Today’s outfit is one that I really like. And I like it even more because I did not pay much for any part of it. I spent some time researching the prices of the different pieces so I could give you a total.

Here is the breakdown:

Top:   $8.00

Pants:  $6.00

Necklace: $2.00

Bracelet: $3.00

Shoes: $FREE  (hand-me-down from a friend)  🙂


I know I always tell you that I hardly ever pay more than $20 for any one piece of clothing, but it is rare to have a whole outfit that cost less than $20. Love it!

Just wanted to inspire you to get out there and look for some bargains. Of course you might want to pay more for something classic that you will wear for years, but I find that most of the inexpensive things I purchase last pretty long…usually I get tired of wearing almost anything after a couple of years anyway.

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7 thoughts on “CHEAP, CHEAP”

  1. It’s a great outfit! Can’t beat the price, especially cute free shoes.

    I found a similar top in my closet yesterday, rarely worn, in that thin white material that looks so cool. What did we used to call it? Voile, Lawn, Batiste? Mine has tiny dots (not dotted swiss) and tucks and a button front.

    I’m still searching for plaid Bermuda shorts. The sale at Appleseeds is a bust. You can’t get it to load pages and the work around is to go to another site that has all their brands, but you can’t get to the Checkout from anywhere. I sent an email and the nice fellow replied that they can’t do anything until Monday. I guess they don’t have emergency IT people.
    The sale ends today.

    So, I have a tiny budget set aside for shorts and white pants, whenever. I need to add or substitute pants to wear with the white top.

    1. Very true. They are hard to find. But I rarely wear a tee shirt without something over it. Too many lumps and bumps. ;-

  2. Love your super chic looks! My blog is all about that as well 🙂

    You can never go wrong with looking great for a fraction of the price! My Link-up is still live and i’d love to see your look over on ‘Bargain Hunter Style’

    Sammy | XX

  3. So cute! I just love the white top and it looks wonderful with your jeans. Talk about a bargain look! Thanks for linking up with Fabulous Friday, Susan.

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