Dear Readers,

Thanks so much for reading my posts and for following me! I feel like I have made new friends, and have become a part of a very supportive community. People who comment on fashion blogs (not just mine) are so positive and encouraging, and it is great to see women supporting each other. I love the way we can be honest with each other without being mean. It really is helpful to get honest feedback!

I have been doing some thinking about how I have been doing as a blogger, and have decided to make a few changes. I hope they will be for the better. Please let me know if they are not. 🙂

FIRST…I have figured out that I am not going to be that person who posts three or more times a week. I have done it in spurts, but can’t seem to do it consistently. That is not fair to those of you who follow me. You deserve to know what to expect.  I have been blogging since May of 2016, and if I haven’t been able to post consistently by now, there’s a good chance I’m not going to! HOWEVER, I do think I can manage one new post a week, so I am making a commitment to post every Sunday night.

SECOND….I realize that new readers often ask questions about things I have already blogged about, so I am going to make it easier for people to read some of the “old stuff.”  Every Thursday, I will publish one of my previous posts. If you have been following me for awhile, you can skip the Thursday posts, or re-read if you want to.

THIRD….One of my favorite ways to find inspiration for outfits is to read other fashion blogs. I found myself wishing that I could just scroll through pictures of outfits without having to do a lot of searching, so I am going to incorporate that idea into my blog.  I will now have separate PAGES for different types of outfits, so you can just look through the photos if you want to. Those will be up sometime this week. The only one that is active now is DON’T DO THIS. 😉

FOURTH…..I am going to eliminate the 100 Black Pants page. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but I’m not making much progress on it, and truthfully am a little bored with the idea. It will be up for a few more days if you really want to check it out.

Thanks for sticking with me and for being such a great group of supporters! I really believe that we are learning from each other. I appreciate your feedback, and I love hearing how you are trying new things and putting outfits together.

See you next Sunday, or join me for the first Throwback Thursday post this week.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you!

11 thoughts on “A FEW CHANGES”

  1. Hi Susan…..

    All your thoughts and changes sound good to me! I always look forward to your posts and learning more about how to look my best.


  2. You do what works best for you. I follow another blog and to be honest every day is a bit much. Don’t read about 50% or more of them. Seems like the same thing over and over. Looking forward to your next post.

  3. Very thoughtful changes. Your posts are always short and to the point. Who has time to read long blogs each day? Thanks for all you share.

  4. I agree with all the comments above and look forward to your new changes. Thanks for all you do and Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

  5. Great layered look and fantastic print pants, Susan! I always enjoy reading how different bloggers make things work for them. I really like your idea about posting your photos to pages. I don’t do that on my blog, but I do try to post all of my outfits on a Pinterest board so readers can see everything in one place. Thanks so much for linking up with Fabulous Friday! Also, I am currently looking for co-hosts, so I hope you will consider the opportunity.
    A Pocketful of Polka Dots

    1. Thanks, Jennie. I know a lot of bloggers have Pinterest boards. Great idea, but it is all I can manage to get stuff on here. I will definitely consider co-hosting, so just send me some info about it. Thanks for all your inspiration!

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