JEANS FOUR: Gray Sweater

Hello Friends,

Another trial outfit with my new bluejeans. Here is what I started with:

Added my new $1.99 belt from Cato. And FYI, it is a Size 1X. I am not proud. I will try on any size. Especially if it is $1.99!  🙂

Added a little bling and good to go!

DSC_0020 (254x640)
DSC_0019 (286x640)
DSC_0018 (257x640)

The belt and the shoes are actually a very nice dark wine color. Doesn’t always show up that way on your device.

One more jeans post after this, and then we will move on.

Go make a cute outfit!

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8 thoughts on “JEANS FOUR: Gray Sweater”

  1. I really like this outfit. I also love Cato fashion and jewelry. I wish I could wear a belt. they always look nice on you. I can never find one that does not seem to accentuate my waist– not a good thing lol

    1. The trick is to cover most of the belt with a jacket or sweater so it LOOKS like you have a smaller waist. Totally fake. 🙂

  2. I love how the belt really adds to this outfit! And the size—who cares, right? No one ever sees or knows that part of it!!
    One time when my mom (the 70’s model on my blog) & I were shopping, I had her try on this denim vest that was an XL—and it fit perfectly!! I actually think it was a kid size XL—but again, the size shouldn’t matter!!

    1. Thanks, Jacqui. None of my clothing ever “slips down” (except maybe my bra straps ha ha). Must be a nice problem to have! And you always look lovely, by the way. At least in your blog photos! 🙂

  3. I find the best things on clearance at Cato! And I buy whatever size fits the best regardless of the number on it.

    This is such a great classic outfit. I haven’t been wearing jeans much lately, but I need to get back into them, I think. Never underestimate a great pair of jeans! And I am totally loving your necklace!

    Thanks for linking up with me On the Edge!


  4. Thanks, Shelbee. It still always amazes me that so many cute things are available at such low prices. It is hard for me to spend a lot on any one thing now, when I think about how I bought the belt for $1.99, and the necklace for $3.99. I have to REALLY LOVE something to spend over $20 on it.

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