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In a previous post I told you how I had found 11 items of clothing for $65.00! If you remember, I returned 3 things, so I had 8 left. These 8 items cost less than $50.00! They are mostly for winter, but there is one cute spring top, and a year-round skirt. I don’t usually post photos of just clothing, but can’t resist showing you what you can do with $50, if you are willing to spend a little time to try things on, and don’t mind saving things for next year. Of course, our March is turning out to be quite chilly again, AND we are going to Utah in April, so I will wear some of these before next year. Yay! Here is what I got:

I have not spent a lot of time trying them on and styling them yet. The photo of me was just a quick try-on, but you will definitely be seeing some outfits soon.

A few more thoughts on shopping the clearance racks:

  • Don’t buy something just because it is inexpensive
  • Use this phrase to help you remember: If you don’t love it, don’t buy it.
  • Don’t just look on the racks which are “your size.” Clothing sizes vary, and different styles fit differently. I literally have things from a size small to a 3XL, and I am neither of those sizes 😉
  • Try on lots of things. If you only find one thing that’s okay. Sometimes the treasure hunt is better than others.
  • Scan the prices before you check out. Sometimes things get put on the wrong racks, or you may discover that the price is even lower than you thought. 😉
  • Make sure you look at the prices. When I am clearance shopping, I don’t like to pay a lot for one item, even if it is 75% off the original price. 75% of $185 is more than I want to pay for a clearance item!


If you would like to see pictures of most of the outfits I have put together, click on the page for the category you would like to see. On a mobile device, click menu to access the pages. You can also follow me on Instagram @over50under20.  

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  1. I love shopping at Outlet malls and I always hit the clearance racks and tables first. But like you I try to not get sucked into the “sale” aspect of shopping. You are 100% correct that 70% off a shirt that was originally $185 is still more than I want to spend on a shirt! I do find that I will pay a little more for something with a little more quality though. Last month I was determined to find a white blouse for work to replace one that needed replacing after 10 years of wear. I must have hit every outlet – Calvin Klein, Loft, H&M, Nautica, Banana R, Dress Barn, Van Heusen. None had exactly the one I pictured in my mind. I bought one I kind of liked at CK for $28 which was too much, but I really needed a shirt. I really wasn’t in love with it, thought it was too thin and see-through. Then I found a really nice white button down Oxford type shirt at Tommy Hilfiger. 50% off it was still $26 which was high but it was much better quality – 100% cotton and you could not see my beige bra though it. But then my friend and I pooled our purchases there and got an additional 20% off for being over $150. So that shirt was $22 – a definite score for me. Then at Express I found two other white blouses (different style than the Oxford and almost exactly like the shirt I was replacing ) for $15 each – half off all clearance. So I bought them both and now all three are on regular rotation for work outfits. Oh, and I returned the CK shirt on my way out of the mall.

    1. Heather, I love this story! You are a woman after my own heart. 🙂 Great shopping, and great bargains! Like you, I will pay more for something if I will wear it a lot, or if it is something that just can’t be purchased at a deep discount….like my Skinny Shirts. They are $68 each, but I wear them with many outfits.

  2. I wish I was more of a bargain shopper. I look for a sale and use my coupons if the store has them but other than that I am an impulse shopper. You did great with all of your bargains.

    1. Thanks, Victoria. I have a good bit of free time during the day, so it is not hard for me to stay in a store for awhile and try a lot of things on. Sometimes I leave with nothing or with one or two items. It does take time to find bargains, and not everyone has the time or energy for that. The main thing is to buy items you really like, and that are flattering, even if it is on impulse. No one really needs as many clothes as I have! I just love putting outfits together, so don’t want to pay a lot to get that much variety.

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