TBT #6 How to Buy an Outfit for Less than $50

In this Throwback Thursday post, I am returning to a challenge I gave myself last summer. I had received a gift card for $50 for my birthday, and decided to use it to put together a complete outfit. Here is how I did it:

  • Went to Ross to look for a dress
  • Tried on about 40 dresses
  • Tried on dresses in my size and one size up and one size down
  • Did not look at the price tag before I tried on..most Ross dresses are less than $20
  • 35 dresses were a definite NO
  • 5 dresses were maybes
  • 1 dress was clearly better than all the rest, so kept that one
  • Paid $11.00 for my dress (On Tuesdays Ross offers 10% off to ages 55 and above)
  • Went next door to Famous Footwear
  • Started in the clearance section
  • Found the perfect pair of heels to go with the dress. Price tag said $25
  • Went to check out…actually on sale for $17.00
  • So far,  have spent only a little more than half of my budget, so still have some left for accessories and purse
  • Went to Cato to look for a necklace
  • Found one for $6.00
  • Received a purse I had ordered earlier.  Cost: $6.00
  • Bought a stack of bracelets for $10.00 at Glitzy Chiks
  • TOTAL: $50.00
  • Made it! Right on the nose!


Bottom line…it is possible to find inexpensive clothing if you are willing to do a little work.

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9 thoughts on “TBT #6 How to Buy an Outfit for Less than $50”

  1. So I may be a little biased, since you are my mother, however, you should know that you are just the most adorable person. I love that you spend so much time trying to always look nice and put together and sharing your journey along the way.

    1. Your mom inspires us all! I love that she can put great outfits together on a bargain. I always say I want to look like a million dollars but spend only a dime.

  2. What a lovely daughter!
    I have real trouble finding clothes/accessories for the prices you pay. Even Target here (Aust) is expensive for what it is, except for some of the kids clothes.
    I generally (not always) find that cheaper clothes here mean poor quality fabric and/or workmanship. Style and fit is another issue altogether. I don’t have much luck no matter how much money I spend. They don’t seem to cater for women with a large bust. Everything I try on tends to be big all over which leaves me looking like a tent.. haha
    Love your blog.

    1. EB, thanks so much for your comments. And my daughter is the best—beautiful inside and out. 🙂
      FYI, I never have luck at Target. I bet there are stores in your area that you have never thought to go to. I did check and there is a Cato in Austin. They have really cute clothes in all sizes, and the prices are great. Maybe just do an internet search, and then spend a day exploring. Most of the clothes I buy are not “the finest quality”, but there are very few things that I wear for years anyway. I get tired of just about anything after I wear it a few times….except for staples like good pants. Have you checked the blog I often recommend? (www.whenthegirlsrule.com) Julia does a phenomenal job of styling for large busts. You can get a million ideas from her.

  3. What a fabulous dress! And isn’t it so much fun to hunt for those perfect pieces and find them on a budget?! That is my favorite part of shopping. Finding all the great deals. You look amazing in this outfit. The pattern on your dress is superb! And what a lovely daughter you have as well. So clearly you are just beautiful on the inside as you are in these photos! Thanks for linking up with me.


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