black and white jacket that you wore in the blue series with your red dress which BTW is wonderful.

        1. Awesome thoughtful suggestions! I will repost these comments when I publish the post again. Thank you!

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