Hello Friends,

Just a short post to wish you a very happy Easter if you celebrate it. I love it when Easter weather coincides with perfect spring weather like we had today! 🙂

I am posting the outfit I wore to church, including the lovely coordinating footwear. Notice  how the blue in the boot complements the blue in the dress. 😉 The dress is from Old Navy. If you don’t have any Old Navy dresses yet, get to that store and start looking. They are the best!

And just to update the ankle situation…I did have it x-rayed, and more than likely have a small crack in addition to the sprain, so the lovely boot will be with me for a couple more weeks.

A friend suggested wearing a wedge shoe with the boot to offset the “Frankenstein’s monster” method of walking, and it seems to work pretty well. Just have to wear a lot of blue outfits for awhile, since this is pretty much the only wedges I have that work. Truthfully, I have been wearing my pajamas around the house pretty much every day, so don’t really need to worry about matching footwear.

I’ll be back next week….hopefully can manage a few pictures of spring outfits(without the giant black boot) by then.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for all your kind comments about my vacation photos and for your good wishes. My readers are the nicest people!

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6 thoughts on “HAPPY EASTER”

  1. Happy Easter. Have a good week and best wishes for fast healing.

    I’ve been looking forward to your posts; will entertain myself at Old Navy until your return. I keep checking UPS for my package with a dress from Macy’s on sale for under $20 when a discount was added.

  2. Ugh! I sprained my ankle three weeks ago and still have to ice it in the evening! I just read your vacation post and you injured yourself the first day? Oh no! I did enjoy the photos though. I like the blue dress that matches the blue wedge and boot! Hope you’re feeling better and back at it soon! Julia

  3. Thanks, Julia. I saw that you had also sprained your ankle. Hope yours heals fast. Mine seems to be getting better every day, but my husband is making me follow doctor’s orders, so I will have the boot for another week or two. It was a great trip despite all. I kept ice on it every day when we were in the car, but don’t seem to need it now.

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