TBT #2 Sweater Girl


People over a certain age remember the phrase “sweater girl”.  If you are young or don’t remember, here is a definition:

A young woman, esp a movie actress or a model, with a notably attractive body,which she features by wearing tight and short clothing 

 Well, I am a sweater girl, but definitely not that kind. I would be embarrassed to tell you how many sweaters I own. I think I have one for every shade of every color in the rainbow.  You will probably notice that a LOT of my outfits are styled with cardigans. There is a reason for that….actually several reasons.
Have you noticed that a lot of dresses are sleeveless? I won’t say I would never wear a sleeveless dress, but have you also noticed that a lot of women in the fifty-plus category would prefer not to wear sleeveless dresses? If I had Michele Obama arms, I would probably not have so many sweaters.  Oh, never mind—I probably would, because I also have what you might call a muffin top, or thick waist or belly fat, and I am vain enough to try to disguise it; hence the sweaters. My sweaters are my security blanket. But they do add color!

Here are some photos. I have posted them before, but I think when you see these you will realize why I am a sweater girl!

DSC_0048 DSC_0049

And here are some “sweater outfits”. You have seen most or all of them before, but not at the same time! And these are just a fraction of the colors that I have.  I have collected them from everywhere…The Loft, Old Navy, WalMart, Target,etc.  Whenever I see a color I don’t have, I buy it. Believe it or not, I still need a few more.  I actually do not have brown, but I am on the lookout for it! 😉

DSC_0011 (285x640)



K Mart shirt





Some of you, no doubt, are nice and trim and very well-proportioned. Maybe you don’t need to hide your middle or your arms.  Great!  But you still need COLOR and ACCESSORIES and CUTE SHOES. And you still need to wear clothes that fit and flatter, and are the correct length.

The rest of us need to figure out a look that flatters our figure. The purpose of all these posts is so that you will see that you do not have to have a perfect figure. You do need to figure out a look that flatters YOU. I promise you that if you work on it long enough, you will find ways to make your body look proportional. Hey, maybe you would look good in a belt and cardigan. 🙂

Try stuff on! Take pictures! Have a friend give honest opinions!

See you next time. Remember, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to look good.

13 thoughts on “TBT #2 Sweater Girl”

  1. I try for the same look. I love the boyfriend sweater from old navy. They are not thick – heavy sweaters (which is perfect if you get a lot of hot flashes) and long enough to cover up your bottoms… So i really like this look, you accessorize Your outfits so nicely. I want to try to do that more often

  2. Because of you, I think I am going to start trying belts. I already have some on a belt hanger way back in the closet. I will put them in view. Hugs

    1. Go for it! Just experiment a little. Just don’t think of the belt as “something to hold up your pants.” I like to think of it as something that gives me a fake waist. 😉

  3. I’m a sweater gal (long cardigan) for the same reasons you mention. Usually do the column with either solids or a print to jazz up the ensemble (like your animal print). When I first saw your blog I noticed the 1st pic with navy/white & stripes which are soooo popular now; really cute.

  4. I think all of your looks are great. You have given me some ideas for putting colours together. I really like the idea of a belt – but having a tummy and being short waisted I don’t know it I could pull it off. I have long been wearing pull on jeans to cover my stomach as I feel a lower waisted pair would just encourage the muffin top. Still learning!

    1. Thanks, EB. I definitely have a tummy, and am short- waisted, which is why I started wearing belts. I don’t necessarily wear the belt at my actual “waist,” but wherever it is most flattering. It takes awhile to get used to the idea that the belt doesn’t really have to be around your waist.
      And I pretty much always wear pull on jeans. You are right that a lower- waisted pair of jeans and a belt by themselves would accentuate the muffin top. The trick is to wear another layer over the belt. The belt acts as a visual to make it look like you have a waist wherever you want it to be. Experiment it a little and you will see what I mean.

  5. These are great ideas. I haven’t worn a belt in years. I tend to wear jackets to cover up, but the sweaters look great.

  6. Saw you via Julia’s When The Girls Rule Party. I love how you accessorize and photograph your outfits. Taking pictures really helps me to look at what I’m wearing more objectively too.

    Great job with these cardigans. I’ve struggled with which style is most flattering and comfortable for myself so it’s neat to see that you’ve worn different lengths, materials, and necklines – and they all look great!

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