JEANS TWO: Anatomy of an Outfit

In my previous post, I showed you my new jeans, and the process I used to put together an outfit.  I am continuing that theme today, and again, I will use photos from beginning to end, so you can see the steps involved.

Isn’t this cute?  HAHA  I actually saw a lady in the store today with almost this same look, except she had even MORE fat rolls. 🙂   🙂 Don’t do this!

Now I look like I am wearing a red blanket:


Faking a waist helps somewhat:

Pulled it all together with a scarf:


DSC_0022 (244x640)
DSC_0023 (243x640)
DSC_0025 (247x640)
DSC_0026 (262x640)

I hope someone is learning something from all my humiliation of myself!

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17 thoughts on “JEANS TWO: Anatomy of an Outfit”

    1. Thank you, Nancy! Just trying to look better. I will never have a sophisticated blog with interesting poses and backgrounds (like yours), but hope people can learn something from all my trial and error.

    1. This is the only pair I have without elastic waist. They are very stretchy. And anyone can wear a belt if it is covered by a jacket or sweater. 🙂 Thanks!

  1. Love the way that evolved. Looks great! Also I love your blog. I have been inspired to buy short boots, scarves, and now a belt. Getting there

  2. I love your blog, and I am learning a lot! Now just to use what I’ve learned 🙂 It has been years since I’ve worn a belt, but I can’t believe the difference it makes in some of your outfits. Hmmm… might have to try that out. Thanks!

  3. Thanks, Kathy. I was the same way about belts, until I found a magic wide belt that made me look like a had a waist, as long as I wore it under something. I’m glad you feel like you are learning….that is why I post the photos. If I just told people they should try a belt, they would just say, “No, I don’t wear belts” 😉

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