You might think that if you want a cute outfit all you have to do is go shopping and pick out something. Au contraire.  Even if you buy a dress, which should be an outfit unto itself, it rarely is.  Almost everything needs accessorizing. To look “put-together,” you need to make sure that everything about your outfit works to make it an ensemble.

If you are one of the lucky people who has a perfect figure, then all you will need to do is add cute shoes, a purse, and some jewelry, and you have an outfit.  If you are like the rest of us, you might need to do a little more if you want to look your best.

For me, almost every outfit I wear has to be put together. I have definite figure flaws that need to be minimized, and over time, I have learned how to style outfits in a way that makes me look better than I actually do. LOL

One of the main ways I make up outfits is to try things on in front of my big full-length mirror and snap some selfies.  The photos I take are pretty raw, but they give me an idea of whether something is going to work or not. And once I have settled on the final look, the photo reminds me of all the items I put together so I can wear it more than once. Believe me, if I did not document it in some way, I would never remember which belt, shoes, or earrings I had used.

Here are some pictures from a recent session of experimentation:



This seems like a lot of work.  It is!  You may be one of those people who thinks it is too much trouble and you don’t care that much. I can appreciate that.  I just happen to be in the stage of my life where I have time to do it, and I really love making outfits.  It reminds me of my childhood, when I played “dressup” by the hour, or changed my dolls’ clothes 100 times.

You might not want (or be able to) spend so much time on your clothes, but at least take one afternoon or evening and experiment a little to see how you can dress to flatter your figure.

None of the outfits in this post is perfect. I don’t really love any of them. That’s okay. I can pick the one I like the best, or I can choose not to wear any of them. Experimenting helps me to find my style, even if I don’t always hit the nail on the head.

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4 thoughts on “THE PROCESS”

  1. I can appreciate all the work you put into your photos. I tried a bit of that this afternoon dressed in what I wore to church. The hardest part is getting the camera to ‘time’ while I get ‘posed’ and taking camera off the tripod, tedious to go look at what’s done so far.

    A stylist to make sure we’re wrinkle-free and to remind us to square our shoulders and not frown would be nice, too.

    I like your dress, necklace and dark tights/hose. I like the scarf. I like when the open jacket is added for when it’s cool. I am not a fan of leggings that show bare ankles.

    Until you mentioned it, I never thought much about making photos and how much different a documented outfit can look than seeing in the mirror. Thanks. I opened up an old ‘fashion’ blog that I started years ago and abandoned. I’ll use it to see just how I really look.

    1. Jean, thanks so much for your comments. It is not the easiest thing to take blog photos without a photographer, which is why I decided to limit my new posts to once a week! I do take pictures with in front of a mirror with the my cell phone sometimes to remember an outfit, but the tripod and camera work a lot better to show details. I use a remote shutter release which helps a little. I am glad I inspired you to take pictures again. It really does help!

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